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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • We bring new news, from now on, orders will take 1 or 2 days to send, and we will bring news at the end of next week

  • We have new news, we start new production and with new staff in our ranks

  • Honestly, I'm tired and bored of having to repeat the same questions a thousand and one times. I'm not in all social networks at the same time, I'm not everywhere at the same time, I'm not God. I can be in one or working in the workshop for orders to go out.Next time, I will report the comment and if I see threats I will communicate them to the administrators.If an order has not arrived is because it has not left or has not yet reached its destination, it is already good to waste the time of the…

  • This is a problem that happens to some people, who can not see the link. We are seeing if the problem is from the server, we do not understand why you can not see it

  • Right now, I'm on social networks, mainly instagram and I would like to start uploading photos of the workshop, what I do and how I work. At this time in the workshop there are 3000 references, but with this, we do not send all the packages, we have 150 Products and it is very difficult to have stock in all, because when there is usually sold out and always. In the future I hope to have an industrial warehouse and be able to produce a lot, until then we can not do more

  • In my opinion I think they are good miniatures, the new ones in 3d are much better, I hope to send faster and improve much more the quality

  • Hello Kaiser 23, The difference of the new models is simply the quality of the product, which I consider to be better, because it is in 3d. You must think that we do not sell 100 miniatures if not surely between 4000-8000 monthly, the bigger an order is, yes, it is true that it takes more time.If you place an order, will it arrive soon? I hope so, but if that same day another 15 people have bought 20 products just like yours, I'm sending what goes into production, it's not that I do not want to …

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  •…………4160599e6a106c36bcdfcbdb9 Already on sale the new Yetis for 20 Euros, on the new website Eduardo Barroso

  • Hi guys, First of all I would like to ask you a very important question for me before answering everything. Would you like that from today, I was personally every day in this forum? I promise if you want, to dedicate my time to read everything and talk to you about everything. Propose the news in a group and talk about changes and improvements always. The new Bretons will be late, they have not started yet, they may start in October, but I do not really know. Right now you can buy what we alread…

  •…………4160599e6a106c36bcdfcbdb9 Three different models, the base 40x40 and the price...20 Euros On Monday the Yetis will be on the web Eduardo Barroso

  • I am here Diego el paquete salió hace mucho, así lo muestra la pagina web. Cuando he visto donde vives ya me lo he imaginado, ya no vendemos en las Islas Canarias por que con Correos no se puede, la mitad de los paquetes se pierden o no pasan la aduana. Danos el numero de cuenta por privado que te hacemos el reintegro,por si te interesa y te animas estamos en las Freakwars de Madrid este año. I'm sticking the pieces and cleaning them haha. give me half an hour more and I upload them

  • Hello again, The new race is not elves We will begin this work in September, probably by December we can have the basic regiments of sylvan , dark and high elves. If the order has not yet left the store if we can combine it, if not, we can not. In two hours I will pass some pictures of the new Ogres unit, which will be released on Monday :)And on Wednesday ... 3 New regiments of dwarves Eduardo Barroso.

  • Hello knights,I have lowered the price to 30 Euros.The design is made by sculptors by hand, it is not a 3d design. We add two options, not the shield unfortunately We have only released 10% of news ...What would you like it to be, the next novelty? 1- Chaos 2- Ogres 3- Saurios 4- Dwarves 5- New Race 6- Bust of Fantasy Greetings to all. Eduardo Barroso.

  • Yes They are the big models, the base is 50x75




  • Tomorrow more news! In our web early morning