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  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Taki - - Company Showcase


    Quote from Arturius: “Nice! But he has two cowls. One on his head, the other lying down on the neck. ” Technically one's a hat

  • Quote from echoCTRL: “Dear Wonderful Background Peoples. Who are all amazing and over worked. @Scottish Knight @Taki @Marcos24 I have created an army based on the Native Americans who are fighting the subjugation of the DE Is there any background information I should know or look for? Would you have any suggestions? Marcos, do you like bare chested men in loincloths? How about drawing them? ” Beast Herds for the win

  • I love the warrior priestess, excellent model

  • Models for the Dread Elves

    Taki - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Actually Squirrely you re missing the obvious answer here, they're tumors. Horrible gross lumps of flesh. But since they're elves, the tumors have to look artistically placed, because elves.

  • I've been reading The Traitor Son Cycle by Miles Cameron, the first book in the series being The Red Knight. I've enjoyed the books a lot, and it strikes me that KoE fans will really like them as well

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from jirga: “Model options for ogres varies a lot depending who's the manufacturer. GW isn't the go-to option for references what size the models should be or how they should look. GW still offers good selection of models that can be used in this game but they aren't the only option. ” They are the barometer most people go off though, including other model companies. ” That is less and less true every day, thank Christ.

  • They miss the Welsh version of Arthur, but the rest is really good

  • About armor, if you guys are talking in game effects, then yes, light armor does almost nothing. If you're talking about armor in real life, no, even light armor is a game changer.

  • I guess we'll agree to disagree, this isn't really the place for that discussion in any event

  • Quote from AndersN: “I hope you are joking. All phases should'nt and can't be similar and why should they. Arguing for more streamlining at this point is strange IMO. ” Believe me, if I could redo the majority of the game, I would, but yes I want cohesive play elements, and we don't have those. It's not about streamlining or cutting things out, but making it all make sense.

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “I have came from 7ed of FB to AOS and only after that finished my journey with 9th age. There is nothing more boring that just sit throughout the entire enemy phases just doing nothing at all waiting for opponent to finish. Basically - magick phase is like mage duels from many books where both skill and at part the luck rules (for magic just cant be something that work every time in a completely the same way). ” Quote from MicWobits: “The mini game aspect of the magic ph…

  • Quote from JmOz01: “I also wanted to get away from the 6th edition book, that was a real turn off to me (the flavor text of it is one of the reasons took a long break). ” That s the one that started my love for the army. I'm more of a crusades and feudal warfare fan, I hated Malory's works (because it was over the top, other romantics were better) As to the Arthurian influence, I really loved the older Welsh tales. But I think there's room for both in a fantasy setting.

  • Quote from shakedown47: “The great thing about the Magic Phase has always been that's a sort of mini-game in itself ” In my opinion, this is the worst thing about it.

  • Highly romantic version, not really where my tastes lay, but an interesting take

  • Quote from VisconteDimezzato: “The problem with weather is to give those exceptions some draw back on other conditions. But I don't see the point in giving undeads the effects of tiredness. Worth discussing some alternatives. ” Spells can fail due to weather perhaps, there is magic in storms, like the cleansing nature of rain for example, or that undead would become flammable in high heat (as they don't retain water). I think the limiting factor here is that you're thinking solely as a human. Wh…

  • Some issues Your wording in the case of core is not a tax is very confrontational, you should perhaps remedy that. The points limits imposed on characters disallow units like the Exalted Herald or other high priced mounted options, you should examine that, because while this game set is a different game it should still allow people to use their collections Hottest day/snowstorm should affect the units you mention as being unaffected, further I don't think the game effects are correct Cumulative …

  • It would be nice if the Doomlord had some path to redemption options, which acted as his upgrades (kind of like the heralds options) that also gave him a choice of some basic play styles. Things like Redeemed in Battle gain Xpower vs models with Towering Presence

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Taki - - Company Showcase


    I would actually steer away from Vampires, there's plenty of models for them and they're easy enough to represent with human models that you paint creepily. I would prefer different undead generals, like Liches or Skeleton kings etc, but maybe that's just me. BTW I suggest you post this army deal topic in the Undead forums as they don't usually know you guys for producing undead figures

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from The Changing Constant: “Ugh. Just from understandability, I would rather have paired weapons always or never. Paired weapons is largely a none nonsensical idea from a real world perspective, and we already have a rule for representing a pistol having only one shoot, Fire On Impact. We shouldn't double up on rules for representing the same thing. ” In _some_ fights - dual weapon is fine. Like if the opponent is _so_ armoured that bludgeoning joints is viable, if …