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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Here are the final standings, thanks to everyone who came, it was a great weekend.

  • It's a good thing I make the rules

  • Colin Power SA Cuatl lord, breaker of spells, trained from birth, tailsman of the void, essence of a free mind, bsb, pyro/alchemy 795 2x 15 skink braves, M, 160 30 skink braves, 3 caiman, FCG, 590 2x 8 chameleon skinks 200 2x 10 skink hunters, blowpipes, vanguard, 220 2x 2 spearbacks 265 2x Taurosaur 450 Taurosaur, engine of the gods 540 4500 I'll add it to the lists later

  • Here are the lists. Also, remember that there will be a bitz box swap this weekend so, feel free to bring your bitz box along.

  • Yes, by Wednesday if all corrections are in. Still waiting on some lists BTW

  • Friendly reminder that lists are due tomorrow evening!

  • Choose to flee from close combat

    demgear - - Suggestions


    Do you mean before blows are struck? I'm confused as you said facing certain annihilation. Surely you would fail a break test anyway, but do you mean in the cases where you pass when needing a 3/4? It would be an interesting change all right if you could choose to flee instead of rolling.

  • Wildhorns debate

    demgear - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from Randdogs: “ Devastating Charge (Thrown Weapon): A unit with this ability is able to make a thrown weapon attack while charging. ” I like this idea, but I know it will get shot down! Would it be an impact it at the units S or how else would you do it? The only way I can think of fixing Gor, (apart from giving them S4 which I would love), is to give them 2 attacks if they pass primal fury. LD is still a downside, you are getting MAX 10 extra attacks if10 wide, still limited at S3 or S3 …

  • Quote from The Spiciest Man Alive: “Can I grudge Mal game 3 for 5 penalty shots? ” bitt1184.jpg Ohhhh my pleasure!!! Have you ever tasted something so vile, that you questioned your very existence?? FYI this can also be used as an ice cream topping.

  • Quote from teclis2000: “So this leads me to the following thoughts. Since the price is so high, how can we reduce RPS in the future? He won't get armor and he won't get Res 7 (not helping vs the AP0 counters, anyway)... but Res is our strength. So, what about the following rule (for our monsters): To wound rolls of 6 have to be rerolled?! ” What about giving the Gortach something of a regeneration save? Nothing too tough, just something to make him more durable and less susceptible to spammy lis…

  • Ya that's fine, 27th is cool with me.

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

    demgear - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from Kolata: “Right now he is one of the top dogs in the game with base S6, 5 attacks, primal instinct and battle focus. Adding MW weapon would be OP. Or overpriced and wouldn't make sense. ” When you factor in characters and mounts though, he is far from top dog. Low movement Frenzy Cannot fly This means he will usually not dictate his combats past the deployment phase. So if you hold him back, allowing your opponent to drop everything for first turn, they will have the advantage, and he …

  • BH May update design changes

    demgear - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Love the Hunting call changes. Too many times when I have taken it my opponent has just cornered for T1 and waited for me to bring on all my units. At least now you have a higher chance of keeping them off if you don't want them on. Inscribing Burin: Unless it's 15-20 points, prob not going to take it. Briar beast is back which is nice, however even on tables with two woods, you would still probably need to invest in the Beast wood to make sure you can catapult these guys up for t2.

  • Quote from Gelmarus: “have to drop this one guys. work is screwing me around. sorry ” Thanks for letting me know! I've updated the list of attendees, anyone else looking to come please let me know! Also, anyone coming from Ireland and who would like to do a Bitz Box Swap, feel free to bring yous along and we can do it on Friday, or after games on Sat. If the weather is fine we might also have a BBQ, and the hot tub might be ready by then aswell.

  • No problem, will be another one later on in the year probably. Thanks for letting me know!

  • After the successful tournament in January, I'm happy to announce the second two day Irish tournament. This event is being held just outside of Limerick City, in Ballyneety. The event will run from 2nd to 3rd of June 2018, and the venue will be open from 6p.m. on Friday the 1st for games/beer. The event will cost €60, which does not include food, but does include two nights accommodation at the venue (Friday and Saturday). Pizza will be ordered and delivered, or there is a shop 5 mins drive. The…

  •…pDSn-J_0/view?usp=sharing Sorry don't know what happened.

  • Lists are up

  • Some pretty bad trolling going on here.

  • Can Josh Burns please check his email. Just a quick correction to the list needed.