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  • I see no reason why parry does not fit some KoE units. I presume forsworn knights are skilled swordsman on foot which are trained to use big swords one handed at the same time wielding shield, I think parry would fit perfectly on them. Giving more armour is not good cause knights on horses are KoE's guys with the big armour. I don't like the idea of them having some special shields which gives them -1 to wound cause they are humans after all and they have to be soft against big monsters. Parry w…

  • It's been a pleasure reading this topic and I would like to join the conversation too. Some of the idea's have been really good but some I dislike. I don't like lance fournie idea but I love that chevalier champion upgrade and I think it would be necessary on every knight unit in the army. War hounds would be really nice upgrade to serf units, but I don't like that they are destroyed when they are not in a serf unit. Maybe changing the rule that they get destroyed if they are like 6-8 inches awa…

  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures

    Tempoo - - Company Showcase


    I ordered lots of Infernal Dwarfs from Lost Kingdom miniatures couple months ago and have to say that these are one of the best resin miniatures I own. The casting quality is really good and there is not much mouldlines and so far I haven't seen any airbubbles in my models. The only bad thing I have to say that some parts were really thin, like those poles with braziers on top which comes with Krun-Ghaz Firehands and the horns of Bul-Thaurs(They look really good but their tip is so sharp and thi…

  • Devastating Charge(+1 Att) is what that beast needs if the price is going to be the same.