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  • Infernal Zoo VI - Davis, CA Oct 6-8

    bubafett - - West Coast


    how big of a event is this been in 9th? Just curious as I'm in Ohio and looking to maybe travel to West coast for something but don't want it to be a small event

  • Quote from Warboss Tooth: “jeremy is saying its a good thing fergus ..... ” it's ok James he'd much rather attack me for no reason at all

  • Quote from Fergus: “Are you complaining about my attempt to get a more active 9th age scene in Chicago? Your event is 4 hours away @bubafett in Toledo. ” if you want to see it that way then sure....but r3ally it's nice. Need more 1 day events. A little more notice and different weekend I would come

  • nice. 1 week before my event lol.

  • Quote from Frumious: “We have the Zoo in CA and woring on a second GT or Two (SoCal and Bay Area). We have also started a Californa King challenge betwen norther CA in southern CA where we are tracking touranement placeings , we will probably get 6-8 one dayers in this year and hopefully a couple 2 day things. ” definitely a good start to building things out there. In case you didn't know about warscore, it's a program used to help run tournaments and keep track of scores and then get published …

  • indeed location is the most important part of it all. Always thought Chicago was one of the best centralized areas and has 2 airports that are cheaper than most to fly too Then on other part of getting people to want to go, is getting them something to play for besides just a small plaque

  • I have one and have used it in several events. The tail is definitely a annoyance but it definitely can be used as a unbroken chimera or other things. I custom made the base as it doesn't come with one, but dis so ages ago and used 6 chariot/monster bases so it's 150x200 but can for on a 100x150 base with work. I have mine magnetized so it can be taken off and I highly suggest doing so cuz of tail

  • as far as I would say now, any and all ideas and suggestions should be heard from all areas of the country. Obviously some areas need spokesman the be heard. If you know other TOs out that way tag them in here and maybe we can get some momentum and work between schedules from sifferent region's.

  • well we have seen another old event here go to rest , RIP siege at the tower. Thinking any indication that the game is failing or dying here which is untrue. We have a new event in cornerhammer that has actually sold out at 60 players! We had more people even apply for the etc team then in past. So player base is still there and with 2.0 final looming around the corner people will start coming back. So this brings up the old topic of the USA masters event. I feel that now that siege is missing i…

  • as said above a 1 day event in Toledo Ohio Feb 24 at the Toledo game room 3001 west Sylvania Toledo. Starting at 10am and around $10 fee. 4500pts no paint

  • Going to be running a 1 day event at the Toledo game room , 3001 west Sylvania Toledo Ohio. It's 4500pts 3 games and no paint score. Will start at 10am and cost about $10-15 February 24th

  • Colonial Carnage V

    bubafett - - Mid-Atlantic


    Quote from Extraordinary Legionnaire: “Thanks for the easy first round pairing lol Quote from Malossar: “@GenePhelps My list is had 18 Saurus warriors not 28 in the second unit the points add up ” But the Raptor warlord looks sketchy... ” nothing sketchy abouts mounted guy using a spear and a foot only item....nothing to see here

  • Colonial Carnage V

    bubafett - - Mid-Atlantic


    just as a feeler , was there any teams short a guy or was it even?

  • Quote from Jon653: “I'll buy 10 dice- do I pay now or at tourney? ” either works but as usual before works best. Can pay using the same PayPal on website

  • Quote from KeyserSoze: “Good job guys! Seems that it will be an awesome event, any kind of coverage, reports, etc would be much appreciated, if there is enough manpower for that, of course! ” thanks! We will try. Plan is to have stream of table 1

  • first off dice have been ordered and only have a few spare sets to sell. First come first serve. And ...... WE ARE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT AT 60! we have the ability to expand to 70, but require 8 PAID to do that, so waitlist is officially open

  • Quote from eggsPR: “Can you throw up a signups list on the first post? ” it's on website

  • Pleased to now release this year's CornerHammer GT dice ! Will be selling these in sets of 10 for$10. Let me know now if you want a set (or 2 or 3) so I can try to order the right amount. Might not have a ton of extra so make sure to pre-order yours now. The list of people that have already let me know goes as follows: Brandon gallegos Chris Hines Tim adair Pete reese Squirreloid Joel flint Joseph Abel 2 Woody 2 Leggy Schweitzer Steve Simonis- Mr owl Frankie Rob naverez Josh lykowski I'll assume…

  • Quote from msu117: “I dont know what your limit is but the Who's In list on site has Max listed twice. 24 & 71 ” our cap is 60 players at the moment. I'll check into why mac is listed twice Quote from Mr.Owl: “I have some dispiriting news, @Giladis will not be able to get away from his work to travel in from Croatia. So, his spot will be open. RL has a way of just messing everything up. ” this is very very sad news. We lost blonde beer and now Giladis. Was really looking forward to having them o…

  • down to 3 spots left! By the way, we might be able to expand to 70 but would need at least 8 paid wait listto consider this tocover costs