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  • y para enanos que solo tienen vinculados qué propones? Porque tener 3 hechizos o 6, si llevas dos herreros o herrero y yunque, que se dispersen a 2+ o 3+ no me parece nada impresionante

  • Maybe it's me, but with the change in the wording of the seekers' rule, I don't see them swifting against big things like before. EDIT: Okay. Sorry, I found it.

  • Pues como todos los enanos de plástico de su gama de octava...

  • Quote from LeVil1: “Quote from ilovepeanut: “As for myself I'm still struggling on how to take care of a Carno Rex with big bad veteran saurian with S7 impact hits and the stary thing that gives it hard target even against cannons. I nearly killed it last time with my Marksmen barricaded in a building but it survived with 1HP. Right now the best I can do is keep it busy. ” Flame Canon could be the way to go against it, don't you think so? ” But a single S4/5 hit doesn't seem reliable.

  • I think those bases deserve a video tutorial!

  • @Vipralisk I love the color of your bases, how do you get that bright red? You paint white before?

  • That shield is from Lord Dwarf's GW model on shieldbearers.

  • Thank you both so much for responding so quickly. Another question, the painting that breaks, I suppose you can also buy it in specialized art shops, right? What's his name? adirondack alcohol ink? And in Spanish, what name could I find it under? And one last thing, with a pot of paint how many bases do you think can be made?

  • Hi, I really like the result of your bases but I have a problem, I'm Spanish and I don't speak just English, I'm writing you right now translating this with an internet translator and I don't understand what a PVA glue is, could it be a little more descriptive? You may know what glue it is but in Spanish we call it something else. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Well, I would give them an OUO rule that starts at the beginning of a combat phase, friend or foe. From the front the enemy loses all his AP (it would have to be studied whether against all attacks or only against non-magical ones) and this ability to combine with Holdstone can be used everywhere. If it were a bit unbalancing I would make that in compensation, that round DW has -1 to hit

  • From the above comments, it appears that the shield wall is not in place.

  • And bodyguard and shield wall? Without those rules, they're nothing. KG without bodyguards are still something and HG with S6 too

  • I can't help but agree with Kroms about DW although I often don't share their solutions or requests to lose new rules to improve them. In all the armies of aggressive Lore like armies chaos or dark elves calling for units or rules that kill models by the handful, they want their enemies to pick up the miniatures like a lucky man in a casino collecting plastic coins. Always comments like "we should delete a unit the turn we charge, it can't be, I've only killed 15 enemy models and it hasn't fled!…

  • Thane 15 beards or warriors with shield 10 marksmen 3 HG Vengance seeker

  • Dudas T9A

    xaby86 - - Spain


    Ya no existe cuidado señor

  • How about 15 beards with shield or GW or both (versatile block that can resist or stick to your liking) 10 crossbows and 5 or 10 seekers? You have 3 units with different roles that are not aesthetically equal, give the seeker an original and crazy point, and add PW to learn.Or beards with GW, crossbows with shield and seekers only with PW. For the rules there are several basic mechanics that I think are fundamental for a novice player to know and appreciate the dwarves, runes, we are the best at…

  • QS for Orcs and Goblins: Orc chief Goblin shaman 18 Large orcs with PW 20 goblins with spear and shield 5 wolves He has a character, a magician, 2 units with different roles and abilities and a light cavalry to redirect.

  • I understand that it should be a basic list and easy to use but with 2 units so similar (warriors and beards) that basically their function is the same I think the opportunity is lost for a newbie to learn to use something else with a different mechanics or give value to some special rule. But it's okay, it's just for a couple of games, it's not important.

  • I think it's not a bad QS but I find it boring just infantry and Core. I miss a WM or a copter. And a better thane because 10 warriors can't take much longer, they need to be more.

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from xaby86: “Then I want my king to always make 3W on his 1d3 gun, to always hit and save all the armor because I have spent 600pts on it. And my 700pts block that kills everything I touch and never runs away. Is that the idea? Where is the danger of playing with supernatural energies? Trying to master the unknown? Those were the days when at the beginning of 9TA the enemies complained about how safe our spells are.... Now they are almost as reliable and not only…