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  • Quote from Kdownunder: “Design wise behemoth could have a Barbarian crew of 4-6 to give entry some extra kick (like the sphinx). I always think about Forge world mammoth when behemoth is mentioned. ” And is why it exists, but couldn’t call it a “mammoth” so it could incorporate many different models.

  • Allies?

    skipschnit - - Suggestions


    Yes, to dovetail on @WhammeWhamme post....there are a lot of things in background that players don’t know yet, so they are left to their own current interpretations. @larsswie, right or wrong, it was your interest and initiative in the concept that caught my eye.

  • Allies?

    skipschnit - - Suggestions


    Quote from larsswie: “Hi, I have been thinking about allies. and I also agree it should not be entwined with any real competitive playing. So this is what i got. And remember.. Friendly gaming and campaigning only. ” This is good stuff. My team is planning something along this concept for next year. When the time comes (just after Gold release), I may suggest that you apply for the Campaign Team.

  • Quote from Aegon: “@Giladis: Here are some ideas: - Epic Magic - Siege Battles - Skirmish (like Lord of the Rings) - Legendary Lords - 4 player battles (everyone starts on each corner and want to reach the center of the table, with buffs for someone who is being attacked by more than one player) - conqueror mode (a yearly season based global campaign with the worldmap seperated into different parts. like the game risk for example and with the whole community paricipating via battle reports) To s…

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Of course. A workload is better hefted on the shoulders of many than on the shoulders of the few. ” Yes, cause we can’t carry this epic biotch ourselves!

  • Buckeye Battles is the biggest that I know of in the US and it’s numbers are 80-100. Just had an event in PA of the US run by @SirMC2015 that pushed 50 Sign ups for another event in VA of the US at the end of October that may hit the 50 mark or fall a little short. There are some bigger ones around Chicago and other areas of the Mid West region I believe, but I can’t think of their names at the moment.

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “How does a @Mr.Owl vs @oncebitten360 Match sound? ” Make that happen @GenePhelps and you drink for free at the pub Saturday night.

  • Quote from eggsPR: “Quote from Gym Shorts: “I’m in. I grudge Shannon or Chris mince round one depending who shows up ” I’d like to get 6 turns in my game 1 though ” Me too, but that implies that I’ll actually have models left on the table to have a turn 6.

  • Quote from Sergrum: “Put me on the list, should be good to go. Need another shot at the title. ” I challenge you, good Sir. I may as well get the dissappointment over early and donate to your quest.

  • Quote from eggsPR: “Last year it was my fiancé’s bday and she wouldn’t let me go. This year she’s my wife. I’ll keep asking though ” Bring her down and we can let the wives have a “girl day”. Many beautiques in the area and other girly places.

  • Paid

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from skipschnit: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Waiting till 2 for 1 monsters comes back then I'm getting the biggest one and something else for behemoth! ” That mounted creature of Dis is nice as a behemoth. ”…m_dkl_inf_dis_mbs_701_000 this is what I'd likely get ” I want to figure out how to put a howdah on that new crab monster and use as a behemoth with the upgrade.…m_dkl_fmr_cnd_mbs_701_000

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Waiting till 2 for 1 monsters comes back then I'm getting the biggest one and something else for behemoth! ” That mounted creature of Dis is nice as a behemoth.

  • Those I have. Ones in between would be epic for a Feldrak themed army.

  • It’s on and working. Watching Chris and Shannon now.

  • Quote from Shane: “Quote from Warboss_R'ok: “The problem with all these behemoth builds is that the behemoth with magic compares very poorly to the Exalted Herald, and they're generally in the same price range. - EH has a choice of 6 different spells - EH has a base that's 6 times smaller - EH can easily be either 5+ to hit or to wound, or both, with a 4++ save - Doomlord is stubborn in the first round. That's cute, EH is always stubborn. Failed your stubborn check as a Doomlord? Enjoy getting r…

  • I’ve tinkered with that as well. It’s nice when you get it off on the DL and hit on 2+....oh, the carnage! Especially when it helps the behemoth’s paultry OS. But, you have to get a big pool of dice as your opponent is wise to this as well and you have to deplete that dispel pile. There are some fun builds for him (especially on paper).

  • Yes, this reroll march tests is only for those who have Hellforged armor...and it works even if those specific models are mounted, regardless of troop type/size.