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  • But you don’t pass the save on 4+? If you need a 6 so pass the save how can a 4+ be enough? Only successful armor saves triggers the effect.

  • Quote from keva: “Hi guys The hits from failed Dangerous Terrain Tests are ranged attacks? ” Yes

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Alzam: “Currently, I can't find anything that would imply placing an Ambush unit count as moving. @Lagerlof @Eisenheinrich ? So no malus or -1 if you move. ” I'd say not clearly covered by the rules. Moving and Shooting (-1 to hit) If the unit has moved during this Player Turn, all models in the unit receive a -1 to-hit modifier. We don't have a proper definition of "having moved" afaik. So is placing the ambushing unit (the same applies for units that have …

  • Quote from Iluvatar (sabbatical): “Nope... When is that anyway? ” 5-8 april

  • Quote from Iluvatar (sabbatical): “Quote from bk5b: “so shipping costs are not fix for EU? ” No, they vary with the weight of the parcel... like pretty much all shipping costs?Quote from Casp: “And what about veil card ? Cool be great to add them. ” They're already in! BTW, I'll have three sets of cards ready for anyone when my parcel arrives. ” You aren't going to Hereford by any chance?

  • Quote from Alzam: “Step 1 and 2 together are the Pivot + Forward move (so the whole movement), and you ignore "All friendly units that were part of the same combat this Round of Combat". So that means you can Overrun through your units of the same combat yes. The only restriction is step 3. Once your move is done, you must be in a legal position or backtrack to a legal position. ” Is this intended? Pretty sure this wasn't the case in 1.3?

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “Quote from Lagerlof: “No the unit will stop 1” away. Check what step 1 and 2 are, I guess it’s only the part about pivoting. ” Quote from youngseward: “Step two is "forward ahead" where the unit does the forward moving ” Yep, step two seems to be the point where you move, but it is not clear. Later at 2.3 it seems to reinforce you can move through the other unit Quote from Rulebook: “2.3. Friendly Unit or Impassable Terrain If the first obstacle (if any) would not be an e…

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “I think I have been playing this wrong. Unit A and B are in combat. Unit C charges in and unit B is eliminated on the round unit C charged. Unit A can Reform or Pivot I have always played that unit C can also overrun, but will be halted 1" away from unit A. The following rule was pointed out to me (Red highlighting by me) Does this mean that unit C can overrun through unit A? Quote from Rulebook Page 56: “13.G.c Pursuit Distance and Pursuing Units Each Pursuing unit now p…

  • Quote from pk-ng: “Suits of Armour Is shield considered "suits of armour" or is it only Light Armour, Heavy Armour, Plate Armour and etc... ” Click Suits of Armour in your post Light Heavy Plate

  • Quote from Fthunder: “This question keeps coming up in our gaming group. The scenario is: Unit A is 20 Tower Guard with Altar inside, 5 wide. Unit B is 10 Dark Riders, 10 wide. Unit 1 is 10 Empire Crossbowmen. Unit 2 is an Empire Mortar. Imagine the Crossbowmen and Mortar are next to each other. In front of them is 10 Dark Riders, 10 wide. Behind the Dark Riders is the unit of Tower Guard. The questions are: 1) Can the mortar shoot the Tower Guard? If so, can it allocate one hit (big one) on the…

  • Good game design VS T9A

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    Furion has a point. There are way too many people on this forum that think that THEY could balance this game. Suggestions and ideas that are so ridiculous that you have to laugh. And when RT ignore their ideas, for obvious reasons, they yell and whine on the forum about ivory towers and that they don't include the community. Their posts also make it harder to see the actually good posts, since they drown in a pile of sh*tposts. Every change is hated by someone, and they always yell the loudest. …

  • Ogre Khans LBM Lists

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    Quote from Todesbrot: “Well, I think we can all agree that the most famous list for Ogres in 1.3 was Hellfist by far. Were Ogres to strong apart from that? I'd say no. But here come the nerfs we suffered: -Rock Auroch: Quadruple nerfs, Hellfist gone (fixing problem eith frenzy), Def2, no stubborn, no S7 always. Rock Aurochs are buffed, anyone that thinks otherwise doesn't know how to play them TBH. -Thundercannon: no Swiftstride, pricehike Agree, but you forgot the biggest nerf, no +1 to hit aga…

  • OK General chat

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    Thauma. Has everything and rerolling 1s is really strong. I always have Heirloom for -1 to wound and being able to lower opponents S, super strong.

  • Quote from Kopistar: “my unit of spearmen overran into a green knight. then they are charged by grail knight. i have a war banner of ryma. all happens in my front. so : i have +1S only vs green knight at i6. the guy hitting the grail have ap2 i7. this feels wrong. ” Your entire unit counts as charging (you both get +1 CR for charge). So +1 S for all models and no bonuses from spears.

  • WTC - World Team Championships

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    Can you link the lists in the first post?

  • Quote from Sharku: “What is the use of a aim 0+ accurate, quick to fire longbow? Always auto hits? Or still rolls on a 1 fails? Can a char like a forest prince join a group of skirmischers? Like pathfinders? If yes will they keep the skirmisch rules? A bunch of questions... ” 1 is always a fail. But you will hit on 2+ even with a couple of modifiers (long range + soft cover). Characters get skirmish while joined to a unit of skirmishers.

  • Quote from snagash: “hi everyone. I have a question, a unit with frenzy and vanguard, has to do the frenzy test if they made the vanguard movement and start the first turn? And if the unit fail the test, can charge on the first turn? Or the vanguard restriction prevails? Thanks in advancefor the response. Regards ” "...with at least one model with Frenzythat could Declare a Charge..." So no.

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “@Eisenheinrich: Forest hole Well, depending on the size of the hole, enemies charging through the forest potentially have to take two dangerous terrain tests? You enter the forest from the outside (DT test), then you leave it (enter the "hole"), and then you enter the forest again. Is this correct? And if it is, this should probably be changed. ” The same piece of terrain can only ever cause 1 test in the same phase.

  • Ogre Khans WTC Herford Lists

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    Big Bruiser units are very strong, I tried it a couple of times. Only issue is they are so expensive so unless you have Bombardiers or Tusker cav you will lack in scoring units most likely. I also went for a list that can handle more or less everything, I tried cannons but they are so nerfed right now I really don't feel they are worth it anymore.

  • Quote from WoeRie: “Quote from Rulebook page 88: “Spear Attacks made with a Spear gain Fight in Extra Rank and +1 Armour Penetration. Close Combat Attacks from model parts wielding a Spear gain +2 Agility and an additional +1 Armour Penetration in the first Round of Combat provided their unit is not charging and is not Engaged either in their Flank or Rear Facing. Cavalry, Beasts and Constructs cannot use Spears. ” If I read the casual part correct, if I charge a unit of spearman in the Front AN…