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  • Have your people arrange that the overall winner get a date with Emilia Clarke and we can make ETC look like some B list after party.

  • ETC lists

    msu117 - - ETC


    I have notice a couple of top 10 weighted leadboard place holders change or simply list Beast Herds as played army instead of army actual army played according to ETC roster list. Stats people have a tedious task ahead of themselves for sure.

  • New terrain #1 WIP. With about 2 months of time I am working towards creating as many tables as possible with a mixture of unique terrain that will match Frontline Gaming Mats theme/color. Terrain will have a 2d footprint that will not be moved and a 3d element that will be moved as needed. Best of both worlds 2d for playability 3d for immersion.…2918efc4f69b479ded81f5b2c True Dangerous Terrain

  • nice statue. I might prefer a tiny bit less ivy overall particularly the clump on the spear head.

  • Admittedly I had the luxury to sleep in late so I just got up a few mins ago. But more importantly I woke up thinking of Lastsword Miniatures. I was thinking man how awesome would it be to see a painted standard bearer to go along with that champion. It would make my day or week even.

  • More please.

  • @Aglion Sure I concede on the point of cc output if that is your focus as to why the my mage has no place in cc. Thing is I don't have any intention of relying on her melee output. In fact the only reason I put paired weapons on her is I had left over points. In terms of 4+4++ vs 3++ sure on paper it probably has betters odds but in reality I am going to assume most things will have AP1 if not AP2. Especially as I will often attempt to lure models into a duel with her. Assuming AP1 : 3 wds, 2 fa…

  • No worries Lastsword. I truly think even the neck is just a interaction of light and shadow and the photo. The side and rear profile of the neck look fine and well proportioned. Its just the lower right corner of the neck on front picture appears to bulge out when in reality is probably just an illusion a product of the photo. Any way I still can't "unsee" it and I felt I like I needed to share my problem like those that get song stuck in there head because some fool can't stop singing it lol. K…

  • Amazing paint job but there is two things that are stuck in my brain that I can't shake but it is purely the photo and lighting. The model appears to have a Hitler mustache in the top photo the way the shadow falls on upper lip. He also appears the have a thyroid goiter. The side views Cleary show none these are true but I can't unsee them in the top picture. super hyped to get these in my collection. Get the hype train going

  • Not sure I agree in any measure. Given my list is pure combat I want my units in combat fighting. The beauty of OotFH is being able to cast that 3d6 missile into base contact. A 3++ allows her to be there. Heck I have accept challenges from 600 point lords just to tie them up so my own lord can shred a unit. It works. How often to you have damage spell in late game with targets. Lots units in combat or range issues etc. Placing the mage right in the thick of it why this list works accept against…

  • Who wants to see a new painted swordmaster prototype.

  • given my list a page or two back I would hate to see gleaming robes determined a waste of space and removed.

  • SE, VC, and DE. My 2 practice games the week before were vs BH and Eos with mostly dominant results though I don't recall if they were 20,0 or not. Feels strong for sure but running into anti flaming shenanigans on the whole army plus an even better pyro phase coming back at me with double attribute etc was a complete counter. My 2nd game vs ID could have gone slightly better should a few key moments gone my way and fought for minor loss but my first game was over in 3 turns with all that happen…

  • Borjnfer Wraith, I took this to Buckeye Battles and more or less 20-0 everyone that wasn't ID. If it was ID I got 0-20 lol went 3-2 after getting the unlucky draw of 2 ID back to back. Funny thing was my 2nd game was vs ETC team Mexico ID. game was over quick. I spent about 20+ mins talking to another long time HBE player about my game and how I lost big time. What I did not know was that long time HBE player switched things up and brought ID. Low and behold I get matched with him 3rd round afte…

  • Thanks one more; the forest increases casting for Augment/Hex, does this exclude the Sham spell Savage Fury since it is now technically Universal. I just recall old stuff listing Hex/Aug and equate universal to that old standard when perhaps I should not

  • Seed of the Dark Forest All friendly models inside the Dark Forest, etc etc. Do we have any guidance as to what "inside" means to earn the casting bonus? Typically we have rules stating at least half the units foot print etc. Does partial straddling the forest constitute inside enough or must the entire model be fully within? If the mage joined to a bunker, must the whole unit be inside or are we only concerned with the mage's footprint and where that lie regardless of the unit he occupies?

  • Is there anything to prevent this corner to corner charge other than perhaps sportsmanship Dark Green is separate unit from light green which is a chariot character involved in a duel. Both green in combat with Red. Pink is a chariot that wants to charge corner to corner with dark green so that it can contribute to combat more than just +1 charge and + 1 flank. Kind of cheeky but is it legal? charger%20corner_zpsdbtxyon8.jpg~original

  • Quote from yrtomin: “Quote from msu117: “chariot charges ongoing combat. Enemy unit only has enemy general who is still in a duel and 1 model left of his bunker. How are impact hits distributed? Say 4 impacts hits. I was willing to divvy them up 2 on r&f 2 on general but just waste 2 due to the duel or is the random allocation ignored and all four may go on the lone r&f? ” It all goes into the r&f since you cannot allocate any melee hits into characters in duels. ” that was the source of my issu…

  • chariot charges ongoing combat. Enemy unit only has enemy general who is still in a duel and 1 model left of his bunker. How are impact hits distributed? Say 4 impacts hits. I was willing to divvy them up 2 on r&f 2 on general but just waste 2 due to the duel or is the random allocation ignored and all four may go on the lone r&f?