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  • Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from Brad C: “Quote from skipschnit: “Could you also choose D as your deployment zone and C as your short side as well? ” No. You have to be deployed away from the opponent's table edge. So if you choose C then you have to be in that corner away from B. So it would look like this:C___AAAAAAAA DDDDDDDD___B ” Where does it say that, though? I choose deployment zone and then I choose a short side. It doesn’t specify one comes with the other or that it has to be opposit…

  • Brad has 4518 Max has 4440

  • I think something is still missing from Cassidy's list King- General, Plate Armor, Hold Stone, War Throne, Runic Items: Rune of Iron, Rune of Steel, Rune of Craftsmanship, Rune of Destruction 705 Thane- BSB, Plate, Shield, Hold Stone, Runic Items: 2x Rune of Iron, 2x Rune of Fury, Rune of Smashing, 360 Runic Smith-Plate, Shield, 3x Battle Runes, Rune of Dragons Breath, Rune of Mastery, 2x Rune of Lightning, 365 Runic Smith, Plate, Shield, 3x Battle Runes, Rune of Dragons Breath, 3x Rune of Light…

  • Game on saturday 4/12 huzzah

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    Hey Chris, I just sent you a PM

  • Quote from Snarkhunter: “Gotcha. (I)mmunity to phi(L) kar(L). ” How does one join ILL? There is a sudden interest. I'm sure I can get in as I have Joel's army.

  • CGL Game night Change

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    We have changed our weekly game night at Huzzah to Tuesdays All players in the area are welcome to come by and join in We usually start arriving around 5 and they close at 10pm, some players can make it earlier There is also usually a few of us that go out for a burger or beer afterwards Looking forward to seeing you all there Huzzah Hobbies 44927 George Washington Blvd, Ashburn, VA 20147 In addition to 9th age On the first Tuesday we will be running a Historical game, usually WW2 20mm, or WW2 S…

  • Really sorry to hear that Shannon, based on what I am seeing up here I thought the whole area was picking up.

  • Quote from PrettyBoy: “Lol well the joke is on you, I'm out for blood! ” I will worry when you can get your Avatar oriented correctly.

  • So far I see... 3 CGL 4 Green Dragons 6 Misfires Is anyone from NC attending this?

  • Just trying to be nice to him so he will take it easy on me in our Grudge match at BattleCry

  • Video has some nice information on the process of changes (and a hint or two of things to come) Well done Ryan!

  • Sign me up

  • 2018 Mid-Atlantic events

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  • Huzzah Hobbies 3/31 10am?

    GenePhelps - - Mid-Atlantic


    Looking for a game at 10am this Saturday at Huzzah

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “As per point#2, we need to know how many models there were in right light blue unit and in left big blue unit. In short, as both choices do reduce their amount by one unit, how many models were there in contact on both sides of unit A. There lies the solution. If it is a draw, both options are right. If not, see point #2. ” There were more models in contact to the flank (left) We removed the correct model (right) We then shifted the center blue unit and the right blue unit …

  • In the diagram below, 5 units are in combat. Unit A lost a model We removed the model on the right as it kept 4 units in the same combat, removing the model on the left would have reduced the units in the same combat as unit A to 3 1. Was this correct or should the left model have been removed splitting the combat into 2 separate combats? 2. After removing the model on the right, should the two blue units have shifted down to keep all in contact?…7b04d64165bd21eb35…

  • Quote from Mr.Owl: “So, United Airlines has lost my Orcs & Goblins. When I asked where they are, the reply was, "well, somewhere." Awesome. I now know my O&G are "somewhere." Where ever that "somewhere" is, I hope they are fighting some Dwarfs. You know, @GenePhelps warned me about this too ... ” Guess I will have to pay off my luggage attendant buddy in Chicago now..... So sorry to hear, I'm sure they will be found.

  • Quote from Kazandu: “Jut so we are clear it is a practice game Friday right Brad? Cause I did challenge out someone for the tourney and also am not sure if and when I will make it Friday ” 100% that is not clear to @Brad C

  • Quote from SirMC2015: “Paid. Will try to put together a list for O&G, but if not DH or KoE. Depends on able to get models. ” Please, please, someone get this man some O&G or KoE !!!!!!! Can't you see he's calling for help, he knows what the taint of dwarves do to you.

  • BattleCry 2018 - Official Thread

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    Quote from PrettyBoy: “I will also throw down a challenge to @GenePhelps Can't dodge me anymore old man ” You're on... Bring you little elves or your Ogres or whatever else you ran away from Orcs to play.... Besides, it helps me avoid Phil Karl! (just in case Russel doesn't take one for the team)