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  • Sign me up please -- Ryan Amiri -- LWG Edit: Paid now!

  • If a single model in a unit causes fear, and I attack with that unit into an enemy, then the rules state that only enemy models in base contact with my fear causing model suffer -1 discipline. Suppose the enemy unit has discipline 8. Then if the enemy unit has any model not in base contact with my fear causing model, then the fear test is on 8 right? Since not all models in the unit suffer -1 dis, so although some models are now dis 7, there are others that are dis 8. I’m asking in regards to th…

  • I'll sign up for this if that's ok! Edit: Paid

  • Suppose I charge a unit. It flees. I redirect and charge another unit and it also flees. Both units fled through one of their own (none broken) units and popped out the other side. Because I have redirected once already, I have to charge one of the fleeing units. I roll enough to catch them, but catching them would take me through an unbroken enemy unit. What happens? Do i just stop 1 inch away from the unbroken enemy unit and the fleeing enemies live? Or since I’m charging, do I charge the unbr…

  • Thanks for the game last night Alex, really enjoyed it, shame I had to leave early. I just signed up for this event, hope that's ok! Looking forward to having a brand new wooden spoon.

  • I think that Chalice of the Lady item is a good compromise. If more opinions matter, I also agree with the majority here and much prefer the +1 ws than divine attacks. Having both would be ideal though (and properly costed), and it just seems like the sensible thing to do. Don't really see why there's such a big faff about it. Clearly the rules team have the "stubborn" attribute, and people with that attribute are always the greatest nemesis of KoE knights. Also -- just to say that I am new to 9…

  • Love this unit. If it’s veto’d can we at least keep the silver Lance of saints as a magic item?? Fluffwise, I think distracting for units engaged in the same combat works well, but agree it’s OP. Could maybe give distracting to enemy units too? Might be a bit weird... there’s a reason I don’t do homebrews

  • Agree with Klexe above — it’s difficult to fit in new knight units if you only look at stats. I think they should be distinguished through special rules. Also I think our mounts should only be horse variants. I really liked the idea in one of the homebrews where there were loads of different types of horse and upgrades for horses. I think the variety and quality of our mounts should be what sets us apart. We could have different breeds, different training, different purity, and lots of magical i…

  • Transporting miniatures

    ryan90 - - For Beginners


    Hi everyone, Quick post - I was wondering what people used to transport their miniatures, and whether anyone could recommend a good site to look at? I’ve just made a new KoE army and there are lots of cavalry figures with lances. They look cool but seem like a nightmare to safely transport. I found a Feldherr bag that seemed ok but mainly geared to Xwing. Any tips? Thanks! Ryan

  • Has anyone tried out Druidism? I’m going to try it out because I like Druidism but I can’t see why anyone would ever let you get oaken throne off. To cast it needs one dice and there is a (slim-ish) chance of failure. And to dispell it the opponent just removes a dice from his pool with no risk. So it’s at best a 1 for 1 dice trade, with only downside risk? Or am i missing something?

  • Really like the work on differentiating our horses - the destriers, equitanian horsemanship, purebreeds mane - really helps to add character to our army. Also the Lance Formation is really good this way. Simple but effective. I like the idea of ongoing charge but I’d probably limit it to only take effect if you win the first round of combat.

  • Duke Niemar's Homebrew Equitaine

    ryan90 - - New army books


    Brilliant book, would love to play this version!

  • When people give feedback do you also provide a rough description of the army type, i.e. mostly cav, flying circus, lots of forlorns etc? It's important that the data is there and included in the analysis so that we don't get a repeat of last time where we are a classed as middle-tier because the heretical peasant armies dragged our averages up.

  • Quote from @Marcos24: “Quickfix: - Delete current aspirants, copy and paste aspirants from 1.3 - Add +1 to hit on the charge to all knights with lances - Increase Grail Oath cost by 150 pts (200pts total): makes character s5/ap2 base, gives LR, divine attacks, fearless. Off8 Def8 - Remove the "must be 3 wide" requirement on Holy Might for Grail Knights - Give back hard target to pegasus knights and ws4 to pegasus ” No whining here, but can we just do this please (plus bring back scout/vanguard h…

  • Yes, @Jurid confirmed that characters can still join grails, the spoiler was just worded a bit funny

  • Quote from Klexe: “About the green knight i disagree. If you hold him near your Damsel he is stubborn and near Bsb stubborn reroll and near bsb general and damsel = stubborn reroll ld 9... ” That's true! Ok, he's better now

  • I thought the spoiler was going to mention the virtues in some way and address the concerns we all had/still have? To be honest, I really want to be optimistic but this spoiler made me less hopeful than before Claymore - its alright. I'll miss my scouting hedge knights but fine. Defenders shield - still not any good imo, maybe alright for a hero on foot but I want to play cav Trinket - Looks like a good item, don't really like it as a game mechanic, don't really like it from a fluff perspective,…

  • I like the broad arrows on the Brigands. I can imagine it opening up a lot of different tactics being able to reduce the movement of units. It could help to keep someone in place to be charged by our cavalry too.

  • Quote from Dan: “Quote from Sir_Sully: “we still won't be able to have characters which can go toe to toe with most things in the game and have a chance of winning, like we do now. ” I'm asking a question here for the sake of discussion, as I genuinely don't know the answer: Should they be able to go toe-to-toe with the scariest things in the game? ” This was discussed starting at post 223 in this thread. Short answer is yes, I think that we’d like our dukes to have at least a chance against the…

  • @arwaker, sure everyone complains, but that doesn’t make our complaints invalid. It is up to you guys to consider the complaints and decide whether they are reasonable. I think it would be hard to decide they aren’t reasonable, unless you don’t play KoE and don’t care. There have been plenty of in depth analysis too, for example one I saw by @Klexe showing how redundant most of our army book is. So that’s a start. And we are special.