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  • DH 2.0 FAQ thread.

    berti - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    with the latest patch in base rulebook. And it was right to limit the sweeping to once per turn.

  • ETC Predictions

    berti - - ETC


    big thanks to the refs from me. Our team had nothing big. But it was always possible to get a ref and make everything clear. It is not an easy task and I am glad there are people willing to do this job.

  • Back home from ETC. My list from team austria. Bernhard Küttner. It was a great event. Had some great games. Some with luck some with not so much luck. Zagreb ETC was best organized from the 3 last ones ( I don t know any before Athens) Game 1 against vermins. I charged him by turn 2 and destroyed his army. 20 to 0 Game 2 against german ID. Great game with a lot of blood...mostly on ID side. By turn 5 I destroyed his last unit. All my characters fought outside their units. And the venegance seek…

  • Main reason....the altar BSB is simply to strong in comparison to any on foot BSB. It is not just the aegis, the R5 and the +2 wounds, but also the +1 to wound aura effect. A lot of DE units are priced to high, and are only worth the points with this aura effect working. It is a rather bad design from start. And instead of making just 1 cult, with some 0-1 cult units in regulatr armies, benefiting from the effect it is the centerpiece of a regular army. Of course the units will always be priced …

  • I tried to do this with my dwarfen armya for some time, but a tooled up king is most of the time worth more than a whole additional unit. It depends a lot on the army concept you are playing. Very often a fighty charakter helps a lot to make a mediocre unit to a dangerous one.

  • for better scaling magic...other cards are needed with way lower dices. Gap through tokens still 1 to 2 dices. But lower number of dices on cards. For lower point games up to 2500 additional restrictions would make sense....core may be taken twice all else once. some multientrys like warmachines limited to one of each kind. And those lord level chars not allowed or magic allowance on them reduced. In addition some rules make the game scale bad. Supportattacks, stomps, thunderstomps and line form…

  • Strange discussion. There are different kinds of charakters. Some are more supportive, and don´t want to touch the other group or any reasonable CC unit. Like mages, artificiers etc. And there are some very potent fighters who often run around solo (mostly on some sort of mount) and are a real threat to most things on the table. Even able to fight real combat units on their own. In my opinion there are to many very strong (and expensive) weapons in the game. But nearly none that make sense on BS…

  • In my gaming group I am the one with the most shooty armies. So propably I think it doesn´t help much because I tend to have more shooting than oponent. And in my current lists oponents shoot on bombers, venegance seekers, my shooters and my canon, and only very little on my combat units.

  • EOS Imperial guard be it with sword and board or GW is a strong unit. Mostly because it is super easy to stack buffs on them for an EoS army. But these buffs cost points of course. I prefer to use medium sized IG with GW as center unit for my army. Not so much because it kills everything, but because a lot of oponents fighty blocks will have huge problems in handling them when the EoS player uses his other elements in the correct way. And you can´t attack them with charakters too, because there …

  • I tried it in some games, but skipped it, because I tend to play wider, even with dwarfs, so the short range of the protection bubble is not worth the points in my opinion. But of course it depends a lot on the oponents you play against, and on your own playstyle.

  • I know...sad enough the +1 CR banner was removed from base rulebook, but on top the ID got it.

  • You pay half the cost of an additional canon for the benefit of the artificier. And while he has his place, especially when you manage to include some light infantry he can use his order I think simply adding an additional warmachine makes more sense than the artificier. In addition you propably get the most out of him when you pair him with a volley gun and not a canon. Chances are higher that the volley gun is near an light infantry unit in addition, because it needs line of sight too. .

  • Orders are a EoS thing. Reforming rune should be a banner. We only have one banner that makes sense....the vanguard banner. Rest is useless. (and why did ID get a +1CR banner, and in base rulebook it was taken away. This should be a dwarfen banner!)

  • it is a rule that can be a trap for unexperieced players who forget it is present in the list or to counter some mistakes. It is situational at best for experienced players. So it is a bit expensive to take it in my opinion for a minor effect. Reforming shooters...ok...but having to put a xharakter in a shooting unit is a bad idea most of the time. And close combat units don t need to reform when there was not a mistake in movement And basically the oathstone fulfills a comparable job. But it do…

  • Hero heart enchantment has a huge price discount for the effects. (based on the assumtion that you take it on a St. 4 charakter. Of course it is taken very often. In my opinion it should be a pure hand weapon enchantment, not a one for paired weapons. Because having rather cheap +1 Offensive WS and +1 attack on top from paired weapon is huge with the big discount. Perhaps even reduce the built in AP on it. Compare it to a dwarfen runic weapon that trys to recreate it....70 points for a comparabl…

  • Chariot based warmachines in general seem to pay nearly nothing for the chariot chassis. So they gein a lot of advantages, and lose the disadvantages of regular warmachines. Hard to see the price on most normal artillery beeing viable when comparing it to the chariot based ones. But current war machine rules in general have some huge disadvantages that are not reflected in point costs. Basically some warmachines are way to expensive taken the disadvantages into account. (not only in EoS book)

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    berti - - Dread Elves (DE)


    I use witchcraft a lot, but not because I think it is so strong, but because I like the different approach of the lore. It has no range output. It has realy nice utility spells that help to hinder the oponent on doing damage to the DE troops. Range works but it is hard to be in range. Familiar could be necessary to have it work.

  • It IS an autoinclude. - The BSB gets a ward save outside of magic item allowance. - The Altar buffs are still great and mandatory because the effect is somewhat included in units point costs. - The BSB gets a lot better stats due to the mount. A on foot BSB and added altar is more expensive. I think there has to be done a lot in future army book rework. A mandatory Altar should be something for a pure cult army, but not in normal DE army.

  • The To Wound Table is Wrong

    berti - - General Discussion


    The key to beat R8 sphinxes is not in some special spells, and you also don´t need poison to do the way orks and goblins can have poison CC unit. It is just huge numbers of attacks / or shooting. It doesn´t matter if it is St. 3 or 6. Only the number is important. So basically better invest in quantity than in quality to fight these sphinxes. And it also helps to have some tools to tank the spincxes, like a gargantula. Or have some Iron orks around for first turn St. 7 attacks. (or som…

  • Quote: “Testing from panic on Dis 7 is much better than Dis 6. ” 8 or 9 would be even better But lower Ld on mages is a thing very common in a lot of armies. And it is fine as it is.