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  • switch hitters is a different thing that wont work with a human statline.

  • Where are those rangers paired weapons? (everyone knows that how rangers fight). And it would just give them that slight edge in melee so that they can take out a warmachine but not more than that.

  • Quote from Presidente: “Due to various reasons, im selling my empire collection, including my knights converted from empire general kits, luminark horses, demi griffon kits and god knows what else. Unfortunately my gallery only contains pictures of my converted foot guard with shields. Ill be putting them up for sale on ebay tomorrow, ill link it in marketplace section:) ” What a shame those units are beauties, wish I could give them all a new home. And a combined Hochland - Averland theme just …

  • Awesome, with all that armor they look like they have a decent place in the heavy infantry units. And the archers are perfect for rangers.

  • Quote from Markus loveheart: “Quote from Wstanley: “Quote from Markus loveheart: “The empire is barely a skeleton of what it was. ” Compared to when? 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy? Sure, we've lost some special characters, access to 8 magic paths, and reiksguard, but that's about it. Maybe I'm missing something.But now we have more elaborate orders, our characters are more diverse and have more options, and Militia are now a combination of all things previously. Having generic Parent and Support…

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Quote from noir: “Well why do you have to play them in conga line? ” To give all four units of 17 light infantry the fier aurabuff. Conga line or two ranks deep at least ” That line without steadfast will be ripped apart by a fast army. And by the way, the gamers code of conduct states that congalines are for wonkers.

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Quote from berti: “These lists work good enough because it is rather easy to get the steadfast buff from parent unit nearby (in a not chargeable position) and try to counter the attacker then with dragon/tank/sungriffons. It is realy hard to break the shooters when there is a parent unit behind them that delivers steadfast. Killing enough models that there are less than 5 left is not such an easy task for most oponents. So you are stuck, and propably get some counterc…

  • Im gonna try a list with a central unit of 25 heavy infantry flanked by two maxed units of light infantry, and mortars in the back. With a divination adept taking the #1 cosmo and the #4 div. Both spells work well both in shooting and melee (buffing the flank support units of IG and Flaggies, with reroll to hit). And a pyro mage, casting flaming swords in aura. The 3" extra is important to be able to reach the melee units with the buffs.

  • love the changes to Inquisitor and the militia. the point changes are meh. and there is a missed opportunity on correcting knights and war altar on the prices.

  • Why I stopped playing T9A

    Smythen - - General Discussion


    Quote from Kasocles: “For me it is fairly simple. I played 8th Age and had two armies (Empire and Tomb Kings). Then the End Times happened and I had two armies who were not really supported by GW anymore. Now I could keep playing 8th, which I did to a certain date. But people also quit or went to AoS. Thanks to T9A there was a way to play the game once more. And in a hobby were finding opponents is already hard, why switch to all sorts of different versions (6th, 7th, 8th, 1.0, 1.3, 2.0 etc.) ? …

  • Crossbow options?

    Smythen - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    There are many ways to reload a crossbow, here are some. the goats foot can definetely be used mounted without a problem. Crossbows for mounted archery are always lighter in the pull and thus way easier to string. Some as light as to be strung by hand. In medieval Scandinavia and Germany, mounted crossbowmen were common.

  • Crossbow options?

    Smythen - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    why not just proxy for bows

  • Nice list. If you still have the time to change the list, maybe swap the cannon for a mortar to deal with those pesky elven elites. Knights should deal with monsters.

  • Hey time flies When is the update due?

  • who is Geralt?

  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

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    Crazy good paintjob. #steadyhands

  • brown edges? on the horse? Nice kitbash btw.

  • And synergies SO well with battle focus. If the dice rolls average, you hi 100% of your attacks, by my calculations.

  • well even with the buffs we loose every front to front combat we come across, so what is the big deal. The only exception to this being the glasscannon units IG and flaggies.