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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Great looking bunch with a seemingly appropriate amount of ruckus going on! Perfect example of how basic mix'n match can really add a lot of character. And you excluded what I dislike most about shieldwolf's orcs, their heads/faces!

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “@jarnalyrkar I took this pic recently, you are welcome to use it . ” Like any person with eyesight, love it. Especially those characterful greenies you've got there. Are they both your armies? Very inspirational and would make a great banner, thanks for sharing. P.s. Is that cave gobbo on a green stuffed mount, or if not recall from what range? Would love to see more of them, however I can't find any more (OnG) pictures in your T9A albums unfortunately... :hint:

  • Doesn't load lists or options in iOS currently (safari nor chrome). Appreciate the effort but if this is somehow an 'works only with iOS 11.+.+' issue you're going to miss out on a lot of potential grateful users just for having that seemingly unneccesarry requirement, what new function that makes this work wouldn't be compatible with older versions anyway?

  • Quickstarter and v2.0

    DiaLogical - - Quick Starter Edition


    Any sight on a public α of the v2.β QS rules?

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Still excited about this ” This. And let me add my appreciation in a separate post. I was still using printed old 9th heim rules even, glad to see this continued, and also excited about the prospect of a new version!

  • A list of Homebrew

    DiaLogical - - Homebrew 9th Age


    There used to be a '9th heim' homebrew project which I had some fun with, unfortunately I can't seem to find its original thread, nothing but a blog post with a yt vid about it returns my search query. I assume that means it's a bit of a dead end, nothing evolved from that and/or got updated to reflect current rules/characteristics etc.?

  • He looks pretty static, but hey more options is always good.

  • Choosing a second army

    DiaLogical - - For Beginners


    1. Like the miniatures you can find for that faction 2. Like the play style (I can't find a consolidated thread with all the armies' strengths & weaknesses but there used to be polls and they/some at least were pinned in the respective army's forums, I also thought someone put in a lot of work to make an overview just for beginners, but can't see it pinned here/find it...) 3. Don't do what I did; love O&G and think it's a good idea to start Vermin Swarm as well

  • O&G ETC Lists

    DiaLogical - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Err I'm not so sure now, and in that case both the current AB3.4.x data file in the download section and the wiki on this site are out of date... I completely reinstalled AB and that seems to work now!

  • O&G ETC Lists

    DiaLogical - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from FreefallEnt: “If my math is correct those Feral Orc Shamans Generals on Wyvern should be more expensive ” Are they using old(er) rules for ETC? Because I see most lists are having orc warlords/chiefs with the pan of protection pitchin' which should be a goblin only item currently?

  • Lol that date. That's what you get from reading old news! Nevermind^^

  • Edit: So reading old news in the month of April is not the best of ideas, well played^^

  • Thanks for the summary. And I try to be wary of complaining without having the intention or capability to step up myself but reading this below saddened me greatly; (knowing from extensive, sometimes lurking, experience on this board it must mean many good, and worse ideas and brainstorm threads, controversial pet projects and in the end creative contributing members have just given up because of a lack of tangible 'higher power' implementation feedback and/or action, truly a waste) Quote from H…

  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures

    DiaLogical - - Company Showcase


    Quote from LKMiniatures: “Next Wednesday January 31th, orcs, gobbos and gemlings will be in pre-order in our online store. Get ready! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- El próximo miércoles 31 de Enero, los orcos, gobbos y gemlings estarán en prepedido en nuestra tienda online. Estad preparados! Pictures here/Imágenes aquí: ” Looks sweet (as well as the art)! Can you post the pictures on your …

  • Quote from Scottish Knight: “So in terms of people's expectations, that is as game players, rather than from other fictions. Some time ago we ran an exercise where each faction's players identified the terms and concepts they felt best exemplified their faction. Sadly O&G at the time was one of those which didn't provide a response (not all the forums were equally active back then). ” What about this thread from '16? How do you view the Orcs and Goblins background This had been pinned for qu…

  • Can't seem to find James' Orkshop, could you link it? Atlantis minis have nice trolls/minis, but they're similarly priced to what you mentioned and IMO the nicest/best priced sculpts/sets are often quickly sold out and I've never seen them restock, which is a shame. And I'm sure you're aware of the mantic Bruiser trolls, cheap but you got to like their aesthetic. D&D Nolzur's marvelous unpainted minis has one troll in their range which you can pick up on amazon for $4. On a side note, love those…

  • Can't say our group is fan of the OnG design. Why not use the typical claw or skull design as dots for example, or even as #6. E.g. Shieldbearer%27s+Blocka+of+Brutality.png

  • Quote from Blonde Beer: “Well I wrote all 4 of the guidelines (or well rewrote them for public consumption) and I am a massive ID fan. That might have bleed through a bit ;). ” That shows) I've faith in the AB creation and the balancing effort though, maybe part of my reading into it also comes from the current army' power level. But yea who wouldn't want all the toys)

  • Professional quality, very enjoyable read, and a special shout out to the writer of the SA story. The only criticism, and it's really just a gripe, but that piece about ID... It reads like something you would be able to piece together from the most ardent fanboys on their sub forum. And that's fine, in that particular setting (same goes for all armies). Here however, it feels like a bad attempt to cover up presumed weaknesses with all strengths (:giiiiieve all tools!:).. the header 'soft & hard …

  • Quote from beerbeard: “I'm also working behind the scenes, putting together the proposal for an Iron Orc MC unit. Won't come until we get our new book, which I would guess will happen at some point in 2018. ” This would be somewhere at the very bottom of my priority list for OnG, if even that. Wouldn't you agree there's more pressing issues, from the rebalance of old units to steering towards new, fluffy and tactical army special rules than catering to those few people who want their gore grunta…