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  • I want plate amour for the colossi made from steam tanks.

  • Quote from Palmu: “Quote from setepenmentou: “Notice, now we have heavy armour for chariots, we can ask why the Nobles finest warriors and bodyguards can't have access to heavy armour too. #HeavyArmourForNecroguards ” Too hot to march in heavy armor. In Undeath only the characters have realized the benefits of heavy armor even while moving on foot, since the negative sides no longer matter. And the crafting arts of Naptesh are rather lacking in these days, mass-smithing of heavy armor sets is di…

  • Quote from noir: “Quote from Squirrelloid: “Quote from Giladis: “Quote from umbranar: “Can someone who plays the army join BLT please? ” One of the most active BLT members took DE to WTC just last month. So I doubt the army is "misunderstood". ” Pretty sure he didn't use an on-foot cult priest. When people want someone on BLT who actually plays DE, they mean someone who experiments with the whole book, not plays variations of a single list for a couple months. I'm sure said person really underst…

  • Quote from yrtomin: “Just realized NG can buy halberds for 2 points instead 3. PW however are really good, will have to think about it... ” It's a choice between higher strength or fishing for poison hits. Especially with a harbinger I think PW is better for fishing for 6's. With the new hierophant rule I am trying to get a big block in my list back and see how they work.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from noir: “BLT said about the priest literally they think it’s a strong rule ” ” Can someone who plays the army join BLT please?

  • The ruling is already in the new version of the book. Very small victory for 70 points. I guess it has some use but I rather have my lord be in combat fast (yema) or blender things with hatred (nabh).

  • My experience so far is that they struggle against about anything with higher agility, especially if not charging. The static combat res is often the a big problem, killing multiple chariots some times. I guess I'm not doing it right or face hard match-ups :p

  • Imo, medium cavalry should have rules to make disrupting steadfast easier. Heavy Cav is to stick and dish out the damage, light cav to be fast and harrass. Medium cavalry should be fast and be more supportive to other units already in combat. Could be that they only need 1 full rank to be disrupting or diminish the effect of enemy ranks or giving extra combat res when aiding another unit in combat.

  • The most important thing that I tend to forget is protect your hierophant. Sometimes I just don't check charge arcs, distances and overruns well enough resulting in losing my bunker and my hierophant.

  • Quote from Fergus: “I agree with @Palmu. The ark needs a complete redesign. It was ok back in the day when hordes were 10-wide in a unit of NG. I should also mention that the old 6++ regen was a nice niche bonus on to a NG unit that hardly has any armour protection. But like @umbranar said, it’s hard to justify displacing 9 NG in an 8-wide unit. I’m torn between the sugggestion of making the Ark a special unit that acts like a buff wagon OR keeping it as a mount for our wizards. With the rule re…

  • one of the problems for me right now is that I just can't justify it replacing 3 NG in the front rank and 3 NG support (or if horde 6 support NG) which is 9 attacks with poison and lethal strike or 12 in a horde. In return you get 2 poison and lethal attacks and 2 S2 attacks from the spirits and if you get the charge off 1d6 impact hits. Just not the trade-off that seems to be worth it, especially with a caster also being in the front rank with max 3+ as and 5+ aegis. (or 4+ fortitude I guess if…

  • Quote from Kaneador: “@umbranar you are right. The point is that im gonna try ark with necroguard. My fault ” I have been looking to that too but it seems it's gonna be a pretty expensive bunker that won't see much combat as the Ark is just to vulnerable and takes the space of alot of NG with alot of attacks.

  • Quote from Kaneador: “do you playtest with the new divination rules? With triple wizard you are shooting misiles at 30". And being big means that you can cast behind a necro/sbathy/snake main unit. Could be a new tool to deal with monsters or low armoured guys Im gonna test ark on friday ” Being large means that large and bigger units block your Line of Sight. So yes you can cast from behind Necropolis guard but not from behind shabti's and Tomb Cataphracts (last one is large and tall?)

  • Get rid of the impact hits, up the Aegis to 4+ and hard target, and/or give it a rule comparable with the chariot host rule so it can't be sniped by normal means.

  • Another problem I see is that you can't turn it into a proper melee platform. Dark Elves have access to a need item to make your front-line wizard actually pretty scary. Sadly a front-line ark just takes up space and is bound to be killed easily since the size restricts the choice of armor and we have no descent item to make the wizard actually useful in melee.

  • We got a scroll to bring the desert, but that's it :p

  • Quote from LegionChaeron: “Quote from Folomo: “Quote from LegionChaeron: “Why not give them a sweeping attack like wraiths? Something like 1 hit S4/3 ap1/0 for each skeleton in the unit? Some sort of harassing unit that would require the general to not be far to actually be usable. It would clear enemy chaff whilst being annoying but not deadly to the rest of the enemy's army. ” This could be an option, but I am not sure it gives them an interesting niche.Wraiths work in well in an army with lit…

  • Merging with Skeleton Scouts and gaining the option to flee or stand and shoot might be nice. Some sort of memories and tactics from their lives are active in these nomadic horse warriors giving them the ability to hit and run. Maybe the medium cav version should have throwing weapons instead of bows.

  • Quote from KiRaHyuU: “@grim squeaker, while we will take on board some of your ideas regarding prayers...the application i think is too closely linked with KoE so will likely get veto-ed without much discussion... Perhaps maybe attaching those to Cult Priest giving out bound spells? ” Please don't go the bound spell route. Look at the EoS prelate. He is good for a cheap way to get hatred but the blessings just don't do much at all. With Acolytes having bound spells and our wizar…

  • Force Type: UD Catalog: UD v6 Entry/Unit: Death Cult Hierarch Issue: Price of the Hierarch is 145 in the menu where you add characters although it shows the correct 125 after adding.