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  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “Quote from Loriel: “My solution to all storage problems... Rent a place with your friends and keep the armies, terrain, books all the nerd stuff there ” If I were 15 years younger and didn't have a family, I'd do that lol I did find something that kind of works for the during game storage. But still looking for a bookshelf/storage shelf for other stuff. ” This is especially feasible and great solution for me and my friends on our 30+ year lifes. Most of has steady in…

  • My solution to all storage problems... Rent a place with your friends and keep the armies, terrain, books all the nerd stuff there

  • I agree with @msu117

  • @ThewouldbePharaoh are you planning to make batrep out of it? I would like to see it

  • Update IV Shabtis I wanted to build shabti models for my undying dynasty army. They are basicly kitbash / conversions from sepucharl stalker kts leftovers, some high elven bits. Heads specially are from white lion box lion statue. MnFXVOa.jpg

  • Range increase effect doesn't affect book of the dead, but due bigger base size the actual aura are is indeed increased rather significantly

  • Quote from Aglion: “Dunno yet what to represent on Knights of Ryma ” I would probably go for war lion conversion, eventhough the mount is little more epic than single horsie. BUT I would compensate the lack of power in the mount and power in the rider so the rider is cinematically "worse" and lion "better" and their combined powerlevel is the level of knights of ryma entry. images 300px-Swift_Nightsaber_TCG.jpg

  • very interesting project and excellent start. hope to see more soon And naturally it would be super cool to see matching terrain also

  • shabtis weapon choice

    Loriel - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    thanks. Well it wasn't surprise that they have different effect which highly depends on the target.

  • shabtis weapon choice

    Loriel - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Hello! How do people like their shabtis? - Halberd - Paired Weapon - Great Aspen Bow

  • Now atleast for the timebeing I have finished the terrain project, allthough I need some more buildings and perhaps I should build actual cliffs. I think I will start new project scracth building some Shabtis or Tomb Reapers. 2jibNes.jpg xjVIeEA.jpg GEnrvb5.jpg

  • Quote from Echunia: “Quote from wombat: “Last Tuesday I had 2 games and on both occasions ( against good players ) I used 2 x 18 Fig Skeleton Cav units. At 404 Pts each ( with FCG ) they performed far better than many people would expect. Over the 2 games they more than got there points back and both units survived both games. I admit that I have always used Skeleton Cav and have therefore more practice with them than most but I sometimes think that most of the negative posts are from people who…

  • Lets fix Skeleton Cavalry!

    Loriel - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    What about rule that if they charge flank/rear of enemy that is also engaged. Cavalry gains stubborn if friendly unit also engages the same opponent.

  • Loriels thoughs on the cavalry if I may @Squirrelloid the specific problem with the skeleton cavalry is that its role and purpose is allready covered with other entries that can perform in the slot better. Thus currently they are really unappealing to people use. Naturally most of these points are allready established on this thread, but I still wanted to make my own post to summarize my thoughs on the matter and offer some (allready shown solutions, but perhaps also some different perspective) …

  • OR perhaps it could be turned in to wizard conclave unit with the same narrative

  • Perhaps it could be ruled as Eternal Escorts Single hierarch joins the unit, gains light troops, but cannot leave the unit (unless unit is complete destroyed). Flavor text something like, they once left on travel from city to another... and they journey has never ended thus bounding them for all eternity to ride together... etc... etc. This approach could even upgrade them to special from core, with unique synergy

  • What about to make them function totally differently as a mobile mage bunker with light troop and rule Single hierarch on horse gain light troop while joined. (lose vanguard in process) Change the background abit to be this nomadic guard for priests while they travelled across vast deserts from temple to temple to keep priest safe from desert robbers.

  • veil token mechanic/ability would be niche I might personally have hard time convincing my opponent that the ark I have builded is standard size infantry But honesty can someone try to explain me how to use current well of souls... I really don't understand it.

  • I wouldn't personally like to turn this in to close combat device as per se (and certainly not make hieracrh cc creature). I would personally prefer it to be 1. defensive device for hierarch (which it is beside risk of cannon) 2. magical booster / debuffer / trickster device. (which it is now, but little bit more significant) On the other hand having exalted style chariot for our pharaoh to ride upon wouldn't be too bad either for combat monstoricity

  • Well Threadnecromancer here. With update. I put down few lines of thoughs about this one. Now costing 160 points - +2 hp +2 resi +2 armor, 5+ aegis - few extra attacks from crew / bound spirits - range buff +6 for spells and +3 for auras - Special Flux card Cost it self isn't too bad imho especially if players tend to play bigger games. Biggest issue: - Ark makes high value target that can "easily" be killed with cannons / bolthrowers etc. - Solution I: Give ark similiar ability as sha…