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  • Quote from Marcos24: “Basically, take the most horrible human you can think of in real life, I’d like to feel like I’d rather take my chances with that person than an actual daemon form T9A if I had to choose ” Hmm... I rarely read fiction (unless older than half a millenium) because I have found that fiction pales compared to real life. Extreme cases of RL are bleaker than any fiction (even WH40k), because, well, they were for real. That is why I am happy to use as much as possible RL inspirati…

  • T9A Contests

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    Hmmm... What about making a contest for something really useful, and in need? See the News for our firs company-made quality Gold Print, to see what I mean.

  • So we're derailing about inter-species communication. Actually, not that much derailing, as communication is the first step to understanding. About relations with alien beings, think about the difficulty we have in RL to communicate with other species: We know that dogs may understand some ~150 Human words, with records exceeding 1000 (ie. more than some Humans) – but no grammar. A chimp learned 350 words of sign language with scientists, with some grammar. Talking parrots have been able to memo…

  • A list of Homebrew

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    For all these AB which need more artwork, let's keep in mind: T9A Contests

  • Mukumbusu Giant Apes army

    Calisson - - New army books


    About Chimps being the smart mechanic badasses: Quote from Calisson: “the chimps would be the mechanics of the apes. ” (Hidden Content)

  • Can't wait to see DreadElves: Make The Elves Dread Again!

  • I anticipate indeed a graduation in the dificulty to represent sapient species, the more difficult with the distance from a 21st century reader. 1) T9A Vetian humans (EoS, KoE, WDG, Äskland, Avras, Arcalea, Destria, Volskaya) probably share with us Westerners some roots, albeit with a very different relation to religion, superstition, technology, life expectancy, culture etc, not forgetting the fact that they live in a world where elves and goblins do exist, as well as magic. 2) T9A non-Vetian h…

  • Afterthought. Quote from lawgnome: “Quote from Kapten Kluns: “but that is still the human ideal, the viewpoint of humans regarding monsters and murderers. What about the monstrous viewpoint or yet further, the vastly superior demonic viewpoint. If daemons are just alien humans then whats the point of even having them? They need to be the great looming threat, because if not the actuall impact of their existance is sooooo small thanks to the inherited weakness of them being restricted to another …

  • Quote from lawgnome: “Well, yes. We are all humans. When we are writing stories, they are for other humans. When dealing with daemons, we have something of a problem: how do you really portray the mind of something completely alien to you? After all, all the writers are humans, and most humans have a hard time figuring out how other humans think, to say nothing of otherworldly beings. ” This is not limited to the difficulty of describing daemons. same goes for Dwarves, Elves, Goblins. Same goes …

  • Homebrew Guidelines and hi!

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    Quote from Eru: “I think @Eternal Flitter has this power! ” I have power too... POWER... POOOOOOOWEEEEEEEER!!! Ahum ... OP edited.

  • T9A setting is characterized by being believeable. Extraordinary care was given to avoid: - the manichean Tolkien world where some races are evil because evil is how they are, - the bloody setting of WH where countless hordes destroy each other endlessly without ever taking the time to grow again. My reply to the OP question is that we need not to have such evil, which was pushed way beyond believability in both cases. -=-=- This said, the background builders have concentrated on a setting, not …

  • Viewing the descriptions above, Kegiz Gavem would be the Mecca of the Dwarves, the equivalent of Avras to Humans. Difference being that Dwarves are much less religious in average than Humans in average. Compared to RL Mecca and pilgrimages granted to Shia and Sunnitea alike, the pilgrimage would be granted in KG to regular and infernal Dwarves alike, with occasional restrictions in time of wars. A strong difference is that there woud be few pilgrims from abroad, in any case.

  • Quote from Karak Norn Clansman: “ Mu0ms0z.jpg Icon of Dhuraz the Preserved. ” Is this drawing yours? In that case, we could use it in the AB.

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “The balloon would ...And throw rocks, of course. ” er... no. No rock. Balloon don't like to carry bulk, or drop it. Physics, you know...

  • v204 Release is here!

    Calisson - - General Discussion


    Quote from JimMorr: “If 'no changes' was a value we would be still playing 1st edition of WFB. ” For those who didn't like changing too often, we maintained 1.3. Close to a year and half by now - and this includes BRB and all AB.

  • Quote from fabambina: “Also, the fact that 1.1 has little community support and no future updates coming is a hindrance. No re-balancing of some armies that need it (but which ones?) ” 1.0 was released in April 2016, 1.1 was released in September 2016, 1.2 was released in October 2016, 1.3 was released in December 2016 (and is still the official rule, but not for long anymore). There was no time to determine where was the balance in 1.1 and which armies were off-balance. No matter, 1.1 had addre…

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “Historical turkish and mongol horse archers preferred to fire behind themselves while fleeing. Part of the harass and provoke / feigned flight tactics. Native American horse archers managed to fire to their bow side without difficulty. ” I have no problem with shooting light cavalry doing feigned flight. I would applaud a specific "flee and shoot" reaction. But... Where did you see that any of your examples were even remotely accurate, unless at point blank range? Were …

  • Superb post by @Karak Norn Clansman. @Ghiznuk, before we ventured too far, let's not forget it is an Aux book for DH, and on the map, Kegiz Gavem is shown as a DH city. Technology: Fine with Gavemites doing some reverse engineering on ID technology, and creating in the process the most advanced Taphrian tech. So full access to powder including cannons, and probably some access to steam. Magic/Runes: Making them Dwarves of Light, with most likely an associated access for clerics to Thaumaturgy, i…

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    Calisson - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from DarkSky: “@Calisson What's your point? Do you want to remove fast Cavalry from all armies core? Do you want all riding shooters to decrease their aim? It's not clear what you are proposing and it certainly does not touch the subject I brought up. ” Two points indeed: 1. Fast cavalry is reasonable in most armies core. Shooting cavarly is much less reasonable. 2. Cavalry shooting fast and accurately at medium/long range is not realistic, anywhere. 1+2 means that accurate shooting fast c…

  • Quote from Lionhammer: “Quote from Calisson: “It would not make sense to go for the unsupported 1.1, when 2.0 will be supported in the years to come. ” That one version is the most recent doesn't mean it's better than the old one. We have our right to choose which version we play since we're not bound to a company who demand us to play the new one. ” No dispute here, it is fully your right! In my post, I observed only the practicality, which you did not consider in your reply. For someone alread…