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  • Ambush

    Alzam - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Yes, correct

  • Yup it stacks (see p.5), and you have to roll everything (i.e 1 max + 2 min for charge = 5 dices discard 1 lowest 2 highest)

  • Panic mid-charge

    Alzam - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Yup, you have to test for panic, and will flee from the unit that caused the 25% of death like for normal shooting (likely the unit that you were charging, but EoS and HE can also S&S with other units). Also you take the test if you charge through a DT and fail miserably as well, fleeing from closest unit. Measure from where you lost your guys (i.e, when in the terrain). Also since both the S&S and the DT will be done in the same phase, they stack up for the 25% of loss in a single phase.

  • SA 2.0 Beta FAQ

    Alzam - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    yea it can be stomped. Mounted has no effects on that. Same thing for others like dwarfs.

  • Seems like a good time to jump in If you have skills with that kind of things (flowcharts, rule layout,...) and want to help, please send a pm to @Eisenheinrich

  • Quote from Rothulf: “Actually, and if I remember correctly, the skinks may pursue but will be blocked by the rats at arms. The saurus are a friendly unit in the same melee, and are seen as open terrain for the skinks. ” That is correct, but it is a 2.0 beta rule, it wasn't the case for 1.3

  • Hello They flee from the unit with the highest number of ranks, so directly away from the skins. Skins can roll to pursue (and Footpads are destroyed if skins roll high enough), but will not be able to move because they are blocked by the saurians. The saurian unit cannot pursue, because it is still engaged.

  • Infernal Dwarves FAQ

    Alzam - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Agree with the fact that bonus to combat score stacks if in different unit.

  • These spells are Focused, meaning you have to choose which model part will be affected when casting the spell

  • Outside the reiters, for EoS, I don't see anything else. It's not the most complex book, and I think that all the small stuff was already discussed. Maybe the fact that characters aren't Parent or Support, and since you must have at least half the model with that rule for the unit to be treated like a Parent/Support, if you have 2 guards left in a unit with a mage, a general and a BSB, it is no more a Parent unit (for orders and stuff). For the rulebook, it's really hard to answer that question…

  • Pour le poing de Fer c'est de façon générale. Pour la charge : Si une charge multiple est déclarée mais qu'il est impossible de charger avec toutes les unités en même temps, il faut suivre la procédure normale de maximisation (charger qu'une unité, pas bouger l'ennemi, le + d'unités alliées en contact, le plus de figurines totales en contact --> Notes que ça veux dire qu'un pack d’infanterie aura généralement priorité sur un monstre par example, parce que le pack amène plus de fig en contact). S…

  • Didn't even realized that until now, despite how obvious it is Quote from DogOfWar: “I'm sure you spot those subtle changes faster than us... ” Hahaha, not always it seems

  • Quote from Kristoffer Lysholm: “Do you need to be in base contact with your character to issue a challenge? ” Nope. Only thing is that the units of both duelling characters must be in contact with each others. @All : Please feel free to repost if we missed a question somewhere in this thread

  • Quote from Caraxes: “Does the Ogre Shaman (Wizard Master Channel 1) with the Big Name 'Gut Roarer' (giving Channel 1) stack so Channel 2? I have heard it does from one person and it doesnt from another person? I am not sure based on the rules, it appears it does? Thanks for any help ” Yup, it stacks with the normal channel gained from being a wizard adept or master, and with the channel from talisman of the Void (for a total of Channel (3) if you have all of those). Quote: “20.A.4 Channel (X) Du…

  • Quote from DogOfWar: “Is there any other interaction we might have accidentally ignored? I'm sure you spot those subtle changes faster than us... ” Mmmh, only thing I know is that this attack was optional but is now mandatory, and that a champion with a Repeater Pistol but without the unit taking a Brace of Pistol will only get 1 attack from Fire on Impact instead of the old two (because old rule told you how many attack you made, but the new just use your normal attack value). Also means that i…

  • Space during charging

    Alzam - - Rules Questions & Answers


    When charging, you can ignore the 1"/0.5" spacing rule, see Unit Spacing p.11 : Quote: “- During a Failed Charge Move or a Charge Move, units are allowed to come within 0.5″ of these elements [units and impassible], including base contact (they may however only move into base contact with an enemy unit that was the target of the charge). Once these units have moved within 1″ of these elements, they are allowed to remain there as long as they stay within 1″. As soon as they move further away, the…

  • Quote from Ondjage: “1: Does The Light of Sonnsthal respect Scarification (attribute from Shamanism) and/or The Wheel Turns from Witchcraft? ” It doesn't ahave to roll to wound. Nothing can save you against the Light of Sonnstahl ! (well, almost nothing.. :p ) Quote from Ondjage: “2: A prelate is fighting an Inquisitor with the blessed steel upgrade in a duel. The prelate is equipped with Locket of Sunna. Which one of these characters get the benefit from the Blessed Steel upgrade? Or maybe the …

  • I think you mixed up different rules there. As you said it yourself, hiding partially behind a hill will grant you Hard Cover, and that's the same idea for all the other los-related penalties : they give cover. Since most war machine ignore all cover malus, tgey also ignore the one coming from los. If you want to hide, you have to hide completely

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from LostCause: “Quote from Smythen: “Hi guys Hiw dies rockets hitting a unit of ogres split the wounds made by MWd3? As I read it, if you hit and wound twice and roll a total of 4 wounds but as two on each dice. You only create 3 wound and kill one ogre. But this is so complicated that its not in the 9th age spirit. ” You’re always limited by the number of wounds that the target has, so for example, if you were shooting at foresworn, each rocket shot would be cappe…

  • Quote from Nameless One: “Hello, some questions regarding hobgoblins, 1. Did hobgoblins loose ambush upgrade in 2.04? cant find it in neither in unit nor in chieftain 2.New "Backstabber Boss" may borrow theGeneral’s Discipline. Does it mean he can use general's leadership (if alive) at any distance from the general? Thanks ” Hello 1) Yes, it was removed. 2) That is correct.