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  • Quote from kisanis: “Quote from DanT: “I have made a couple of orders for my infernal dwarfs, and I just wanted to review my experiences. One of my orders took about 5 weeks, and the other about 2 weeks. I really like the aesthetic of the sculpts, and I don't consider them to be poor quality. However the way the arms &hands meet is a a little crude and misaligned (this is clear if one zooms into the images on their website). I had a small issue with my first order, and it took a while (2 weeks m…

  • Will share this around and dig out my models and post a pic to get the ball rolling.

  • Statline Design change

    JamesMcDonnell - - Suggestions


    Linear format is far easier, will make learning rules for new players (as well as reading them for us who’ve Wargamed for years) a lot faster and more intuitive.

  • Quote from kisanis: “Quote from JamesMcDonnell: “Recieved flintlock axe citadel guard from norba last week and confirm the quality is excellent for anyone wondering ” hey james, roughly how long did the order take, and what shipping method/courier did they arrive by? ” Arrived through postal service. Took about 5 weeks from order to delivery I think ?

  • Quote from ferny: “So I've got the go ahead...but flights out look really awkward. There looks to be a ryanair leaving manchester early on the friday morning (too early to be viable for me) but with a good return on Sunday, and I don't see anything else from Manchester and nothing at all from Liverpool. Alternatively there's Aer Lingus from Birmingham to Shannon, 16.55-18.35 and returning 19.00 on Sunday night, but that looks to be quite expensive (£176 start price, plus transport to Brum and pa…

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “PLease no, as a system we get laughed at enough for model representation. Using paper will be a new low. Just phys rep if needed but dont use paper models ” But it would be so easy I you could just print out a new ID army 5 times a year instead of assembling and painting it before you give up again for a few weeks.

  • Recieved flintlock axe citadel guard from norba last week and confirm the quality is excellent for anyone wondering

  • Quote from Wijkert: “I enjoy listening to the Fantasy Wargaming podcast because of how likable the hosts are and I listen to the ammertime podcast for the more competitive side of thinks. Do you guys have any recommendations? ” Thundercock podcast and Mad git radio (but andy has been in with the shameless self promotion already) are both really great and would recommend. Old episodes of slann rat radio are good as well if you're running out of current things to listen to.

  • New youtube channel

    JamesMcDonnell - - Battle Reports


    Best of luck with the channel ! Great to see more people making content

  • Leave it with me, would love to get over, starting back to uni and teaching practise next week so will have a better idea then when I'll be free. I'll do my best though

  • Ireland 2 Day Tournament, 27-28th October, Limerick Just leaving this here incase anyone hasn't seen it yet, @demgear is running a 2 day 4500 point event in limerick the October Bank Holiday weekend. Be great to see some new faces or anyone that wants to come along and meet other players more than welcome to sign up. Always a really relaxed athmosphere.

  • Quote from Skarloc: “Quote from tommytucker: “@Skarloc real fans listen to the end. ” It's just to contradict Andrew & Paul that no one is listening to what they're saying.. ” wait they say stuff ? I just like the Scottish accent it's sorta relaxing

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from wombat: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Would you apply +1 S from a spell to a shooting weapon? ” With a Throwing Weapon I would. ” Of course. That wasn't the question though. ” would read it as no, the model gains +1 str not his bow or handgun. If a guy is str 10 his handgun is still str4

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Hello Kaiser 23, The difference of the new models is simply the quality of the product, which I consider to be better, because it is in 3d. You must think that we do not sell 100 miniatures if not surely between 4000-8000 monthly, the bigger an order is, yes, it is true that it takes more time.If you place an order, will it arrive soon? I hope so, but if that same day another 15 people have bought 20 products just like yours, I'm sending what goes into production, it…

  • Quote from bigwilyt: “Is there anyone in the North who plays ninth age? ” Haven't a clue sorry. If there is some of you and you're interested in meeting up though I'm sure we could arrange something

  • Done @wombat maybe get him to intro himself here and we have a whatsapp if he wants to join he can message me his number

  • Cheers for the feedback guys keep it coming

  • Using this thread to connect T9A players in Ireland and make arranging games and meet ups between groups and clubs a lot easier. Also to advertise events that are arranged over here. Hopefully it will help to grow the community and help us all link up. Will be creating a whatsapp group for arranging games and general T9A chat for Irish players so if interested pm me your phone number and you will be added. @demgear @sparkytrypod @Baldy Coot @Warpfodder @Ipower @Woody @wombat @CluelessOne @deadbu…

  • Time for some community feedback to work on for the next update of our O&G army book. So what we would like from you all is feedback on what units are felt to be over performing and what units are under performing. We've got one week to gather data so please post your suggestions but keep the thread NON DISCUSSION PLEASE to help us with gathering the full feedback either. Feel free to discuss on the various discusion forums (please do so as we will be reading thoughts there as well) but for …

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “if dice go away and I have to buy a smartphone I'm out. I spend enough time staring at a screen at work ” I feel if we start with automated rolling then we may as well go the whole way and use apps like ConflictCalc to auto resolve combats to the average. At the point of dice apps we're already half way there and removing the fun and randomness