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  • Yup, not getting the point of yet another race that looks like humans, only green this time. I'd prefer more exotic appearance, something that you can't find in other factions. Just my personal preference. Well, I suppose I'm playing gobbos only anyway, so it doesn't matter. But whatever rock your boat, this seems to have its own fans.

  • Quote from infamousme: “Quote from Eru: “Nice Orcs! Not a huge deal, but I'm not sure that there are female (nor male, actually) Orcs in T9A. Aren't they mushroom-likes? @Shlagrabak I guess you know, and this kickstarter might be of interest for you! ” That will really suck if the background goes the way of 40k. ” We don't know what the background will be (one of the scrolls said people in the setting didn't know if there were orc females), but we know it won't be fungi biology, that would be to…

  • Blocked Path is for when you can't complete the charge due to enemy units in the way. This rule here is when you can complete it, but only when also charging the other enemy. Besides, you can't use blocked Path when the intervening unit (here the black unit on the right) can be charged itself.

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

    Shlagrabak - - General Discussion


    No, borrowing is the first type of modifier so it doesn't work on that case either (see p13). It works on a panic test taken at the highest model's Discipline in the unit, for example.

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

    Shlagrabak - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ghiznuk: “What is a « modified » Discipline test, then ? ” Is it not a Discipline test with Discipline modifiers?

  • Plus, way to open up more entitlement from a fringe of the forum users when inevitably a decision goes against their personal preference/request. "I gave you my money and we get this hot garbage? I demand this be fixed." You know, like most video game discussion boards (especially if there are DLC or subscription). I'd rather have the slower but steady situation we have now.

  • We have also VC versus KoE and HE versus DH in the FRB, in addition to BH versus EoS above.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Lets talk about the book cover... StormRider will be ordering commissioned piece of art for the book. Later the license will be passed to the Project to use this piece of art e.g. in the Army Books. What would you like to see on the cover? Or do you know perhaps and artist doing commissioned pieces of art you'd like to see making cover for T9A Rulebook? ” As much as I like the artwork cover we have now, this is exciting and the fact that it would eventually be added to T9A's…

  • Thaumaturgy is about calling for miracles indeed, feats of power. The Full PoM book (I do recommend to go back and read the flavour text of p28-29) says that it belongs to the Power & Knowledge traditions, alongside Occultism and Divination, that it seeks its powers beyond the confines of this world, which most likely points to behind the Veil. It is associated with faith, divine manifestations and Gods in general (not so rarely against other Gods and Daemons), with a notable destructive spin. A…

  • There you go. (Hidden Content)

  • No I did a mistake, messed up the loop calculation though the formula is correct! I put the calculation of the average and variance in the same loop so the variance wasn't using the right average. Thanks for pointing it out I'll edit the post. I'll try to generate a Latex formated equation, forum format isn't helping me.

  • Since this thread seems to be like a magnet to math nerds and enthusiast to argue statistics, I worked out the probability formula for the general case of N attacks. p is the base chance to hit (like 1/6 for 6+) nCk is for n choose k The base probabilities as people pointed out before: P(0)= (1-p)^2, probability of 1 attack yielding 0 hits P(1)= (2-p)(1-p/6), probability of getting exactly 1 hit P(2)= (2-p)/6, probability of getting 2 hits Distinguish the case of even total number of hits (H=2*M…

  • Yes. Forest goblins all started off without Poison Attacks. Core goblins gained it pre-1.0 because they were unatractive compared to cave and common counter part. A similar story happened with chiefs and Kings during 1.3, then recently with raiders. Meanwhile the gargantula has seen a huge discount early on in the history of T9A and has since slowly increased or stalled in point value due to being internally more competitive than other monsters, and externally a very solid choice (though since 2…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from Scottish Knight: “Essentially Father Chaos doesn't gather a faction to him at all. Interactions with mortals is done by servants of the Dark Gods. They entice mortals to swear the pact and pledge their souls. Those on the Path of the Exiled fight to avoid damnation by appealing to him directly, as their souls are already bound to the Dark Gods. That said the examples we've set out are not intended to be exhaustive. They are the most common route, but the Warri…

  • Quote: “As a general rule, if you are using various categories of materials over each other, lacquer goes down first, followed by either aqueous acrylic or oil based enamel. Lacquer solvent applied over either aqueous acrylic or oil based enamel can yield some pretty nasty results, if not immediately, then on occasion over time. I say “can”, because if you are careful to apply, in a more “dusting” fashion such as a light clear flat coat, you…

  • Light troops have ranks. Otherwise rules would not be defined for supporting attacks, fighting across gaps, receiving area attacks, etc. They only have 0 Full Ranks.

  • Quote from Baranovich: “Orcs & Goblins were never meant to synergize! They were meant to OVERWHELM! With massive numbers. Grind your opponent down to exhaustion with brutal force, terror, and sheer numbers. Same goes for armies like Vermin Swarm and the Undead. Those armies aren't supposed to synergize! Again, it's about the endless, terrifying masses of ratmen and skeletons that makes those factions what they are. When you take factions like that - the classic, massive overwhelming armies -…

  • Different task team. Not mentioning it's probably been be bottlenecked by other teams busy working on 2.0, like RT and BGT.

  • That's assuming that the same guys are onto both tasks at the same time. I don't think that was the case.

  • I think these examples exist: Riddle, task, mode, work, situation, match, time ...