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  • I have missed talking about the AP in our armor as if it is discussed in the Hotfix of Chaos, the lack of weapon options for some units or the over-cost of some runes but I understand that if you have to choose 5 points those are important.

  • It's been several days since I read the hotfix of SE and Chaos. I'd love to be able to read my favorite army's to see the general impressions of 2.0. Do you know if it's going to come out or have they only been made for a few armies?

  • And the options for putting runes are very limited (2 in most cases) while others can put runes in quite a few more.

  • It's a corner hammer hotfix.

  • Quote from gerardo9: “Is it possible that ACS makes its "hotfix" report public? Like other ACS did (for example chaos warriors and sylvan elves) ” I think that hotfix has M3 xD

  • Bueno en sus inicios no tenían golpetazo, ni martirios, ni monstruos. Cascaban bien pero eran considerablemente más caros. Yo jugaba a veces contra ellos cuando salieron y repartían bien pero eran menos numerosos que ahora, creo recordar que un toro básico valía 40 y pico armado solo con la porra ogra que tenía poder del pene. Aunque en esos tiempos todo era un poco más caro

  • Saurus or lizard or whatever you call it in English. I don't know what that means but it sounds awful xD.

  • I have not tested the warriors with 2.0 spear to know if they are cheap or not although the theorizing spear has become very good weapon. But I do not think it is appropriate to compare the cost of the spear + shield of a dwarf warrior (S3 1A) and a saurio (S4 2A). I don't think they should cost the same. As for GW in Core, I've never taken them. My Core always comes with a shield. I take this opportunity to say that GB might have some more weapon options. No matter how epic it may be, it is a b…

  • Dudas T9A

    xaby86 - - Spain


    se refiere a una unidad comuesta por una sola miniatura, por ejemplo un personaje solitario, ya sea a pie o en dragon, un engendro, un carro, un gigante, un despachurrador, una maquina de guerra, un aguila , un fenix, esas cosas, ya sabes

  • Dudas T9A

    xaby86 - - Spain


    Hola jocker. Es un poco raro que la roja sea la que está en la retaguardia ya que las filas incompletas están junto al azul. Yo creo que el 5 puede atacar a la unidad azul si esta en la retaguardia pero a la roja no, ni estando delante ni detras

  • Problem: Few character weapon options Solution: that the king and thane can carry PW weapons, halberd and spear. Blacksmith PW and spear.

  • Problem: High amount of AP in the game makes our armor that should be the best is not worth much... Solution: Personally I would remove the battle rune that gives +6 of magic movement and I would put one that gives +1AS because I think it is the least usable battle rune of all (from my point of view and circle of players, I may be very good and I don't know how to play it) Edit: Instead of eliminating the battle rune that allows you to move, you could join together in a single spell to repeat to…

  • Problem: Poor antimagic fortress. He needs to get better. Solutions: 1) Our special rule (forgive me, I don't remember the name in English) gives +2 difficulty to spells instead of +1. Or +2 if you don't have spells and +1 if you do. 2) Do something fun with tokens as other armies have to swap tokens for scatter dice or swap +1 tokens to scatter for a spell. 3) reincorporate the Aegis rune, perhaps a little cheaper, which can be combined with the blacksmith's RM to get easy +2MR, even if it is i…

  • Problem: Activating the courageous rune at the start of the combat phase makes it unusable because you don't know if you're going to use it in a turn when you're going to be destroyed, won or will pass. It is used to shoot single characters crazy against units and stop them one turn. Solution: Activate it at the end of the phase, before the demoralization.

  • Changing tokens if you don't have spells is like a die or two extra dice for dispell.

  • I wouldn't know how to answer that.

  • I can't compare with anyone because we have +1 difficulty for enemy spells and a scroll to undo a spell even though one is insufficient and the other expensive, but no one has it so we are the best at it, but being the best doesn't mean we're good at it. We could have the whole army with AS 2+ and be the best in armor, no one could compare their infantries with ours but if the enemies have AP10 that's insufficient. I suppose you understand me. There are armies that are supposed to have an aggres…

  • I agree with those who say that our antimagic system is very poor and insufficient. We depend a lot on magic and if we want it to be useful for something, it can't be too little, but not wearing magic doesn't compensate, they blow up your army. We are forced to by magic and not little, I don't know if it will be because you win very easy tokens or the spells have a very low difficulty but something happens. I think I agree with Kargan that it is necessary to make our rule antimagica +2 although …

  • Yo soy jugador enano pero juego mucho contra oscuros por un colega y me encanta diseñar y pensar reglas alternativas. A ver qué os parece esto. En principio haría que las unidades básicas escepto brujas y ligeras pudieran llevar culto Nabh. (Enfocado a la sangre y el combate) Unidades: ganan odio Personajes: ganan odio y +1Ap Monoculto: las unidades sin culto ganan repetir 1s al impactar. Yema. (Enfocado al difuso?) Unidades: cruzar y +1m (ahora tienen eso no?) Personajes: igual Mono: sin culto …

  • A ver compañeros, porque no aprovecháis el foro y en este mismo apartado hacemos entre todos algo con los cultos que se parezca a lo que hay pero que mole y sea usable? Si mola y se lo presentamos bien igual hasta nos lo aceptan. Yo llevo más de un año en el foro de enanos diciendo que el sistema de agravios debería ser acumulativo para ir ganando cosas adicionales para luchar mejor y que deberíamos tener zancada veloz contra las unidades con agravios y hace como un mes dijeron que estaban pensa…