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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Flails were great, they offered a real glass cannon, sh1t or bust choice. I would point them at some gw armed opponents and look to batter them into the dust, or if they didnt, delete my unit. It wasnt a boring attritional slog. “Flails, (first round bonus: +2S, -2AP)” how hard was that....?

  • Roman Dice Tower

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    I had one like a castle which I got for our club to keep everybodys rolling honest. It seems like the 4th century Romans of Germania Inferior were a similar vein of shifty characters to many contemporary wargamers... Plus ça change....

  • My ma lives in Perth WA. She thinks nothing of driving 4 hours to Sunday lunch and 4 hours back. Nuts.

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

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    Its great. Particularly pleased that it now comes in low res pdfs for a bit of reading on the move

  • I understand firestorm games in cardiff have a monthly tabletop sale one sunday a month - should be good for second hand stuff as It seems to be quite a big gaming community down there - Its 150 miles from london tho... I do a lot of wargames shows for second hand stuff - my favourite being warfare in reading as i generally combine with a trip here best pie shop ive ever been to. Anyway, i digress, any…

  • i too would love to hear of any second hand stores in London. the best I know are in Great Yarmouth and Newcastle (Graeme’s Werkshop)

  • 25% off gw if you spend over £100 plus discounts on others. huge range

  • Quote from JimMorr: “For me worse in the names is using the same term in rules names with different meaning examples Breath, Grind, Stomp and Sweeping Attacks which are really hits not attacks. Toxic, Magical, Divine, Flaming Attacks which are not attacks at all but attack attribute. Crush Attack which is really the only real attack our of those... It results in things like "the wielder may choose to give attacks made with this enchanted weapon Flaming Attacks and Magical Attacks." For me it wou…

  • yeah so this offers an opportunity to have a bit more t2 t3 is what i think was thinking. imps and suchlike - or are there not enough creatures weaker than human that s2 or 1 cant reasonably cover?

  • we don’t use the full range from 1-10 now anyway really - or not so it makes a difference. would say making normal humans, and elves s4,t4 and normal dwarves and orcs t5, open up more possibilities to do stuff lower down the curve? an s10 cannon is still going to 2+ you unless you are t9 so i see no negatives only potential options? any thoughts?

  • A bit random but could we not benefit from extra granularity of having off 11 stregnth 12 or Dis 12 (recognising that a double 6 is in auto fail) it seems odd mixing a base 6 system with a decimal system. surely it could open some possibilities capping at 12 rather than 10 beyond a bit of extra granularity? any thoughts?

  • Using app instead of dice

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    i see plenty of advantages. can anyone suggest a good free dice rolling app for iphones?

  • Quote from Shlagrabak: “Hard target is simply the opposite of easy target. Personally I think it's not confusing. ” that’s a quirk of english. Hard has two entirely different meanings - tough and difficult. The opposites however are not of course the same -soft and easy. Although wierdly soft can somewhat tenuously be used in place of easy on occasion. You might say “easy/soft landing” but you woudn’t say “easy pillow”

  • I particularly dislike “hard target” On its own it means its made of diamond or titatinium. It realy should be “hard to target”

  • All mine are on squares or rectangles but i play them as if they are rounds. Its not hard and nobody seems to mind. The logic of rounds is compelling (pivoting/los, being charged for example) but some war machines sit more efficiently on rectangles and would require quite big circles

  • I did actually lookat fencing terms but only got to “f” without finding any suitable...

  • whilt it is great to have atmospherically named rules, it is also helpful to have names that are logically connected and evocative of what they do to act as aide to memory. Battle focus for example is a great name... for something else. Surely a hit multiplying to 2 on a succesful roll of a 6 is more memorably described as “flurry of blows”, lucky strike”, “multi-hit” or something?

  • Thanks guys, i understand many people are not keen on snake eyes its just my group like it abd want to house rule it back in but we didnt want to give cold blooded units too much of and advantage. I guess they should have a slight advantage tho so 1/27 feels about right. “Wonky” snake eyes...

  • ok. So snake eyes is gone. One of the reasons was because of the advantage it gave to those rolling with 3 dice - eg cold-blooded. Any mathematicians out there (or at least those better than me) know what would be needed to bring rolls on 3 dice into line with the 1/36 chance of snake eyes on two dice. Would for example requiring all 3 dice to roll ones or twos bring some equivalence?

  • Quote from Eldan: “I'd be all for moving away from modern pop culture sins to more classic sins. So, let's just replace all the names with Latin. It also opens up a few nice avenues for jokes. ” indeed, a little bit of my inner pedant dies when I hear some unlearned person say “dice” when they mean a single die, or when someone refers to a ‘blond’ woman.... sloppy, slovenly and there’s no excuse....