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  • and where are the last 1000P of your list?

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Smythen - - Company Showcase


    on Denmark almost all bankaccounts have a connected visa card, that gives you all the benefits without having to actually use credit. Unlike that insane american system where you have to use credit to get a credit rating... but we are a bit of topic here.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Nope a huge problem in Germany. I think around 73% of people don't have a credit card ” whuuuut. Its 2018....

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Let it be pulled by four flagellants and make the model unbreakable ” and cost 600p...

  • mnaa its a model issue. But it gave me the idea to just put a wizard on top of the old engineer cart that's collecting dust.

  • Quote from deadbuc: “Could you explain, if possible with UB examples, chaffing. I understand the purpose but not how to put it in practice. ” second that chaff school for fools, would be amazing.

  • @EisenheinrichI know its the rule. But what is the reasoning behind it?

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Correct. If the blue unit declares a charge against the left black unit, the right black unit will be charged as well (but not the other way around - if the blue unit charges the right unit, it has to move in a way that will not get the left black unit charged). ” why is that btw? A very wide unit should be able to engage multiple opponents.

  • Quote from Col. Tartleton: “I'm pretty sure I've seen people complain about waiting times for Forgeworld (at least for specific items) and they're a Games Workshop subsidiary and get the benefit of the British postal service. It's like expecting a mom and pop grocer to compete with a super market. Anyhow my capitalist solution is that Norba should raise their prices to lower demand so they can satisfy orders and still make a decent profit. Then invest more in growth and lower prices as they incr…

  • did a while back. The opponent cornered at the opposite edge .Not doing it again!

  • Quote from Marcos24: “So imperial guard has basically a 2 attack profile with that combo now? ” with full support

  • Its correct! Enchanted weapon first (above weaponmaster), then specialweapons.

  • Quote from matrim: “Why does Spain have so many small miniature manufacturers?? May be not the topic to ask but it seems that there are lots of micro businesses doing the same ” I think the answer is that they have nothing else to do... Spain has on of the EUs highest youth unemployment rates, so they have to be creative to make a living. Small online independant business, doing what you love, is definetely a good way of doing it. Spain

  • Anyway, there is a great variety of lists. It is really good to see that we can play many version of the army. Quote from Mirdhynn: “Seems that the internal balance is very good. ” mybtjoughts too

  • because we like to roll dice.

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “Quote from SadlerCPII: “If the cannon kept its AP on the penetrating, that would be great. ” yeah...but...wouldn`t we face the "problem" of making the canon no. 1 war machine (again) ? That is, too versatile . Canon would be good vs. big monsters, charriots , modest (or as good as others wm) vs. moster. inf. and cav....and now would be decent vs. ranked up inf. (think about armoured rather expensive elite inf. ).Why would I even take mortars again? ” because a mortar with…

  • Quote from Mirdhynn: “In my opinion, only cannon and volley guns are problematics Already been said but if you bought 2 cannons and there is no monsters in front of you, you wasted many points. It suffers from the all or nothing syndrome. I would prefer something like mortar applied on monsters : a hit from mortar is devastating against infantry and can luckily damage a monster. A canon hit should be devatating against a monster and luckily kill some infantry (not only the impact model) The voll…

  • Well mainly battle focus is a replacement for frenzy that gave +1 attack to the front rank only thus being better for small units. Battle focus is equally good for models with many attack (characters and monstrous infantry) and big ranked units. Whats not to like????

  • What I like, is the thought of (have never played it), is a pair of wizard adepts one Divination and one pyromancy, played around a core of mortars, cannons and lots of light infantry. the most important spell being cast is flaming swords in a bubble giving all of them +1 to wound (surely must be devastating, even the cannons penetrating), the second being the stars align on whatever unit needs the best shot, for rerolls to hit. And altered sight for that +1 to hit. And finally a simple magic mi…

  • Quote from Phosphorus: “Quote from Smythen: “Quote from SadlerCPII: “I’ve been playing with the double Volley Guns and double artificers. It’s a strong build. They do well but when you buff them with magic it gets crazy. Also, I love how I can cast altered sight on my artificers unit of light infantry and buff the volley gun too. ” if you want your volleygun to hit on 2+ then you have to cast it on the volleygun. ” Are You sure ? Cause if you buff the artificier with e.g. magic (altered sights )…