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  • Quote from Decreto_deJusticia: “Los enanos ya tuvieron unidades nuevas en 9age mientras otros armys no, así que les toca a otros” Se cargaron los dracohierros quitándoles los 2 ataques de pistola... A cambio de unos golems que son demasiado caros para lo que hacen... No veo ahí la mejora. PD: totalmente en contra de la caballería enana. De hecho los golems son a mi ver esa famosa caballería. Enviat des del meu ONEPLUS A3003 usant Tapatalk

  • Olé tu!! Esta semana me lo imprimo Enviat des del meu ONEPLUS A3003 usant Tapatalk

  • Campo de batalla

    ZeraZerg - - Spain


    La idea la encuentro correcta, ya por el simple hecho de las montañas, porque con las '3D' siempre hay follón para dejar una unidad 'en la ladera'. Igualmente necesitarías elementos tales como edicios y praderas, por lo que justo este 'tileset' no es suficiente. Enviat des del meu ONEPLUS A3003 usant Tapatalk

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “The stand and shoot does not affect your weapon in close combat. ” Thank you! Quote from Lagerlof: “You chose weapon to use in close combat when the combat starts, and if you are armed with spears you have to use them. ” I cannot choose hand weapon then?

  • Hello! The general rule about Stand and Shoot specify: Quote from FB-T9A_Rules_1-3-4_EN: “A Stand and Shoot reaction may be taken if the charged unit has Shooting Weapons,[...]The charged unit immediately performs a Shooting Attack as if in the Shooting Phase[...]After this, follow the rules for Hold reaction. ” I have always used this rule with Clan Marksmen, which had the handgun and shield (to be able to use parry). There was simple because i did not have any other weapon than the default han…

  • Hi! Quote from Arturius: “Possible solution it to make a pedestal of sorts. Just put a corc on the base, that is narrow at the bottom and wide on the top. ” This is a "clean solution" for single model figures because they have plenty of space in surroundings, but I don't feel that can be applicable is a entire unit- @Arturius thx for the idea Quote from Nicklz: “You can also consider putting 2 miniatures on 3 bases, with the middle one just with added scenery catching the overlap ” If I understo…

  • Army Playstyles

    ZeraZerg - - For Beginners


    The simplest the best. I agree with you @Calcathin. Having so much armies to choose can be bad for new players. I would add a little pro - con list with just 2-3 generic bullets easy to understand. Example (I can be wrong, don't tease me a lot pls ) : DH: - PROs: - Great armors and good weapons, both with superior enhancements. - Effective and reliable physical firepower, both war machines and minor ranged weapons ==> Won't explode easily and they won't be too far if they plan to win. - Natural …

  • Hi potential future friends, In another post I wanted to use a figure as "Hold Guardian". They agreed that the miniature was plausible . Then I realized that the figure made 44mm long and the the standard base is 40mm. The victim ==>…127e0ef6ce4a9be0d590918e8 So I discarded the figure and kept trying to find another one. It finally found another figure that liked and could fit is a a mighty "Hold Guardian". Same problem , the base is 50mm and it's already in the "l…

  • Hello, the question nis simple: - This miniatures are suitable as "Hold Guardians"? I think that they fit because: 1. Some of the "possible oficial" miniatures are golems ==> This are EARTH (ROCK) golems.1. Example "oficial miniature" URL ==>…idian-golems-troop-3.html 2. The troop category is "Monstruous infantary" so they can be non-human. A final extra question: - If the miniature is not listed as "oficial" can be played at tournaments? I leave the URL and the im…

  • I used it in 8th and in 9th I do not see any rule against special characters nor the contrary. It was an important piece in my army roster. Thx in advance.