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  • I'm waiting for the bank I hope for the 15th If there is no delay

  • March begin with some pictures in the advancement of the Jezaïls : xSB10J.jpg Z9c8K4.jpg But it's not the only new of this month... Stay tuned.

  • Hi jut to answer for the scale of the Duc from Model Age, pictures (bad but...) tell more than words : Yx6zxs.jpg 2iwt9S.jpg

  • Sorry : modulable ?

  • Quote from Feanor83: “and not another design simmilar to the Forgeworld ones. ” Do you find that the proposed drawings resemble the Forge World design? Quote from saint_barbara: “But there are 4: ” Yes but are there modulables?

  • Hello you. I realize I didn't present our product here. Model Age will propose at the opening of its shop these Grenadiers :……3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f99……3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f99 Once produced this will look like this……3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f…

  • On the photo you can see a srtaight line on the wood base. It represente the 50mm base. The scale is more 28-30mm, I will have it in my hands soon.

  • Hi here. Maybe you ever see my project to create a new participative miniature company Model Age. To do simple : everybody can design a unit, propose it and vote for. So we receive this design for Taurukh by Gonnella :……3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f99 They are aprreciated and we want to use them to make Taurukh or Thaurukh anointed. I just ask you for this, what is the bigger need : Taurukh ou Taurukh anointed? or, a…

  • Jolie. La présentation est vraiment sympa. Les flèches et autres symboles sur les photos sont vraiment efficaces pour comprendre ce qu'il se passe.

  • C'est un joyeux bordel ton unité, tu as du ben t'amuser à faire toutes ces scènettes. Belle réalisation.

  • Quote from mrmossevig: “It’s not that bad but with everything else so dynamic, having the shield in such a static position/unused position takes away a bit of the “charge-feeling”. ” Here you can see the sculpt just finish, nothing is stuck, the arms are independent so the picture it's only informative. Glad you like it anyway.

  • Move could be more simply

    Samwar - Model Age - - Suggestions


    I changed and improved the statement of my proposal in order to take into account the previous remarks. No marching retreat possible in this way.

  • I think about that : The character loses the skirmish if he is on a mount that is not standard size and cavalry or infantry type This will represent the need to focus to lead a bigger mount. Add on my first post.

  • Hello We gave some news on the facebook but not much here. So to summarize: everything is going well. The grenadiers are in production, we receive the first prototype :………3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f99 the knight is finished being carved with some weapon options :…3df935f2f45db29e9ab106f99…3df935f2f45…

  • Pour le géant maraudeur des wdg. Le hachoir colossal donne ardeur guerrière et non fièvre guerrière (battle focus et non battle fever).

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@alltaken it was this one 14016-e54c275a-large.png ” Hi, yes this is a good draw. The sculpt will finish this week (the rider is in its last details), a little wait will be necessary before buying it. But by the end of the month everything will be well started anyway. Thank you to all those who follow us on facebook anyway (promised we will try to feed a little more our thread in this forum).

  • P66 livre de règle Une unité alliée est détruite à moins de 6″. Une unité alliée dans un rayon de 6″ rate un test de Moral et fuit. en vo c'est within 6”dans les deux cas. Il faut trancher si c'est à moins donc < ou dans un rayon donc < ou =.

  • Règles spéciale encombrant : " Les Attaques provenant d’un élément de figurine ayant cette règle, subissent une pénalité additionnelle de -1 pour toucher, pour un total de -2 quand elle se déplace et tire." La phrase est mal tournée, la place de la virgule la coupe au mauvais endroit. Du coup dans l'état c'est dit qu'il y a un -1 pour tirer dans tout les cas puis, après la virgule, on précise que cela fait -2 si déplacement. Donc soit on rajoute une virgule : " Les Attaques provenant d’un élémen…

  • Livre de règle p 26 déclaration des charges : Une charge ne peut être déclarée que si le Rectangle limite de la cible est dans le champ de vision p29 chemin bloqué : Pour éviter certaines situations d’abus où une unité ne peut pas charger une unité ennemie pourtant bien àportée et dans son champ de vision Remplacer champ de vision par ligne de vue.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Another subject: name one reason other than 'heritage' why armour and ward save are not regular characteristic test? Or ,reversing question, why testing Str3 we roll 3- rather than 4+? ” Heritage I agree with you and may be that repetition will be right about this problem