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  • Rarely taken, but you can keep with your movie, bye!

  • So 3 meat grinders from 11 players, from 22 posible meat grinders, it seems its autoinclude. PS: Dont deploy pendulum behind hulks

  • so as i expected, no good tournament lists with meat grinders Anyway, is good grinders work for you both, but that doesnt change the fact which i said in earlier posts some guys play more flufly and some others more hard, and ofc, grinders doesnt seen table in the second group.

  • Meat grinder "could" be a viable option if you would play rat at arms, but atm, why i would play them in core which much better options in there? I would play this non optimal unit plus 150 of another "meh" for almost 400 points... The only place where i see the grinder a better choice is on thunder hulks, and even, is expensive too. And btw, i´ve been playing a combat list and didnt used a single meat grinder since 2.0 XD

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from epoepo: “you have to be joking hahaha Check please how many meat grinders we have in most common lists... On the other hand, as always, a few people that doesnt play VS saying how op are our units, even bad units XD ” Did I say it was good or not? No. I was just pointing out that it IS a way to boost the combat potential of Rat-at-Arms. ” if you pay FCG or spears this is almost 400 points of pure OPness sadly haha And Dan, and i dont know which lists did you see, …

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from JimMorr: “They are not cheap... Cheap is peasant levy which performance can be busted with Sacred Reliquary and Castellan. Common rats are expensive by comparison especially if you take into account the fact that they lack any 'mundane' ways to be boosted, and SiN is OUR expected strength... ” Meat Grinder. ” you have to be joking hahaha Check please how many meat grinders we have in most common lists... On the other hand, about the general discussion, as always, …

  • Can dreadmill allocate his electric dischargue in combat towards characters in contact if they are inside a unit?

  • I dont have the results archive here but IIRC La oficina wargames won the tourney, and second inmortals. Both will be in the spanish final.

  • If i recall correctly Rince was the Poland Coach, Marek Kielbasa was the VS player in ETC las year.

  • Le funciona para mantener la fila y ser impasible contra según que cosas dentro del agua. Muy nicho, pero está igual que desde hace bastante porque los monstruos no chequeaban en agua tampoco.

  • La pena de las ratas es que como libro variado deja muchísimo que desear. De combate tenemos 4 cosas y no demasiado locas. Y nuestro disparo es el peor y mas caro que hemos tenido (que yo recuerde al menos). Y o ponemos al vermin o al de la litera con autocrazy o estamos jodidos en liderazgo haciendo que X unidades del libro sean injugables por fallar la mayoría de chequeos. En general por lo que veo la gente está sacando listas de tiros. El libro te tira a eso, pero a mi al menos no me funciona…

  • Scarab swarms to good?

    epoepo - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    In spain we have a qualifier tournament soon and at least one of the best UD players take 2x6 of them. Not surprised, they are the best unit in the book by far. Maybe another guys dont take them, but a good player can see what they can do. I played them in 4-5 games and were nasty, so many rules, easy heal, cheap, the crown... They have almost everything. I prefer turn down them a bit and buff a bit our beloved cataphracts for an almost perfect book in my opinion.

  • ok so you used a unit of slaves (250 or more points), an overpriced engineer with the +1 to hit thing and a mague with focusing stone (at least 240+230) and one ratling (150) to kill 7 spears. Sorry, but with that setup i cant take you seriously. And even with that BAD setup, 20 shoots hitting on 2s, 17 hits, we give for example 9 hits to elves and 8 to slaves. That is 6 wounds to spears, 5 wounds after 6+ armour, and 5-6 deads on slaves. So, again, having luck in one game doesnt mean it will ha…

  • What??? Supose average is 14, hitting on 2+, 12 hits, 6 to each side. Now to wound on 3+, 4 wounds for each, and spears have 6+ armour against the ratling, so can be even less. Even with 20 shots you will not kill 7 spear elves, so guys, before saying things like this do the math properly or don´t say nothing.

  • I don´t know how you achieve this result every round. Even in one round it isnt statistically very acurate. Do the math and see how many of each you will kill, and for sure, its not 7 spears and 5 slaves.

  • Thanks to horned rat then XD

  • Why jezzails lost callous and you didnt say nothing about it? Im losing all my hope on this team...

  • The Doomwheel- Concept

    epoepo - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Following that arguments, wheel has T5, one more wound, 4+ armour, d3 grinding, lightning atacks, 3 S6 ap6 1d3 wounds shoots... Im not saying which one is better, because both have their good things. Only saying dreadmill is in a very good spot atm in our book. Is more a shooting chariot than a chariot than can shoot, so it have to be waiting, shooting, until a good chargue comes.

  • The Doomwheel- Concept

    epoepo - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from TheEvilOne: “I don't see the doom wheel being played competitively in it's current form. If you say that Im sure you didnt see disciples in the last patch too XD. It only moves 8" and shoots 18". All monsters will just move away. The doom wheel will get shot to death or charged by something it doesn't do well against almost every game if you try to use it. 8+18 is 26. The first turn, enemy can avoid it, next turns is not that easy. Who will chargue the wheel? You know you are shooting…

  • The Doomwheel- Concept

    epoepo - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    The wheel is our best unit now, test it in some games and you will see guys! 8+18 range in shoot, 20 range on chargue... I also think dont have impact hits is strange, but i think it would become very powerful with them. In earlier versions shooting at the closest enemy, if the other player was smart you didnt shoot at the best targets, now yes. And if you shooted, almost always was dead wheel in the next turn, now you can keep distance with the enemy and keep shooting, or waiting, for a 8+swift…