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  • There is not a single spanish Empire Player who doesn´t field Light Infantry. That´s astonishing since they were virtually non existent in 1.3. I guess, it can work out if you buff them up the ceiling with orders and cosmology.

  • Cracow OnG Army Lists

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    The headbashers are finally back- nice to see the mean green backbone of our army reappearing on the field. There are more common goblins than I expected after the (effective)loss of volley fire. The polish players are way more optimistic about the giants than me, but they usually know what they do. Very interesting list from that ukrainian guy: Since the cave goblin hero on gnasher got so expensive, he took 4 goblin kings on chariot with Lances for 2+ AS, strength 6 at decent point cost. I´m cu…

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “Some one give me a situation where you perfer the Rocketeer over the Cannon, lets look at the stats. ” If you face an army mainly consisting of monstrous infantry and monstrous cavalry(happens not that often), you potentially kill 9 health points of ogres/crushers with every rocket battery shot, while the cannon does at best 4 health points with each of their shots(vs non-Flyers). Also you can blow up your cannon first turn, rendering it useless for the rest of the game.…

  • Their Karma is just fine as long as they take at least the same number of chaos freaks with them

  • Quote from Herminard: “Accurate is bound by a clausule - innit. Defacto situational. ” No arguing there, but I didn´t mention orders as buffs(apart from the bigger range with household banner). Quote from Herminard: “And for an army to only do okay pluss when screened in teams isnt really that impressive for balance. ” Agreed. That would be a depressing prospect for our army I hope the savage sage is wrong this time. Quote from Herminard: “I have made a pretty daunting OnG build though - and not…

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “But with the removal of these options, what new options was added you ask? A fourth piece of artillery, a very needed fix to Rocketeers and a situational change to light infantry and heavy infantry. So what about all the other changes, you ask? The new magic items, the new magic phase, the overall small reduction on core unit pts cost, and the very large reduction on core unit helbard cost? This is not a change to EoS, with the exception to the helbard fix, this is a cha…

  • Nice write up, some interesting details. First up: Nine participating empire generals seems to me like a lot- what´s the average count? Second: Imperial Guard with HW/Sh is the new black- most lists include 30+ of the buggers, usually with razorbanner. Third: Although volley gun and rocket battery got cheaper and the latter better, People still take mortars and cannons. As we know, tournament guys are cautious people

  • TMS - Releases

    greentide - - Company Showcase


    "Wait" is not the best key word regarding this kickstarter There was so much waiting on my part, I`ll be completely shocked when my grail Knights finally arrive xp Anyways, hope you recover soon, Artur. Health is top priority.

  • Thanks for the tournament report, interesting read and very helpful. What a pursuit- kudos for remaining concentrated and positive on day two after a frustrating start. Your huge result on the second day shows the devastating potential of the list. Questions: Did you have any issues with frenzy bait checks for the flagellants? Checking on 7´s/5´s seems nasty to me. Did you miss the steam tank or two cannons instead of the rocket batteries? Somehow I got the Impression the rockets are more random…

  • Quote from The Kremlin: “Odd. My masters thread vanished. ” Impossible. I just posted over there.

  • Quote from Klexe: “I made my hippos more expansive but cheaper Bsb and mage ” Same here, Black Knights Tabard on the General and weapon enchantements on both dukes. BSB on horseback and damsel on foot within Knights Forlorn. I`ll never field the Green Knight with current rules though.

  • Double Hippo Dukes + bastard sword ftw, congratulations .

  • Man, if I get this right then you really caught up after some drawbacks and finally placed middle of the pack in one of europe´s most competitive tournaments- congratz Also Congratz to @DanT for finishing second with the new Warriors

  • Especially since you can have both with Warlord Games Pike & Shots, if you take their Landsknechts: th Besides...30 figs for 20 Euros/24 bucks is a steal .

  • OnG Urgent Hotfix

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Urgent Hot Fix issue: Giant Me and my opponent had the Impression last Weekend they´d be way too expensive for what they do and Need stubborn back desperately. His giants died easily without having much Impact on the game/damage done. possible solution: Give them stubborn back or hard target/distracting instead of T-shirt save. To Quote another voice: Quote from Phoenix5: “Giant -loving the movement 7 and 7HP -only base Str5… gah its one of the reasons why I hated the spider but at least his att…

  • Quote from kisanis: “Has anyone ever gotten these before? For the price I'm not sure I could go wrong. ” I bought 20 of them on a roleplay convention decades ago. The bases won´t fit for 9th Age and they were really not pretty. I get the part with GW Retro style but even for that they are a bit too..bland. They are still orcs after all, so when you want a big cheap army and the look doesn´t matter, sure why not.

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “or people will start thinking that some books are stronger and easier to play than the EoS. ” There are indications these days are finally over. In my meta I see Empire players reappearing or bombarding me with questions since the release of 1.9. Not only does Fhunder bring Empire to the UK masters(there was none running EoS last year) also Yannick Tietgemeyer (second best german 9th age Player) is returning to EoS after an Intermission with the KoE peasant scum. That´s …

  • OnG Urgent Hotfix

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Born to Fight The current condition for keeping +1 strength is as situational as two colliding mountains. In those cases when we actually win and still have more ranks, we usually break the enemy anyways and don´t need the higher strength. It kinda forces us to play 5 wide for ranks when we want to field awesome hordes with the new greentide banner... I wonder, if the first Iteration of the new "Born to Fight" was really too strong, (+1 S as long as you don´t lose a combat) especially considerin…

  • Frenzy

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I´m more worried about frenzy bait checks on -2 Disc. I don´t need my big expensive block of headbashers out of position. Checking at best on a 7 rerollable remembers me of animositiy checks....

  • While the volley gun looks inferior to mortars and cannons regarding constant damage output, if offers real area control. Like Bloody Misfire said, you don´t want to walk into the firing lane of two machine guns. If you want to borrow more time for the rest of your army(other warmachines, small arms fire, magic missiles), at the current point cost volley guns seem to be a viable choice. And I haven´t played one in ages.