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  • Two things happened today. First, I felt well enough to leave the house for the first time in a week. Secondly, that package I've been waiting for finally arrived. Will provide a massive update in a few days. Its gonna be a goooood one!

  • Scoub - Painting league '18

    Goatrek - - Painting league 2018


    really nice looking concept. It would be a treat for anyone to play against it when finished for sure.

  • Quote from Scoub: “Are these balistas behind? ” Yes something along those lines. : D

  • Woke up a few hours earlier to get some painting and assembly done before the rest of Sweden wakes up. In 2 weeks I guess you will all understand what army im working on and what the heck is actually going on in my painting blog. xD Until then...all guesses are good! Have a nice sunday people. rHWWmUN.jpg

  • My favourite suggestion so far is simply not to allow overrun for destroying warmachines. Fluff explanation given that an attacking unit must take the time to actually destroy/dismantle the warmachine in order to have it destroyed. Otherwise, in the field of battle its a very reasonable fear that it will be recrewed by someone and used again. So to sum up: Stay on round bases and keep current rules but do not allow overruns after charging and destroying war machines and call it a day.

  • Some progress on throne and some characters. Still experimenting heavily on Fendor Blackfathom...not really happy with him atm. Might make some changes to armour and/or tentacles. We'll see about that later. I will give each character some closeups when they are done so you get to see details. The BSB's actual banner never manages to show the finer details and accents in its colours on these type of zoomed out pics (with suboptimal lighting) so that one Im looking forward to show later on. Also …

  • Quote from Lord Drakon: “That freehand banner is the best DE banner I have ever seen! How did you painted it? Great job. Krakens look cool too! ” thank you. How about I make a tutorial for my next banner? My best results come from finding existing pictures and using a very fine pen to work out rough lines of the overall picture. From there its all about a fine brush, properly diluted paints and blending on the banner itself. Looking forward to show more. Working on a commission job for my friend…

  • Got some decent progress on my second kraken/tentacled beast and Lord Fendor Blackfathom himself. I have some other things on top of that but I forgot to take pictures of them soooo they'll be showing up later this week. "Kraken" - 75% DONE "Lord Fendor Blackfathom" - 50% DONE JBBipBP.jpg Al8hPEY.jpg OlRVBQL.jpg

  • I decided to give my finished kraken a girlfriend. Just look how impressed he is by her ferocity as she tears that pathetic Steam Tank apart! She should be finished sometime next week. Squidward and Octoria, swimming in the sea - K.I.L.L.I.N.G iSN1rQN.jpg

  • Quote from Scoub: “This banner! So, are you making some kind of... Aquaman's army ? "March sideway, brothers, 'cause we Crabs march to battle tonight!" ” On a more serious note though, Wait until you see what the banner will be used for. It will be sweeeet

  • Quote from Dahnasj: “no wonder you fell sick, because that banner is a sick paintjob. Amazing stuff ” Haha, I neither confirm nor deny any allegations of selling my soul to the Dark Gods... Still not sure how the final version of the backside will look. its more or less a placeholder right now.

  • Skinks 100% DONE BSB 100% DONE KRAKEN 100% DONE You will see them again in group photos later down the line. For now, I have some smaller things I would like to share. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) Fun superglue ran out after I made some final fixes to BSB and Kraken.. So all these new pictures are models which have been dryfixed with putty. As I always convert everything I do I wanted to get a feel for what types of weapons and poses I wanted for them. Im pretty h…

  • father nurgle has blessed me with the flu so havent gotten much done. Aiming mext update for fri-sun. I did get some nice freehanding done the night I fell ill so might show that.

  • Made very important fixes to better support tournament play. Please read and make sure to use updated rules. 1. All scenarios that previously had no special victory conditions now has the following one: "The player who killed the individually most expensive unit entry in their enemy’s army gains 3 VP." 2. The scenario "A Proper Bashin" had the rules regarding the final duel clarified. (The previous text suggested the duel actually took place inside the game and possibly could award KP to the win…

  • Goatrek - Painting Blog '18

    Goatrek - - Painting league 2018


    Quote from Dahnasj: “I love that BsB. How did you manage to twist that awesome pole so neatly and straight? ” STEP 1 - Get a thin metal thread of appropriate hardness and workability. Also get a clipper and a tong of some sort. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from Melker666: “Nice conversions with the shells ! ! Wich army are you building? Is it lizardmen? You should do a svampbobfyrkant stonestatue as a filler ” Im gonna leave it to people to slowly figure out what the heck Im doing. It will all make sense in the coming weeks and months... My goal is to have them playable by May/june for Barhammer. Rofl... @ svampbob. x)

  • Sick painting skills as usual Melker. Cant wait to play against them!

  • The weekend's progression. 85% done on skinks. Need to do their mouths and metal things on top of the plumes. SOme touchup where green has gotten onto the blues and then I'll call it decent tabletop quality. In addition, Ive started building and fixing more interesting things. What they will be used for, I'll leave to you to figure out for now... Next week will hopefully bring with it some major packages with additional figs. (Hidden Content)

  • For my night goblin army I made a blend with two variations regular flock. Some mossy green and some other more green/yellow in tone. I then mixed it with tea (ripped open a couple of teabags) and they make for EXCELLENT twigs, debri, leafs and whatnot. Looked amazing. Watered out wooden glue and then just dip down in my mix and they came out great. Something along these lines. Different tea products will vary though. 1HwYzQr.jpg

  • grabbing and moving the unit around is of no issue really. Go with the aesthetic you like the most, lip or flush trays. For Sylvan Elves I would probably go with lips and incorporate the bases into heavy basing material to reinforce the forest/nature feel. Have you decided on basing style yet? Flush movement trays is better for very large RnF armies such as VS or EOS so you can pull of individual trays of 10-12 models as the unit loses models and obviously have a less "invasive" presence on the …