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  • For me, the main point of the OP is that we need the game not to be focused mostly on 4500 pts, at the expense of small games attractive for beginners. Once the game is advertised to work greatly (does it?) at 1000 pts, then we have a much lower entry point.

  • Interesting opinion from Quote from "Red...": “Quote from "Shadowspite": “...And yet it was so unpopular that it killed the franchise. This is me speaking as someone who used to work for GW and still has friends there. The flow of new people into the WHFB side of the hobby pretty much disappeared thanks to 8th edition. Hardly anyone who didn't already own hundreds of pounds' worth of minis was ever going to be willing to get into a g…

  • @Ghiznuk Let's not forget some other factions showing North American-inspired dresses. (Hidden Content) But please let's finish first the ~20 factions of Taphria before moving into the ~20 factions of Silexia?

  • Cremation?

    Calisson - - Background & Stories


    Now I recall that sometimes, toumbs were found with either - body tied up solidly so coud/t move anymore even if it would try, - body laying on front, not back, so that if ever it tried to dig itself free, it would only dig deeper. The last one seems a great fluffy idea to keep in mind.

  • Cremation?

    Calisson - - Background & Stories


    In authentic legends in France, there was nothing done to prevent the dead to come back. What people did for prevention was merely to avoid being outside after midnight till dawn, and for their own sake, to have a "good death": "My God, preserve us from Bad Death" (Malemort) was a common prayer. If ever people were caught nevertheless in the open at night, then the attitude was key, and that was the point of the legends: - never talk or reply to dead people talking at you, never acepct to dance …

  • Quote from Eldan: “Fun doesn't have to be random. ” Quoted for Truth, so that it may be added to the world famous "Memo-Random of Understanding". -=-=- Back to the OP, some easy random elements which could be envisioned may be linked with weather. We gave a thought to that for Vanhu Homebrew Adapted here below: At the start of the first player's first turn, select the weather: roll D6; apply the effect below until the effect ends. At the start of each following player's turn, if the effect is st…

  • IIRC, English bowmen would first dig their anti-cavalry pits, then be ready to send their hail of arrows. When they lost is when French cavalry managed to reach them before they could finish their preparatory work. Durng the battle, they were not moving at all. But I am not an expert.

  • It's homebrew at the moment. I wanted to gauge people's interest before submitting it to BG people such as @Scottish Knight or @VisconteDimezzato.

  • - Tell me, Master, why do armies fight? Why do sapient beings destroy each other? - Listen, Disciple. Some fight to get resources, land for their cattle, or cattle for their cooking pot, or cooking pots for their kitchen. Some fight for access to precious goods to trade, or to prevent others to get such access, or to prevent others to get access to trade routes. Some fight to impose taxes, or to escape taxes. Some fight to take freedom away from others, or to get their freedom back. Some fight b…

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “More Units? More Character upgrades? I was thinking of making Bloodline upgrades for characters. Does it need the presence of some of the spirit tribes that interact with Native Americans in their legends. Such as the Iktomi, Coyote, Cyclone Men (sorta already there), or Rattle Snake? ” More is not always better, keep it simple. Do not try to stuff Bloodlines if this is not necessary. However, the spirit tribes could add a welcome variety of distinctively North American fan…

  • @echoCTRL Much better! Now you can hope that someone would test out. And criticize for improvement. Could you provide a couple of line of fluff for the TaTonka? The other entries are classic enough but this one, I struggle. Quote from Ghiznuk: “ Quote from Calisson: “<3 ... except there is no pts value. Also, whenever you update your work, please update the FIRST post of the threa, so that people may not need to search where is the last update. ” Yeah, like what we keep not doing for our Taphria…

  • Based on the initial research quoted above, and further discussed in posts # 199, 227, 230, 239, 240, here is what we ended up with: A proposal for the Seven Virtues of Chivalry. smiley210.gif The Virtues currently known by players are adapted to reflect Virtues depicted in medieval legends, which are more known by a nickname, a colour (with heraldry colours variants) or a totem. Each Virtue is presented by a title, which are the current names except for Daring which becomes Feral. The name of a…

  • ... except there is no pts value. Also, whenever you update your work, please update the FIRST post of the threa, so that people may not need to search where is the last update.

  • The background team is aware of the difficulty for Dwarves, Vermins and Goblins to live underneath and find sufficient food there. In that team are similar minds as those writing on this thread, knowing that to sustain energy spending activity such as maintaining a war-ready tribe, you need an ecosystem which receives more energy from outside than what you need. Outdoors, that energy comes from the sun, problem solved. In caves (or in the depths of the ocean, an issue I come to be more familiar …

  • Fair point. Many odd rules of WH find no equivalent in T9A. One reason is that not everyone found them funny, especially if they impacted reliability. Best example is Greenskins in-fighting animosity. Another reason is to be OP or hard to balance. Or to introduce some complexity for little tactical gain, or very few occurrences. All good reasons everyone should praise. Unfortunately it took away some of the soul. We noticed that internally. Many wish more "fun".

  • I'd like to read other's opinions.

  • It's time for Africa !

    Calisson - - New army books


    No: 1) unecessarily teasing limits of what Mods will accept 2) we don't even know the sexuality of Orcs (and I have good reasons to believe it could be weird).

  • By the way, I just came across pictures which may fit the theme. Feel free to incorporate if you like, or disregard if you don't. I took the pictures myself so no IP problem. (Hidden Content)

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Sacred Band: X, 2 (Steel, not Stell), X Stradiot: X, 4 Pit Fighters: X, X Marauders: X, X Adventurers: 2, concept 1, 3/5/7

  • Cremation?

    Calisson - - Background & Stories


    In medieval times, I would assume that destroying corpses would have been considered an indignity. Families would have objected that. In any case, cremation was not a tradition in medieval Europe, and therefore should not be common in T9A setting unless there is a good reason for that. Still, a few real Middle Ages tumbs were found with an empaled skeleton. This has been interpreted to be a precaution against that dead coming back as a vampire. Zombie are not medieval at all, they have an origin…