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  • when refusing a duel, it says that u loose rally around the banner, but do not says until the end of the turn. Is this intentional or a wording mistake?

  • Quote from Malda: “Unfortunately, I have no individual results due to laptop crush during round 5 ...and the results sheets were already lost at that time :-/ ” well, thank you anyway.

  • A really good tournament!! We had a lot of fun and a good lvl. Now that we know about it, here in spain will probably send one more team the next year, hoping to win the next time!!. One last question, would be possible to have the individual results?

  • The Hotfix- My view

    Intervencion - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Intervencion: “Why ” As far as I have managed to gather info the reason was that in the new context of the 0.201 HE book to combined components that make the HWotF entry were too cheap or that the entry had too many of them for the cost that was initially assigned to it. Quote from Intervencion: “when ” At the first opportunity BLT would get to reprice units during the beta period which ended being now. ” So the idea is to improve our infantery based army because …

  • The Hotfix- My view

    Intervencion - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Giladis: “A similar thing happened with the HWotF. The entry without any design adjustments was in for a steep price increase, so when Divine Attacks were removed it ended with a slight prince decrease. Unfortunately what the end user sees is that a powerful ability got removed but only a small price adjustment was made. ” Why and when? i mean, the HWoftF has been untouched for years and now it is way too good?

  • The Hotfix- My view

    Intervencion - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Masamune88: “@lawgnome Whats your view on censorship? In the context of the forum ” I feel like if i post a critic opinion about the king in my country on facebook. Or a joke about the dictatorship that the country had for 40 years. i can be censored in anytime. Lucky of us that we cannot be jailed for this. So a guy, an important guy, lets say some minister of a country says something like, we cannot pay your salary because reasons. we will explain them on time. You, obviously, prote…

  • Quote from Aegon: “Quote from Bugman: “The HbE book was considered a very strong book, possible even the best book there was ” Guess HBE tournament players seem to really suck at this game, don't they? I mean with the strongest book out there, why didn't they win every tournament ? (or at least dominate them) I can share the fruststration in this discussion and I agree with most of it. At least I can finally use my SeaGuard models; I mean 24 points per model was just crazy . Now with only 23 poi…

  • Quote from ArchangelusM: “So this is the state of the hotfix AFTER @Calcathin kicked up hell internally... Imagine the state BEFORE his actions... Again, it is not the nerfs as such that make this problematic, it was: a) The way that the whole hotfix was handled b) The fact that the BLT is so trigger happy for nerfs it is baffling c) The fact that the project does not have any other tools for nerfs apart from sledgehammers, or has them but refuses to use them It is problematic that the design di…

  • Quote from GeeksLeague: “On this video : ” Ty bro. But anyone haves it on pdf or any other text format?

  • as the tilte says, Could someone tell me where to find those lists pls

  • Hi guys, I think that its obvious but some mates are having a problem to understand the Green knight Thrice Blessed rule. The green knigths haves the blessing, so allways aegis 6+. i the army prays, it gains allways aegis 5+ for the +1 aegis of this rule. futhermore, againts attacks with ap3 or more, he gains aegis 4+ since the blesing gives a flat aegis 5+, rigth?

  • Quote from syntropic: “I'm not even sure WBoR is that good, but it's basically giving a suite of cavalry rules to infantry... That shouldn't be how you make infantry viable. ” and the real fact is that cav bonuses work better on infantery since it haves more dmg output from the amount of extra ttacks that infantery can deal in comparasion of cav.

  • Quote from Alzam01: “Daring - You roll one more and discard lowest. Swiftride let you do the same thing. So RAW, you roll two more and still only discard the lowest die ? ” Yes

  • Quote from DarthMF: “One question, if You put a damsel in a realm bus with the banner of the last charge, do the 3 models in the front rank obtain impact hits or the damsel ruins the fun? ” as long as she remains on other rank than the first she doesn't ruin anything

  • Knigths forlon do not have discipline stat set.

  • i dont know guys but... we should find a language for elves. i mean, if u dont wanna invent an elvis language, and put non-extistign words and hard to read ones, we should put a existing one as regular like, for example, latin or old greek, i think taht it should fit on elves, waay more than french or derivants from latin, even anglo-saxon seems a bit odd on a old civilizate nation.

  • I really fear that the magic phase, as we have seen, won't hold a heavy investment on magic, since both player will have more less the same amount of dices and cast/dispell isn't that dispair

  • Quote from Caledoriv: “Quote from Calcathin: “@Nopuiiidorl I don't think Spears will be in the same situation than in 1.3, they will be in a better spot thanks to a) More competitive pricing and b) Some of the new toys from the army ” If I understood it correctly, the MoCT will be able to get the shamanism spell with +1S. And we can have a cosmology mage with another +1S spell. So having these two spells in every game ensures both citizen spears and flame wardens to get significantly better with…

  • Quote from pk-ng: “Quote from espn: “Quote from berti: “with all those Ap put to everything armor will be no strength in any army any more. All those 5+ armor will be totally useless, and even 4+ armor will most of the time end just in a 6+ save, if any. So it is rather cleer to not take armor, but other ways to mitigate hits. Another thing that I can´t see anywhere in the HbE strength list, but it seems someone decided to add it to it because of reasons.... ” berti, can you please stop whining …

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “I would be okay with going to 3+ Armor save if Lancers gained something in exchange OR had a significant drop in points. I would TOTALLY play 2 busses of Highborn Lancers in Core if I could give them good support with Banners, Magic, and characters. But the difference between 2+ and 3+ is DEFINITELY big enough to warrant a HUGE points drop or a BIG compensation in other defensive traits. @Giladis I would be okay with armor going lower if other choices are selected (such a…