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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Guys, We are working on the web, therefore, you will see the old version, and later there will be a short time not available. But everything to be able to put the definitive website. thank you all for understanding. Atte: Jacobo

  • Yes glanojad xD I have good news. Our new 3d printer works nice and do this…90cff5779050b7384e11e211f Atte: Jacobo

  • the high spheres of norba miniatures tell me that except the trebuchetts and the reliquary, the rest of the Bretonia catalog will be renewed. Las altas esferas de norba Miniatures me confirman que a excepción de los trebuchet y el relicario, el resto del catálogo de bretonia se irá renovando. Atte: Jacobo

  • Guys, what size must have the base of the big demon of nurgle??? Atte: Jacobo

  • Thanks!! Atte: Jacobo

  • Guys, I'll try paint again. Vallejo or Games workshop ?? What do u prefer? Atte: Jacobo

  • Everyone has chosen the second option! It’s been decided: all units will be basics for the 3 factions. I have other news, next week I will have new products, 32 new products on July. And I want to talk to you about the comments of talking about other companies. I think is great to have a big diversity of companies, I speak personality with a lot of companies and I love that there’s so much diversity at the time of buying new products. This makes us, the sellers, have to work harder to get new am…

  • Hello again, Right now the web is not active, we are changing it to another better server. If you want, I can do two things, with the works of one of the sculptors. Choose 1- Option: 2 new blood bowl teams. 2- Option: 2 high elf regiment, 2 dark elf regiments, 2 regiments sylvan elves. It depends on what you decide, one of our sculptors will work in option 1 or 2. I also want you to know. that we will do all the races, all the regiments, all the miniatures, then, we will coincide with all the co…

  • we take note, and we'll get to it. Thank you all for your interest. Jacobo.

  • Hello again,Throughout the month of July, I'll be doing ads and news about miniatures for the web and the new kickstarter.The races of the new kickstarter will be: Orcs, vampire counts, dark elves, warriors of chaos, sylvan elves and high elves. For people who participate in the project there will be a prize of 200-300 euros for the best painting. I have read everything you have said and I tell you, ogres we are doing many units, including yetis at 20 euros for 3 units.There will be many product…

  • Hi guys, what race do you prefer? Tell me why

  • Hola Diego, Como siempre Aduanas nos da problemas con el paquete, una vez que si no rellenamos el formulario, otras que no es correcto, seguramente ya no enviemos pedidos a Canarias, este puede que sea el último. Lo volveremos a intentar y si no se puede ya nos ponemos en contacto contigo. Un saludo. Eduardo Barroso.

  • Hi again, yes, one new, a hero but we have been waiting for three months ... One of the reasons why we will no longer work with traditional sculptors. In 2 months, we will announce a great news about Koe, that you will like very much We will publish the information in a kickstarter, but yes, we have recently purchased the boxes, bases, etc. As soon as we are up to date in web orders we will start production. We wanted to have started just after the kickstarter, but we could not for the patrons t…

  • Greetings, players and friends: There’s been a long time since I talked to you over here or anywhere really. It has a simple explanation, I work every day in the workshop and I can’t invert as much time as I want in social media, as you may know, only two people here do the miniatures and if we don’t dedicate all our time the delays would grow. I want to make public these news, since we owe everything to you, the changes and the real work that we have been doing this time. Including the increase…

  • Hola a todos nuevamente, lamento tomarme un momento para responder, prometo ser más activo en este maravilloso foro. Si necesita algo, envíeme un mensaje privado y lo atenderé más rápido. ¡Gracias a todos, y que los ogros los devoren a todos! 1. Hello everyone again, I regret taking a moment to respond, I promise to be more active in this wonderful forum. If you need something, send me a private message and I will attend to it faster. Thank you all, and let the ogres devour them all!

  • Good day to everyone, I'm Jacobo. From today I will be here as one of Norba Miniatures. I hope to be of help to all and thus solve all the inconveniences caused or possible delays of shipments. If any of you play or collect ogres, I am your man. Finally, we have many projects underway and we hope to get them all out quickly. Greetings to all!

  • Quote from StockFish85: “Yes very cool, another model. What about all the orders you currently have and still haven't fullfilled? Starting to get pretty ridicolous this. Been waiting for my order since the first week in febuary. Before you guys put out new content how about you start to work on the orders you currently have, yes? Just tell me if you can't make the models, if not then pay the money back. You have my order reference in the X amount of e-mails and messages that I have sent you guys…

  • Hi folks! We released a new miniature for the Infernal Dwarfs! Hellmaw 25€ This product will be in pre-orders until 06/20/2018 32855169_1276354622499729_4082101694538711040_n.jpg 32878083_1276354695833055_6267554090385932288_n.jpg 32958076_1276354805833044_1991397235018956800_n.jpg Mikel

  • Hi folks! All the fantasy football bretons parcels were allready sent you will start recieving them soon! Thanks @mrmossevig for the suggestion We will be long talking about organizing better the orders and we will consider your words. Mikel

  • Quote from bk5b: “When to expect new Ogres? And what units to expect? ” We don't have a exact release date, first we want to finish all the KickStarter and the web production. Mikel