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  • Quote from Marcos24: “@Klexe Aspirants! those are the ones i'm looking forward to ” Boobplate just saying

  • Is there already any internal feedback about "numbers of armies taken" and their tiers ?

  • @echoCTRL What about the idea of an ultra defensive long range longbow unit WHICH takes the same % as trebuchets and ballista. So you can decide what you want. Ballista = anti multi wound and anti flyer. To some extend anti cavalry if in the flank (preferd enemies are shrines/steamtank etc and large infantry) and long range Trebuchet = anti mass infantry how about s5 ap1? and ultra long range Longbowmen = S3 ap2 or s4 ap1 ? would prefer S3 ap2 as s4 bow = woodelfs. Goal is anti cavalry, anti med…

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Also we actually need some end user photos of TMS models, as sone of them weren't published yet. For example all paladins and duked, bar the Hippogriff, still have just the concept art on the TMS store site. ” Have Aspirants, Forlorns, Crossbows, Green Knight. Nothing more sadly

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “I am not sold on +AP as it feels too creepy. AP Power Creepy, that is. I'd like to stay away from contributing to AP creep. Would the +6" be enough or should it be a 42" range (or is that just insane) ” Well we could still go back to supporting stuff like i suggested half a year ago. Broadhead arrow: (4+) S3 30inch Enemy looses 1M and -2 march. Goal: Against enemy cavalry and Deathstars and setting up charges Light arrow: (3+) S3 24 inch Quick to fire Goal: Against flanking…

  • Quote from Kratos: “archers in koe need to remain cheap. We are a cavalry army. We should not have uber elite archers. The proble is they are static. Give them vanguard and at least you can use them as double duty. Panic chaff and chaff themselves. Pair this with an extra rule like accurate or extra shoots while not moving and they have their uses. Now they are completely worthless. Spend 310 points for a unit that cant move, cant fight only threatens chaff and it needs baby sit to boot. Or spen…

  • 30 Bowmen cost 180 +150 = 310. While 5 chaff cost 130 So you invest 238% more to delete this unit and remember if they use chaff they expect that they die so you can not really argue that the bowmen can shot on something else. So back what would help with 2ap shooting at 36. +6 range is huge that is 20% more!! 20!!! it also allows faster short range and it increases the dmg output vs 5+ as (quite common) by 0.5 to 0.33 = 151.51% better So you need 2 hits for 1 kill instead of 3. With the proposa…

  • to kill 5 chaff at 5+as and r3 you need 15 hits aka = on 4+ short = 30 arrow shots. So yeah you need to invest way to much. I can try to play your list but the dmg output is just too low And it doesnt matter. They stay out of range and then chaff us in the turn we want to charge and they already did their job.

  • Have to say something. I only like the style of forlorn knights more from norba. The riders are top notch and I like the boob plate

  • My idea would consist of Remove longbow core Special. Max units 0-3 and for each trebuchet you can take 1 unit less. Starting size 10 can be up to 20 Profile M4 March8 Ld8 Ows3 s3 agi3 av1 Dws3 r3 hp1 ar0 Equipment Warlongbow, braziers, stakes, light armor and Schild Special rules: serf, trained for years Warlongbow (3+) range 36, unwieldy (yes), s3 ap2. Stakes: same as now Serf: same as now or rework (parry helps them Togehter with stakes be deployed forward and hold 1 round to enable Cavalry i…

  • So I just go TMS KoE figures and after receiving norba last week I am astonished. They look quite frankly... Way better. While I like the style of norba more with capes and grail crest TMS is way superior in quality and small designs. Will try to get a comparison.

  • TMS - Releases

    Klexe - - Company Showcase


    Just got my package. Looks good @Kanadian. Everything inside and quite frankly. Your figures are the best plastic/resins I have seen expect from GW. I do hope you can produce more soon. The knight Forlorns of yours would also be perfect for historic war gaming or plain painting. The green knight looks gorgeous. So much that I am thinking about it not painting it myself as it would be meh at best

  • Bound Spells

    Klexe - - Kingdom of Equitaine (KoE)


    If at all i use only the +1 to hit. When i use it i want to force either +1 to hit or our heritage spell through. So casting the bound spell before so the enemy has to waste dice and then easy get my heritage

  • What a wall of text... did the mexicans pay for it ? Btw i could see Longbowmen in special. Like really really special longbowmen who are elite and medium numbers. Agnicourt is nice but just a plain simple Longbow wont do. They could compete with Trebuchets so you can not build gunlines

  • You forget KoE

  • Imo there is engouh space for grail lords and saint as different entries

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Yea, I see your point. I wouldn't be heartbroken if all our characters could be the general (Damsel definitely should be able to do this), but it would feel wrong to have a Duke BSB with a paladin general. I would be heartbroken if this book became the new KoE book as it stands because we'd be saying goodbye to KoE as a cavalry army. ” Well even then i could think about some fluffy reasons why. Duke "sully" has problems with a vampire investion and calls for aid from the K…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Klexe: “So it can makes sense a lesser dukes carries the flagg for a higher one ” Yea I know and originally I had: a Duke can only be the BSB if another Duke is the general. Seems a bit complex which is why I settled on Duke cannot be BSB. Removing the Duke must be general I could live with - why would you take a duke and not make him the general? ” Well as it stands everyone expect Damsel can be general. I could see Paladin not beeing General but why? Why do we…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Duke should have to be the general if taken - He's not going to defer to anyone else Duke shouldn't be allowed to be the BSB. Dukes have people to carry the flags for them. ” I disagree here. Not all dukes are equval. Some are lesser dukes and some are higher. So it can makes sense a lesser dukes carries the flagg for a higher one

  • Yeah let's pay hero points to buff unwanted core