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  • I have a suggestion, give them march 10', suppress the unwiedly, but if they move, down their shoot to F3 AP0. For the boundspell, let s choose to many spell as the first of the different path or the hereditary, with a cast value of 6/6, always with the limit of 0-2 by army.

  • They can be releases too at the beginning of the shooting phase, whence my question.

  • Hi every one, i have a question about mad gits, if their unit can t shot (because, for example they are under effect of twisted effigy), can they be release?

  • For one use banner as flaming banner or rending banner, if the bearer die (BSB for exemple), the effect stop immediatly or go to the end of the fight?

  • it s the same if wyrd use on gigantic, the aegis is not active when the bearer of pan is hit because it s not the first time when the aegis bearer is hit, the condition for use the aegis. Ok thanks too much !

  • Pan of Protection Pinchin and one use ward, as Eternity Gem or Wyrd Stone ? U use the save of ur opponent, who lose the ward without use himself?

  • A suggestion: make vampirics units (and characters) supernal, i found this rule is good with the idea that vampires is not undead as the others, and this open many possibilities of balancing (and Dark coach VnK will be more sexy with stubborn).

  • i play nosferatu blood magic with a master alchimist, and the alchemy is really useful when u can cast 3-4 spells by magic phase.

  • The Never-Taken Units

    Gajal - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Quote from Grounchy Badger: “2) Wizard Conclave (Wraiths / Spectral Hunters Champion). They have good spells, but the blood tie makes them almost untakable. ” I don t agree, i play this list wednedsday: Vampire Count Nosferatu (340), Général, Blood Magic (80), Wizard Adept of Occultism (75), Light Armor (5), Destiny Call (70), Paired Weapon (10), Touch of Greatness (40), Necromantic Staff (85) , the Dead Arise (25) 730 Necromancer (125), Wizard Master of Alchemy (225), Light Armor (5), Essence o…

  • i confirm, and it s make nosferatu champion wraith so strong, i play an unit of 5 wratihs with canmpion and 3 banshee in heavy magic list (5 channel), and the unit was a nightmare for adversary armie, potentially 16 touchs S5 AP10 by turn, most the shoot of the banshee...

  • I thinked as you in first, but after i have remembering the big problem of the CV : Monster. BotD and Independant can take care of them with Monster Hunter. Nosfe, Lamia and VonK can use magic, but Strigoi are no way to fight monster, except poison attack. With ghoul lord, ghoul pack is not an easy fight for big guys, except if they have a great save.

  • Me too, but all opinion can be express, personally i play him too, and i sorrow just the useless of the Unliving shield rule.

  • Skeles in 2.0

    Gajal - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    personnaly, i use skeleton line unit only with lamia commandement, or in a heavy buff/hex environment (as nosferatu spells or court of damned) if not, i prefer close formation unit with spear or shield support by legion banner.

  • The Vampire with blood magic cast spell without the miscat modifier, correct? If i cast Arise with the necromantic staff, can i use gates of the neverworld and awaken rule of the model?

  • u have the right to take two artefact, if they don t be all two dominant, it s possible to take staff more talisman. i play a similar, but i take wizard adept occultism on him (more mage warrior), and i take aside a master cosmology nude with arcane knowledge to stay on the back and cover all the battlefield. oh and i take paired weapons on the blood magic nosferatu.

  • Quote from hugomac: “Our characters need to kill, not to hold ” It sur vision of CV, and it s true at 80%, but personnaly, i take it when i need bsb or when resist is more important in a place than overkill. 4th wound is not useless in a army where it s so easy to heal PV.

  • Quote from JackStreicher: “ Possibly I am the only one who thinks it's off (yeye for non-bloodline vamps I know) but here I go anyway: doubled rule: Nosferatu: Becoming a nosferatu: You always know the hereditary spell in addtion. Chosing the minor bloodpower "arcane knowledge": You always know the hereditary spell in addtion. So you get the rule twice and you pay for it. I wouldn't mind that but you are bound to pick bloodpowers of your line which makes nosferatu pay for an ability they already…

  • No Bloodlines

    Gajal - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    The independant army are two strong points: vampire "low" cost, and variety of power : u can have a long range mage, a monster hunter and a flying vampire in the same. It would can a interesting way to explore.

  • For Blood Magic, Ancient bloodline power of nosferatu, with the wording of this power, i understand that the vampire with the power don t suffer the miscast bonus? It s correct?

  • i take the question for eternal duelist, counter to WDG mark for exemple, bloodlines powers are not specify as universal rule, personnal protection or attack attribute.