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  • Quote from MThundercock: “Paid. Does any one know of any cheap bed a breakfasts as I’m sick of staying at the Davenport and Brittania ” We stayed in Stockport centre in an AirBnB it was rather good for the price. The hotels are kinda shabby now

  • Quote from ButterfaceMcSandwich: “An enormous thanks to Callum et al. for an amazeballs weekend! Great venue, great coffee and great goodie bags Shoutouts to my amazing opponents Edward Murdoch (for making the long trip down!) Amit (for deployment advice) Marcus (for bringing a litre bottle of Grouse) Tommy Taylor (for his cool AF double Wizard master build) @JordanBladen (for being a gent) Hopefully see you all soon! /A Bonus shout out to Luke "The 20'er" Williams for being my emotional punchin…

  • Big thanks to Callum and Shane this weekend. Great time and amazing to see loads of new faces at an event. When’s the next one lads?

  • Do it Jack, Hobby the **Edited by Grimbold Blackhammer - please do not bypass the language filter** out of it.

  • Dude i'll do mine the week before. 3 months is a life time lol

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    Just saw this image pop up on my twitter feed. Frustrating to see online when we’re trying to promote and grow the hobby. I think I’d of asked for my money back if I’d of turned upto an event and saw the scenery was printed paper. Is it a wonder the system gets a lot of crap from everywhere? Genuinely gutted seeing this.

  • @Tyranno hey dude, What’s done is done. @WhammeWhamme has the balls to say he messed up with CoA and please trust me when I say he’s moving heaven and earth to get it sorted behind the scenes. Mistakes were made. We’re human. I know it sucks but the different task teams are aware it needs a major overhaul. Stick with it as it will change. I know @Fnarrr is running ID at a 60 man event in a few weeks time to get a better feel for the book and is indeed taking units that the community have flagged…

  • The spell states end of phase so they would not count towards combat res. It’d be distributed as per shooting rules

  • Me, Tank and Sam Freestone please bud

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from JordanBladen: “Hey dude, they make the core up to a nice round 1125. Ah! I didn't do the maths :P. Personally for chaff core I would have gone with some Orcs instead. They fight better, have more wounds, and the Blunderbuss has the range and impact of a flailing kitten from my experience (and I was firing at elves) They also act as chaff in my list if needs be and a deterent if people get too close. Their a throw away unit in an army that doesn't have many. The ro…

  • Hey dude, they make the core up to a nice round 1125. They also act as chaff in my list if needs be and a deterent if people get too close. Their a throw away unit in an army that doesn't have many. The rocket battery is an issue. I both love and hate it. @Fnarrr will attest to the constructive arguments we've had about it and different uses for it. Is it auto include? No Does it make your opponent play differently? Yes I think the army has legs to be competitive 100% Unfortunately Im jumping ac…

  • I thought I’d share with you fine folks the list I’ve been running recently. It’s not quite there yet but please rip it apart things you do and don’t like. I’m on about 12 games now with ID and the word that sums those games up is frustration. I’ve had a lot of input from ETC players and their thoughts too. Cheers! Jordan ++ Infernal Dwarves (Infernal Dwarves 2.0 Beta) [4495Pts] ++ + Bound and Binders + Kadim Incarnates [450Pts]: 4x Kadim Incarnate Kadim Incarnates [335Pts]: 3x Kadim Incarnate K…

  • If there’s any other burning issues that aren’t mentioned please raise them. All information is good information

  • It’s a proc after a successful spell is cast. No limit to what amount

  • Keep the feedback coming folks. @Mortus a lot of what you say matches my own experiences with the new book. I really want to like the DoL but they just don’t cut it. Let me know how you find the Incarnates and I’m running 10 in my list

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    DOnt forget the dice don’t work on the big bull infortunatkey

  • Need some rules team up in here. I'd of prefered it to be worded - weapons in base to base count as their mundane weapon type ie Great / paired ect.

  • Quote from Inverno: “Will post my list and a report/consideration of my first game last night in some hours. Many things to say, i fear some of the initial suspects about our "grindness" are real. ” Really excited to see your feedback - its what we need to make a realy change to the army whilst we're in the beta period. I'd encourage everyone to play games and write their thoughts down as its all useful information.

  • I’d rather be honest with the ID community than adopt a it’s all sunshine and rainbows. We really need your *points to all you ID heroes* feedback. Only then can we get something solid and go before the different teams and get things changed. Different countries, social groups and clubs will all have different meta. Try and break the army. Be ballsy. Go for it. Jordan