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  • found my orcs. Seriously though, I've been looking to replace the GW orcs I have. Wanting something a bit more Elder scrolls and less GW. These look awesome.

  • Quote from Anadim: “trust me, scibor dwarfs are so huge, that when you rank em up at last, you will take a picture to know how to do it again ” I got the iron hammers and ducal guard to rank up quite well, the slayers are a whole different story. .. And why wouldn't you just number the bases underneath? It's a lot faster reference than a picture.

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Try ranking them up :p ” I'm sure Scibor already did.…/dwarves_gunners_1_02.jpg

  • Quote from Lakson: “New dwarves gunners on,shop.php?art=3279…f86ae12278c0889c9e57e118b ” Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!

  • All those trolls and no unit entry for them Speaking of trolls, are those bird head trolls made from old metal GW Minotaurs?

  • when an enemy unit ambushes on your side and you have nothing imediatly available to tackle it maybe? Or to try for an objective that's closer to your side because your initial objective grabbers were killed. I could probably think of another if I tried really hard.

  • Good design choice on the champions antlers.

  • Dragonclaw Miniatures

    infamousme - - Company Showcase


    Quote from Dragonclaw: “Hi yes its the link at the bottom of my signature. but ill paste it here as well…s/cat5750812_4330572.aspx that takes you straight to the army pack deals ” Thanks, your signature doesn't show up on the mobile site.

  • Quote from Vulgarsty: “I understand firestorm games in cardiff have a monthly tabletop sale one sunday a month - should be good for second hand stuff as It seems to be quite a big gaming community down there - Its 150 miles from london tho... I do a lot of wargames shows for second hand stuff - my favourite being warfare in reading as i generally combine with a trip here best pie shop ive ever been to.…

  • Quote from MatRat: “Quote from Tyranno: “And please keep in mind the rest of my post. In my times playing 2.x I have gone up against and used multiple units with Hatred+Battle Battle Focus. And it's insane. Especially for the, ironically, low offensive skill troops who get more re-rolls and more opportunities for 6s, leading to them often hitting more than any other unit anybody in our group can put on the table. And this is consistent; every combat they pile up masses off attacks and blowing un…

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from Fireforge Games: “Quote from Bugman: “Quote from Fireforge Games: “Quote from Bugman: “Will the cavalier sprue be available as a separate purchase? @Fireforge Games Thank you ” probably not ” I’m not asking for a fancy box or anything, but providing cavalry spruces would be very handy for thoose whom want to convert all our horses over to yoursPlease have a think Thank you ” suremeanwhile ” >Purple ” and now that we've practiced our colors, let's move on to…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “I pledged 63 euros for 20 dragon guard and a character. That’s like 3 euros per model and a 3 extra for the character. In my book that’s decent value and compared to the market it’s pretty competitive. Not cheap, but competitive. I think it’s priced fine. ” Yeah I'm gonna have to disagree. 60+€ for 20 models makes me cringe. ” Which judging by your age and the fact that you're a student, that's perfectly understandable. When you are more establishe…

  • Quote from Vespacian: “@LastSword Improvement is always a good trend, sorry it didn’t meet expectations. My one recommendation is to target models that are less prevalent. Almost every high elf player already has elite infantry models. A good indication is to not make any models that were available in the island of blood starter set as those have been readily available on the secondary market for years. ” I wouldn't take this advise. If someone is making their own models for their own line they …

  • Wait, is it really being suggested that battle focus slows the game down? If that's seriously a problem for someone, they're playing the wrong game.

  • I did not know this was a thing. I do now. Interesting...

  • Any plans on selling bitz packs of that dwarf's shield?

  •…m_dkl_atl_ils_mbs_301_000 Saddle from greenstuff is a lot easier than you would imagine. You just gotta watch a couple tutorials on sculpting basics and have a go at it.

  • Quote from flammy`: “Quote from Scottish Knight: “Quote from flammy`: “Hard can be used as the opposite of easy in some cases but when you say 'hard target', it means the opposite of soft. ” According to what official dictionary? Hard and Easy are antonyms. The fact that hard has other definitions doesn't change its status as an antonym of easy. ” I haven't checked any official dictionnary but I have never seen the word 'hard' as the opposite of 'easy' anywhere when qualifying an object. Usually…

  • I concur wirh the cavalry/chariot camp. I have the mounted Penda model and the horse is really awesome. I could see Mierce doing great things with mounted units. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing a unit of Gabrax mounted on the giant ram like Braanchath (I think that's the name, I didn't check) from the Fomoraic line.

  • MOMminiaturas

    infamousme - - Company Showcase


    I've ordered from the Russian alternative multiple times before and received my packages in San Diego, California within a 2 week period. So I've had a good experience with Russian post. I mean, I order from Mierce quite often too and the U.K post takes the same amount of time.