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  • Quote from PTG-Lucky-Sixes: “sloth warriors would bad them up tho bruv! Spiked Shield and res 5, going first... oh yeah! ” ummm...pardon?

  • @Bugman Any PR updates we should keep an eye out for?

  • Quote from DanT: “Would people prefer to have something different instead? ” I'd rather a Fairytale Brew: - 1-2 Teetotal Toad (-1T) - 3-4 Drunken Amateur (ItP, WS1) - 5-6 Hard liquor (Breath Weapon, flaming)

  • Quote from JimMorr: “I am pretty sure quite a few people registered as 'Miniature Companies' do exactly this... They would never start business if it was no love for hobby ” Aha! You've accidentally spilled the beans and revealed yourself as a billionaire recluse who uses his Hobby Supplies Company as a shell company to money-launder vast sums of cash through the seedy underground world of plastic miniature models. "Leave the gun, take the Carnosaur…" T9A Style.

  • Quote from LegionChaeron: “From my point of view, those items shouldn't necessarly be powerful, but should modify how the army is played / bend a rule. ” Or reinforce an Army Strength, but not directly counter a weakness. (BH is the worst offender in this regard IMO, eg. Beer Giant, Armour Axe, and Impaler - yuck!).

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    There Is No Spoon - - WWW Topics



  • Quote from Kathal: “Sucks, but the community is at fault here and hardly the team. ” I am absolutely stunned that the community's widespread adoption of the Beta is being framed as a negative thing. The early adoption meant: + More data from tourneys and casual games + More feedback for the OP/UP surveys + Earlier identification of bugs, text, formatting issues + A more united game (imagine if half the players had stuck with 1.3)

  • Quote from Feynn: “Shouldn't sinergies increase price? ” That's what we need! SIN-ergies.

  • Quote from Palmu: “Indeed. ASAW, in its original form, had this one line that has been really difficult to break through: "A strength means the possibility to build a list with it, not that it's present in each entry." ” The real problem, as I see it, is that if we extrapolate the approach with WotDG book as a microcosm of the greater vision of what is being promised, we will get this: - Each army is going to lose options. - One by one, each will get over-costed to prevent any strengths being to…

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Last I checked, taste was somewhat relative...but whatever. ” hahah - buy a coffee in Chengdu, tea in Rotterdam, or bread in Nara... and feast your eyes on this Italian culinary masterpiece, available exclusively to New Zealanders: True epicureans eat it on toast, of course.

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Some of the places in Central are divine and won't even come close to breaking the bank. ” According to the Pharmacists I spoke to, some of the best, most authentically-spiced, Indian food is to be found in newly taken-over pubs in the outer suburbs of London. London is hands down the best Indian in Europe (Dusseldorf for Japanese, Paris a close second) Taipei is the Lyon of Asia (enough said) Vietnam is what Thailand wishes it could be in terms culinary innovation Anyone wh…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “We were told that our very small selection of weapon/armor enchantments (2 of each, very situational) is the direct result of Chosen Lord gifts. Because each gift is considered as weapon enchantment, then we can't have adequate selection of normal enchantments for our army due to complexity budget. Right now we are the only CC oriented army with such small selection of enchantments for our lords. ” Allow me to translate: Drop the cost of our ld.8 Chosen Lords lower than …

  • Giant Flavour Text Before Giant alone, Giant sad. Then, Giant find tree, Giant make club, club fun, Giant like hitting. One day, Giant meet Tribe. Tribe nice, give Giant Spear, Giant join Tribe. In Wasteland, Giant save little wizard. Little wizard know big magic. Giant make friend.

  • Quote from Giladis: “@There Is No Spoon poke me again in the evening please. ” Baby is teething these days, operating on 5 hours sleep per night. That's MY excuse... #MagicPathsAndArmies

  • Honestly, until I actually see then final costs and designs, I won’t be losing any sleep over the changes. I have given my input, people have looked this from multiple viewpoints, and now changes are being made. Until I actually know what’s changed, I’ll keep my powder dry. Unlike other armies, WotDG have been promised extra cost iterations over the next few months. Not sure if that’s exciting or terrifying...

  • Warhounds Flavour text (David Attenborough Voice) The Wasteland may not be the most hospitable of environments, but it does breed a certain nonchalance of death. Nowhere is this more apparent than in warhounds. For what other beast would sprint across the fields of battle, simply to pull up and urinate on the boots of the foe?

  • Hellmaw Flavour Text "Relax men, while the Followers of the Dark Gods may have a reputation among the smallfolk for being implacable harbingers of ruin and destruction, it's not like they are suddenly going to appear out of thin ai- WHAT THE HECK!?"

  • Quote from Shukran: “i say that in the current book of wdg we have, warrior chariot is the.most price balanced thing.chaos have. ” For me it's the naked Giant.

  • Quote from Xeonic: “Fairly sure London is ridiculously expensive due to inflated wages and living expenses though. ” Was in Canary Warf on business last month (a more soulless enclave of twats have I never seen). Real estate is obviously still in a bubble, but the food didn't put a dent in my travel allowances at all even eating at decent restaurants. Norway on the other hand...