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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • They have just said "later this year", but I want to buy those minos, too!

  • Will the Crusaders get some sort of buff in the future or what is the current thoughtprocess behind their future design btw? I am looking over the KoE roster as a potentially new KoE player as well, and I have cetain miniatures in mind that I would like to fit into the list, but at the moment I can't find a place for them even though the stereotypes that the miniatures are based on would fit nicely in a KoE army. Miniatures that looks more like filthy peasants than noble knights that I can't fin…

  • Idoneth Deepkin release!

    Kallstrom - - General Discussion


    I can see the models being used for a sea-themed daemons army. If I were not already drowning in projects I would probably try to create a daemon army with these models, and some models from other companies as well (Mierce Miniatures, Mantic etc)

  • That is some super nice painting, I really like it! I like the red of the base, and yes it might draw one's eyes to it but the miniatures themselves are so beautiful too so the eyes end up going back and forth. Which goes to show that a bystander want to look at your painted models in detail even though something else wants all of the attention (the red base). The red base makes the whole impression of the model a bit more interesting in my taste. I have not seen something similar done before, a…

  • Why I stopped playing T9A

    Kallstrom - - General Discussion


    There were other hobby projects (but not of this scale, iirc) that tried/tries to fill the vacuum that GW left when they blew up the Old World, and what most projects had in common was to try to let us keep playing miniature wargaming - but hopefully with more balanced rules. What is balanced or not can be somewhat subjective, but all of these hobby projects also had in common that they were not driven by sales of miniatures, hence we would not be going through the old "GW cycle" of having the n…

  • This thread would be more interesting to follow if the parties on both sides of the coin could keep their tone more polite. It is hard, at least for me, to try to read some of these posts and take them seriously when the language used does not live up to a healthy debate-climate. No need for insults, folks.

  • Quote from Barax: “ Our lore. Do you agree or not? Im super OK with it. ” That is very nice, I like the flavor of the fluff. I wish our gods were our own, though. Dark, feral, bloodthirsty, cunning, savage - and that we could have like three different kinds of gods/demons, like: - Racontear, the lord of the wild hunt. Whether the herd is out to hunt, or raid and ravage across the land they perform sacrifices to this god to grant them favors and fort…

  • There we go! As you can see he is a huge beast, but he can fit on a 40mm! The rest of the unit has to fit around him too, though. So some planning is in order when positioning him! Good luck! xdZK4EL.jpg tMA1zLS.jpg daJpLuf.jpg

  • It is okay, I can post it here in the thread so if someone has similar concerns in the future regarding the size of that miniature then they could stumble upon this thread and get it sorted right away. I'll post a picture either tomorrow or the day after that.

  • I use one of those models as a Doombull, I can try to post a picture of it when I get back home during the next week. It is a really tight fit for a 40mm, but it works!

  • LinearB-Slave-Market-masters-650x276.jpg Looks like there is a plastic set that is called Roman Slave Market, but I think you have to get it second hand. Looks like you get several of each sculpt, like 4 of each.

  • Hmm, I found these real quick - but none of them is just what you are looking for I imagine.. First, a bunch of well-sculpted but very naked women in distress/restrained to various contraptions and in various poses. These miniatures are slightly larger than the regular "Warhammer 28mm"-scale:!/V…5007/offset=0&sort=normal Then there are these, I reckon that most of them are made out of metal: 03408_w_1.jpg aa121_1024x1024…

  • What kind of prisoner do you want? Female? Male? A certain race? A certain position?

  • They posted this february 8th: "25/28mm Ranges Sold We have today sold the majority of our 25/28mm ranges to another company. This does NOT include the 28mm Chinese Fantasy range Tales of the Dragon Kings which we are still producing but does include the following ranges: Samurai 3 Musketeers Gladiators Robin Hood Shattered Isles Fantasy Cobalt-1 Science Fiction Mutants and Madmen SF / Superheroes The new owner is in the process of setting up a new company and will be using these ranges as a bas…

  • 25mm infantry?

    Kallstrom - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    Greetings! I have some mimiatures that would fit/look better on 25mm bases instead of the 20mm bases. What am a man to do when he finds himself in such a peculiar situation? Put them on 25mm bases, put them on 20mm bases? What pro's and con's are there to putting them on either 20mm or 25mm bases (besides them being RAW as 20mm). I know that most men, dwarfs, elfs, rats, goblins, and undead etc uses the smaller bases while the orcs, lizards, and followers of chaos rocks the slightly bigger bases…

  • Sweet document! Do the Åsklanders have their own subforum somewhere btw?

  • Weird, I could see them before but now I get that same picture as Tuna..

  • I tried to keep up last year but I fell off the deep end pretty quick since it ended up feeling like work instead of something fun - but this time around I will just be happy if I get some miniatures painted at all and I will try to approach this year's project with a more zen mindset. I am not completely sure what I want to paint just yet, at least for the first half of this year (around the summer-mark I should get loads of miniatures that I have been waiting for for quite some time, and those…

  • Nice to see another project in the making! Here are some comments I wrote as I was reading your document: Paragon of the Lady's different upgrade choices are really cool! Why have the unit entry have a 50x50mm base, as a base, though? Hamstrung and Tar barrels are fluffy upgrades, I like it! Hunting hounds for Yeomen is a fluffy upgrade, but it would be neat if the rule came with some sort of visual representation too. Like added hound models to the unit. How does a "dead folk hero" make people …

  • The 1-handed axe in the greatsword kit would make a fancy looking throwing weapon. Warhammer-Bitz-Das-Imperium-Bihandkaempfer-des-Imperiums-Axt-A-Links_b2.jpg