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  • Molta sort Roger i Martí! Ànim! Hahaha it' funny to see Catalans to play deep watch... It's also my main Languaje and I play them too... Visca!!!

  • Quote from Ironclad: “But it all comes down to what you like to play. I love deep watch almost as much as Kroms, it was my first unit back when I started playing in 4th edition and they feel as dwarfs should do, outnumbered but hard as rocks. And I think it is a good unit but not OP, more buffs will make them op or crasy expensive ” What if it wasn't crazy and we could design it like an equipment option? This would let decide each one if it's what he needs or not. Let the player choose.

  • Quote from Ironclad: “20 Deepwatch is 465 no command40 Shield warriors is 590 no command ” It's obvius, special vs core points invested, makes the 40 shield warriors a better solution. Against glass cannons the 40 man unit is much much better... This is what I was talking about.

  • Quote from Oak Shaft: “ I don't have a answer for a "fix" as they don't need to bee fixed it's just that they are super good at one jobb and I'm happy with a unit that is just good at that particular jobb ” That is their main problem. They are good, but they don't worth it, because there are other solutions for tarpitting enemy units, even cheaper than they are. So the problem is that they need some sort of special rules in order to do different things, or be tougher enough to stop glass canons …

  • Quote from raven: “It was a joke Lakson, a joke ! A jok... ” Deep watch is not a fun thing!

  • Quote from grungimusic: “Kroms what are some of your ideas about how to fix deep watch? ” How about if we gave an aditional equipment option like: Ancient Armour, an Armour that can't be reduced at any worse than 5+. Or how about if we gave an special rule: The mountain moves, after being engaged in a combat, after the combat resolution, you can push forward your enemy as many inches as you won the combat. How about if we gave them the chance to swap an strength point for a thoughtness point if …

  • Wiiiiii Two Deep Watch Units!

  • Quote from tumti_rumti: “Why do we need 2nd thread ? ” Why? Hahahaha. We need somewhere to disscus how to fix Deep Watch.

  • On the Rise of this tournament. You're right!

  • MAPM- 5 Man Team Tourney

    Kroms - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    No deep watch! Just two dwarven player in a 50 competittors tournament?

  • Magic is what weaker humans did in order to compensate they could not hold a Two handed dwarven battle axe. Magic is the last chance for the worst warriors to get in an army. (As magicians). Who needs magic when you can wield a warhammer and make your enemys explode with your hits, who needs magic when your armour can stop the swings of ogres? Focus on what we have to fix and stop crying about something that's not dwarven!

  • So much dwarvish....Blah blah Magic here....blah blah Magic there....blah blah. What would Gotrek say?... What would Bugman say?... There was a great time for this army, but not anymore. From a Battle wargame to a skirmish game... and even dwarfs have magic phase! Improve deep watch Armour and stop wasting time in nonesenses! Improve king's guard too and detele magic, erase triple-usainsbolt and make Dwarfs Dwarvish again!

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “the magic is needed to tip over the powerlevel of our combat units to "top" level. You wont see any DH lists end high without it, imo. Which kinda interesting. I don't mind it btw. ” Agree. I would prefer not to use magic to buff our units, they should be buffed at the Army Book. You don't mind... but I do. Instead of interesint is insulting to me. I Agree @Pellegrim.

  • Wandsworth Waaaaaagh DH lists

    Kroms - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    One unit of deep watch

  • One unit of deep watch.

  • One unit of Deep watch.

  • Poland Single Master DH lists

    Kroms - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    No deep watch.

  • Quote from SmithF: “Let me just note that there's the non vocal majority that actually likes the dwarven magic. (Judging from discussions I've had at various tourneys) ” So... I can say: "Let me just note that there's the non vocal majority that actually dislikes the Deep Watch Armour. (Judging from discussions i've had at various tourneys) Quote from Squigkikka: “I think DH Magic is in a good place, but a bit limiting when it comes to how you build it. It's basically always 3 + 3 or 3 + Banner …

  • Quote from Squigkikka: “Yes, I was going to say: Indeed, very Demon-like, not Dwarf-like ” ...said the man who supported triple march, magic phase... More Dwarvish whould be more armour, no triple march, no magic and not having a gobblin avatar! Love you @Squigkikka

  • WTC DH lists

    Kroms - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Wow... 3 units of DW!