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  • Use the lowest Chance for success... So 5+ It is mentioned in the rb on Page 12

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “I think I had asked before about the order of adding attacks for Morec's Reeping in the Dread elf book. If you get banner of blood, and enchanted it onto paired weapons. Does it get +2 attacks? The wording says "The wielder always has at least Attack Value 4" so I read it as it gets more attacks from extras. And how about with the strength and AP such as from a spell from Cosmo or alchemy? So does it work as described below or does the 'at least wording' meant to disregar…

  • Simple Question to get my Head clear: Count a reroll of a die, through hatred,, born predator, killer instinct as a modification ? For the purpose of the modifcation order described on page 12 in the rulebook to have the lowest chance of a roll? Quote: “When several modifiers within a group are to be applied to a dice roll (e.g. for Aegis Saves, to-hit rolls, to-wound rolls), apply them in the order that results in the lowest success chance of the roll. ” Being a lil bit confused cuz in most TT'…

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “Quote from Fthunder: “1. Electoral Cav may get a points reduction 2. Cavalry pick got a buff ” I was really happy until I saw the may. And I am also not sure what is currently wrong with the cavalry picks other then they can't be enchanted. ” The Cav Pick on a unit ov Elec. Cav. is expensive and a lance or even a great Weapon is better, for what they do - even if you need to pay 20-25 minimum ov points more. A unit ov Knights can't bring the mass ov attacks tha…

  • what if we split the Ogre Weapon into two kinds +2 s OR +2ap The old gw bruiser Kit came with Clubs (+2 s) And sharp long sickle Weapons (+2 AP) It would give them 2 roles: Clubbering Monsters And Killing armor Both Weapons have -1 ini so that bruisers strike at ini 1 Tribesmen would be then a blocking unit or a unit to open up some tarpits

  • maybe give them something like a tremor effect - If the bruiser Charge a Standard sized unit it agi becomes Set to 0 for the first round of combat.

  • So after 3 weeks of waiting (thx to Christmas and the overworked german post system) IT HAS FINALLY ARRIVED You need only read @Arturius post to know how good the Trays from @elVictor are Good Quality, solid work and good quality of the used magets Love it

  • Christmas Avatars

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    @Mad 'At

  • Christmas Avatars

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    @Mad 'At would you be so Kind and Christmas my Rat?

  • WTC - World Team Championships

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    @Palmu Go go Team Finland!

  • Dread saurian

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    Could you explain further what is your intention with this particular , old Monster from a time that was our Hobbysystem? Can't we use the Dread Saruian as an Alpha Carnosaur ?:)

  • i dont See your 3+/3++ being plausibel and Makeable even in 1.3.4 You can have easy 2+/5++ on Foot...

  • If you get Charged -> Mostly unlikely, Due to the long range thread that koe brings on the field Encoutering models with Fear is very likely So only if is getting the spell through

  • Quote from Klexe: “Eh... as long as there is no "to hit boni" for might i dont see how it can be better... s7 was already enough. Hero enchantment will most likely be paired weapons or handweapon only.. ” You should not forget the New Quest Oath in Combination with Might! Hitting Fear-Units mosttimes on 2's and wounding on 2's (3's against Most Monsters ) ? And then having the Hereditary Spell on the Duke('s Unit) up ?:) It should open up some Units / Monster from the enemy :>

  • b2t: I think the spell works Great on a maxed Forlorn unit with sacred reliquarie. The sheer amount of Attacks will Profit the Most from the spell. It is nearly like the koe Version of: hulk smash!

  • +1 to hit and +2" Charge range against models with Fear. So 3+ reroll 1 to hit with s6 re roll 1 to Wound will grind Most Fear causing units / Modells very fast away. Reverse omnomnomnom

  • Orcs and Goblins have only the reroll to hit against a unit - Kingdom of Equaitaine would have only as a hex reroll of 1 to hit and wound. A slightly different tweaked spell as the OnG Spell.

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “Instead of an aura version, would an alternate version be possible? I am thinking about re-rolling 1s of charge ranges, pursuit, overrun etc. (unless that is actually baked into jousting or lance formation already...). ” What about an Hex Version? To enable the rerolls of 1 against the Unit but w/o the Armour reroll. so you can choose to buff only one unit and give it more survivallibity or to enable the Rapetrain on a singled out unit :>

  • Quote from Klexe: “Oh nice a new spoiler from HBE.... And it is freaking awesome..... Their mages generate slowly more magic dice over the game and you can discard wounds from friendly models in 18 inch. 1 token for 1 wound and even for 2 wounds if infantry/.... Loooool stardragon t6 ignoring wounds EACH PHASE.... Fighter lord going full offensive as you invite wounds up to 2 in close combat each round.... Casting the new spell once allows 4 wounds being discarded for infantry heroes until you c…

  • TMS - Releases

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    @Kanadian here is @Pellegrim s thread : Buying Guide for one-order full Starters Armies