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  • Inspired by Games Workshop's previewed concept sketches for Mercantile Guilds on Necromunda. PPQPIhg.jpg

  • Philonides of Tarentum

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    King Pyrrhus of Epirus (318-272 B.C.) wrote himself into common speech by winning such costly battles against the Romans in southern Italy that the term Pyrrhic victory was coined after him: "One more victory like this, and we're lost." However, less renowned are the events leading up to Pyrrhus' involvement in Italy: Of how the rich Greek colony city Tarentum, with its fleet the strongest in all of Italy, signed a treaty with Rome that forbade them entering the Bay of Tarentum. Of how a Roman f…

  • By the learned Quora member Dimitris Almyrantis.

  • nbGAqvI.jpg Pictured in quick sketch: Necromundan wallclimber of the wealthy Blacksquid tech clan. Suit rivets or disks are a stylized mimic of suction cups, while the forked beard and hair mimics an octopus' many arms. Expensive suction climbers attached to wrists and ankles, in order to leave hands and feet freer for gripping. Suction climbers based upon recovered archeotech pattern.

  • The Immortal Man Four hundred years ago, a reclusive Cawdor street theologian living within the titanic bowels of Hive Primus emerged after a long session of fasting, flagellation and meditating over old tomes. His name was Chaddakus Korois, and he had once lived a quiet life of introverted zeal as a wandering beggar and cheap learned man, sustained by the charity of the devout poor and by donations from slightly wealthier people who were in search of answers for dilemmas of scriptural dogma. Th…

  • For some niche 3rd edition style models, there is a slew of small companies, not least for Chaos Dwarfs. Oldhammer Forum might be a good first place to look at.

  • Warseer Down?

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    Take it from a Dwarf: You're grudging too hard. Never saw anyone raise objections to the weird Warmachine/Hordes magitech miniature logs that have existed for years among the classic fantasy project logs on Warseer. Cheers.

  • Looks good enough! Been curious to see what GW make of Elves in Age of Sigmar, and given the weird Dark Eldar places the design could have gone instead, this is certainly well designed and also useful for classic fantasy. Good for us.

  • 8mUvxav.jpg d0yoAjo.jpg 5CM4u8D.jpg OXwNwr9.jpg kJzLNrb.jpg Li1nuwf.jpg bEvUnig.jpg 7DPaTnd.jpg zrKGv7r.jpg hrXgeYj.jpg XWHo4CI.jpg 02xrVGz.jpg You can't escape cats even while skiing: ljPg0xB.jpg

  • WIP Old Painting

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    Work in progress old painting. Snapped during movement of furniture etc. Eventually be continued in the future. Height differences between more civilized races in a region of a friend's and mine fantasy setting, novel material: XKOswMK.jpg

  • Snapped this poor picture in a rush during an ongoing major sorting, cleaning and moving of furniture job in the family. An old sculpt of a Moria Goblin corpse lying amid rubble, its dessicated bones still draped in fraying clothes and with frail hair still clinging to its skull. Based on the imagery of Dwarf skeletons in Khazad-Dûm, with a WHFB High Elf for scale reference. Death to the Goblins! SmdNLvw.jpg

  • Warseer Down?

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    I've no idea if this has been announced already (I just assumed it has until now), but Warseer is back up! Complete with three T9A subforums. I'd recommend copy-pasting your project log updates and post in parallell over on Warseer as well. We've been missing a hobby hub site ever since Warseer went down, with historical, sci-fi and fantasy projects all under one roof, but there is a new little staff with ambition to grow it back again. Best of luck to them. Please spread the word, in case someo…

  • Originally posted here on Oldhammer, but reposted wholesale just in case anyone likes the read. Rogue Trader Custodes. Good stats, since one should only expect the best to guard the Emperor. Also resulted in this parody years later, since only their helmets bore any resemblance to the suits GW would later endow them with. lmVNdCs.jpg As for depictions of Space Marines, it's quite a bit interesting how the fiction evolved here, seen from something of an author's perspective. Rogue Trader Space Ma…

  • Regarding the desert as a symbol for chaos (also true for the ancient Egyptians, who connected Set with the wilderness, and violent and disorderly people in general), if you've got any use for this little line I cooked up for a CD piece, then be free to use and modify it all you want: "Order is a line in the sand. Chaos is the sandstorm."

  • Perhaps not solved, but dissolved for the moment being. I opened an Etsy store and cut down the various Ebay auctions on different numbers of Elf archers, to a single auction. Also, a friend pointed out quantity on Ebay (something which goes under another name on Etsy), which is handy. As such, I'm keeping below 10 items listed per month, though the problem might resurface when more products are released. Time will tell. Sorry for not reporting here, but the whole issue described above seemed to…

  • That chest. Snow white and the Dwarves, Norse edition? Good progress and neat choice of miniatures so far! Looking forward to see your take on the Oathmark Dwarves

  • @Pellegrim : Thank you! @Melker666 : Tack! Yep, that's right, me paint as well. I've not gotten anything more sculpted on 28mm evil dwarfs since the matron. Exhaustion from lots of work (not least emergency courtesy of Photobucket) and a need to rest set in, and I merely doodled some instead. Steam is building up again, and it'll be time for a long promised non-fantasy project to launch, updates soon I hope. As such, better post the current state of the admiral sculpt, since it may be many month…

  • For the 15mm Infernal Dwarf scene (i.e. Tjublings), Khurasan Miniatures produce a range of neat Hobgoblins. I'm guessing these models would sit well along with big hat overlords and ordinary Orcs and Goblins as the lowest of slaves: Hobgoblin Longswords: z72fpqN.jpg Hobgoblin Pikes: ktXJuNQ.jpg Hobgoblin Archers: t7UXhy7.jpg Hobgoblin Infantry Command: g6fGFWi.jpg Hobgoblin Hellhog Riders: zL5g3cX.jpg Hobgoblin Hellhog Rider Command: Bd85nEf.jpg While the 10mm Infernal Dwarves are served well by…

  • Thanks for summon. I was about to make an own vote, but stopped when I realized I'm too lousy at rules to count. After looking through previous votes and reasoning, I'll throw in my weight with @Scylla more or less to the letter. Haven't written anything since I've not been active as of lately, but have looked in every now and then and followed some of the brainstorming. Promising direction! Victrix plastic war elephants for 28mm Carthaginians have surely been mentioned? I also prefer mastodons …

  • Winter is fun for children and those of us who enjoy making figures in snow. Please share all your snow creations here! Some quick heads from this weekend's ski trip. Spent most of the spare time digging snow. A few Dwarf heads in there (and an unfinished Dwarf and T-rex head, owing to the metal spades breaking against the hardened, icy snow crust): 8ShXe1K.jpg Some old heads: OTf7zYB.jpg LY7Syb0.jpg JhmEE4O.jpg And a snow dwarf sculpted in 2015 by me, my brother and a friend for a contest theme…