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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • @Grouchy Badger The point of that story is this, the leak was never on behalf of a community that was treated unfairly. We didn’t care about it at all and it still happened. That was the personal decision born out of his own desire with no pressure from us. What you and @grungimusic are fighting for definitely doesn’t apply to this particular leak, that’s for sure. So when I see your guys’ reasoning I can’t help but think that you’re trying hard to spin a certain angle to justify this, and I don…

  • @Grouchy Badger maybe it hasn’t occurred to them that that’s how they’re perceived? So if certain people keep acting like spoiled children, why not use a fairly accurate analogy? If it offends them, maybe they shouldn’t act in such a manner that would cause someone to think something offensive imtowards them Let me tell you all how the leak happened in my area: In the West Region 9th Age Facebook chat, a certain user randomly posted, 2 days after the last post (which was completely unrelated): “…

  • Then i think the majority have already been spoiled and instead of accepting that, we should force them to accept that this will continue to take a long time, for every single book, compared to whatever it is they’re accustomed to. We can’t change the fact this will take long, no chance in hell. We do however have to ability to control how we react. So let’s not support and defend the reaction that results from lack of patience like little kids that want the first toy they see, and instead, each…

  • and I’m not holding the community at large in contempt, just people who want something “just because they want it” and expect that to be a good enough reason to be handed it

  • No this comes down 100% to personal desire and lack of patience. When that road is built it’s going to take a whole lot more to work to start over or change something rather compared to an armybook. Feedback should come after the players have seen the whole picture so they can organize their criticism better and the designers are ready to take it all in

  • I’m about ready to lose my cool again. Respect the wishes of those in charge. Period. Nobody leaking this info is a “champion for the cause”. That’s a pretty pathetic idea if anyone feels that way. It’s a game. No one suffers, no one’s life is ruined, or missing out on significant life changing opportunities because they don’t get to peak behind the curtains of the guys trying to come up with the design. The majority of the community wants to know what’s going on? well no s%€t they do .... when …

  • Female dwarves? Haha nice

  • Excellent! Love the non-goofy look for them

  • Improving some spells

    Marcos24 - - Suggestions


    Quote from Klexe: “Is there are way to talk about other lores? I find alchemy and pyro (while annoying) power wise okay (perhaps some less overwhelming dmg but more Jack of all trades but holding the power level) Do we want to nerf these 2 or buff others? Is there a reason to talk about other lores? ” I vote for nerf these two

  • Dread elves! They have hydras and a medusa

  • And that flank/rear charges should be a hell of a lot more impactful

  • Lol mofos, a new meaning, I love it

  • @Gabado yes, that is exactly why I asked. That’s the same problem I have with double charging, which actually prevents me from multi charging many times for that very reason. I thought of it the same, but I was hoping I had been playing it wrong and could in fact move the center on a post-combat pivot @Eisenheinrich yes, sorry I was thinking about post combat pivots this whole time. Thank you for your answer

  • @FlyingScanian that’s what the “Miniatures” tab is for, just needs to be kept up to date

  • @Eisenheinrich are they able to reform to face any direction, so long as in the end they’re spaced one inch apart, even if it moves their centers further than one inch? Like even 3 inches? Or do they simply separate 1” apart, and can only either face their current direction, or the exact opposite (or face 90 degrees to their current direction if the unit is a perfect square)?

  • I think it’s literally two or three guys hah

  • The pride monster would be too big for a 40x40 base, with all it’s tentacles and stuff, it sure as hell wouldn’t rank up next to other models, in a combat for example. I also think it’s leg spacing is wider than 40mm if I remember correctly

  • Wish KoE had a thaumatergist instead of a shaman

  • What they need is a huge disclaimer in every page up until checkout. This isn’t new, it’s been that way for a couple years

  • What makes me more afraid of IG than your spearmen is the Bodyguard rule. I wouldn’t touch the IG from any angle unless I had at least three decent sized cavalry units do it at the exact same time. Otherwise, I play runaway the entire game and hope to kill enough of other stuff for a tie or minor victory. And that’s pretty freakin lame Delete Bodyguard/stubborn rule from the game pls. Or make units with that rule purely defensive anvils without a brutally lethal offense, or flipped 100% so they …