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  • Strongest Character in 9th Age

    Legate - - General Discussion


    1b) vermin swarm tyrant with the doom blade (and heavy armor, shield, war litter). Unless you are better than initiative 7, you are probably going down (unless you have regen and a bunch of wounds).

  • Quote from fjugin: “Quote from Ratatoeskr: “Quote from Ratatoeskr: “.....stuff about "Waargh" giving swiftstride to the riders and not the mounts... ” ” The rider gets swiftstride. But swiftstride is a special rule where it does not matter who has is. As long as one part of the model has the rule, you roll 3D6 pick 2 for the charge range. ” The Vermin Swarm Chief can get "Fetthis Broodmaster: The Chief gains +1 Movement and Swiftstride" If he also takes a Vermin Hulk Bodyguard as a mount, then t…

  • @ValourUnbound Any thoughts on whether a Plague Pendulum could join a new unit of Plague Brotherhood once the unit it started with is destroyed?

  • The State of Trance rule now prevents them from moving between units...until the original unit is destroyed? Could I THEN go join another unit? Could I put my Plague Pendulum in a minimum size unit with the intention of getting the unit killed and then running around with a super-powerful chariot?

  • Mad Git slingshot

    Legate - - Rules Questions & Answers


    according to my reading, it is legal... Although it should absolutely not be.

  • Drops During Deployment

    Legate - - Archive


    that is a pretty reasonable idea. I wouldn't penalize for vanguard, though, as they are already counter in the initial deployment. I am also up in the air about ambushers as it isn't assured when they come in (and they aren't on the board at the start of the game). Scouts should definitely penalize the turn order roll.

  • Drops During Deployment

    Legate - - Archive


    I think the main thing that needs to get fixed is how large of a benefit it is to go first. I can't remember the last time someone opted to go 2nd (I think it only happens when there are no war machines on the table.)

  • Quote from fjugin: “Legate wrote: Quote from Legate: “Rules 3-Miscast 10-12: Note that a wizard cannot gain levels (lose negative levels) from this spell (Throne of vines on a 2-dice miscast, feedback scroll on a 1-dice cast) Magic 9-Infection: Has some weird effects if both players are using this lore. ” 3. Sorry, I do not understand the question Magic 9. Not sure I follow? ” 3. I am thinking of some very specific cases that should be clear, but I just want to prevent rules-lawyering. Think of …

  • I can't take credit for this idea, someone else suggested it earlier. Right now, being a Large Target increases these rules by 6". What if they were tied to Large Height instead? The effect of this is that a general/BSB on a hill would have a larger range of effect on the battlefield. This seems more realistic to me and could be a nice tactical decision to make. Since Large Targets are all large height already, it wouldn't change that part of the rule.

  • Magic -General: Reduce the left margin to make the tables fit better? -How to use this document: All paths have 8-9 spells. -Bonecrusher: change no armour saves to Armour Piercing (6) -Big Maw: No strength listed. -Curse of the da Moon: Named correctly? Change no armour saves to Armour Piercing(6) -Slicing Shards: No Armour Piercing value listed? -Cacophonic Choir: Change ignores armour saves to Armour Piercing(6). -Curse of the Years: change ignores armour saves to armour piercing(6) -Death Fre…

  • Rules -Can a character still be attacked after refusing a challenge? -Can a challenge still be refused if there is "nowhere to go" (8th edition idea) -Miscast 10-12: Note that a wizard cannot gain levels (lose negative levels) from this spell (Throne of vines on a 2-dice miscast, feedback scroll on a 1-dice cast) Magic -Soul Leech: Insanely powerful when a character has refused a challenge. Is this intentional? -Purple sun: Might be too powerful against low I monsters? For them, this spell is ne…

  • Notes from reading over the Beta version: -Miscast 7: Does the Wizard have to take 1 hit? -Bound spell: 3 or less dice: Does the spell still goes off? -Killing Blow: This doesn't do multiple wounds? -Hellfire is not defined. -Supernatural Reflexes: Weird interaction with spells that lower Init, but not to 0? -Catapult: Not possible to 'Hit' when in LOS? -Attacks at Combined Units: Does this only apply to shooting? Or CC as well? -Refusing a challenge: Is the model moved to the back? Can they sti…

  • Notes from reading over the Beta version: Green color is very hard to see. Use a lighter green? -Aided dispel: Doesn't add to wizard level...just add the modifier -Killing Blow: Doesn't do multiple wounds? -Mark of the Dark Gods: 1st sentence says Marks of Chaos. The wording on the marks could be cleaned up. -Hellfire is not defined. -Toxic attacks: Plague Cut -> Plague Cult -Bronce Harnesk: In english it is Brass Armour? -Strength modifying armour save: Just say Armour Piercing stacks and if S>…

  • Here are two graphs for casting that make some of the above data easier to see: wk67lv.jpg ivk3d1.png