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  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    wombat - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from umbranar: “Thank you maste- I mean colleague. ” You do realise that to be a success you only have to master mind control. ...............YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU.............. Seriously welcome aboard .............. YOU WILL DO WHAT i TELL YOU............... Good Luck ............... YOU WILL DO WHAT i TELL YOU.............. You will need it ............... YOU WILL DO WHAT I TELL YOU..............

  • Gold edition

    wombat - - General Discussion


    Quote from Just_Flo: “WdG and, as far as I have seen, 1 not wdg unit, also get redesigns. ” Please, please say it is the Thyro who is getting redesigned.

  • Quote from Kasocles: “O, yea and I put my cavalry as ambushers cause I thought they had a nice flanking opportunity. Turns out they are even slower when they are off the board and far out of my general's inspiring presence. They arrived in..........TURN SIX! (I managed to roll a 2 four times). ” They did survive though ! You do realise that the Cav do actually have Vanguard so dont need to be in ambush to work the flanks ! I also had a game but keeping actual list somewhat quiet as I am taking i…

  • Quote from Kasocles: “Skeleton cavalry is a bit of a gamble. 24 guys sounds pretty cool. With the banner they should be able to get a nice flank charge somewhere or just go all the way behind enemy lines. The general is in a chariot so he shouldn't be too far away for inspiring presence. ” Seriously, Cavalry is best in block of 18 with rending banner 449pts.24 just has too large a footprint. If your Pharaoh has Crown of Pharaohs he can lend UW to the Cavalry to make them Off 5 Def 5. Just 1 magi…

  • Quote from There Is No Spoon: “Was in Canary Warf on business last month (a more soulless enclave of twats have I never seen). ” Thats a bit harsh ! One of my sister in laws works there ! Knowing our Wendy you got it right, but still a bit Harsh !

  • Quote from Folomo: “Skeleton Cavalry: Useful as a mobile bunker, not much else. (A player used them suscesfully as flankers at 16 strong) 2/5 ” Skeleton Cav have to be used in large units to get a proper return. Have a Tourny later this month and planning to use 2 units both 18 strong. yes they are out of fashion but I honestly feel that they are better then many people think. Deserve 3 out of 5 imho. Quote from Kasocles: “Wow, thank you for the great write-up! A lot has changed indeed and I can…

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “But... but... I'm not interested in Shabti either, there's no list where I would voluntarily play them :p. Unless I get them sponsored somewhere, I don't think I'd ever own any ” That makes 2 of us.

  • I believe that the present Dread Sphinx is the best version we have ever had. Autonomous and fly are well worth the cost. However if you had said that the Tomb Reapers were overpriced I would have agreed.

  • Quote from Echunia: “Quote from Palmu: “Nah, they're fine with being dead meat. Lower PPM and that'd be about it. If there was something to do about it, I'd consider a banner that makes OTHER friendly units in the same combat as the banner, but not the banner-wielding unit, Stubborn, or the Skeletons suffer more wounds instead or that sort of stuff. Or something in that vein. Skeletons are skeletons - They're nothing fancy by themselves, but they get good synergies from elsewhere. ” That would b…

  • Quote from flammy`: “Quote from wombat: “Nomarch, General, Scourge of Kings, Hvy Arm, Shield, Bow, Ankh of Naptesh, Dragonfire Gem, Chariot. ” OK I found the problem. The Aspen Bow was counted as a special item, which took 5 points from the total, which prevented you from taking the 2 artefacts. It should work properly now in version 0.974 ” Works fine now, many thanks. However the Sand Scorpion is coming up at 200pts not 150pts as per army book.

  • Quote from flammy`: “Hmm, I tried to make a Nomarch and had no problems picking 2 artifacts (assuming the total cost of the 2 is < 100). The binding scroll shows in a white numeric box so you can pick 2 on the same character which would not be possible with a normal checkbox. If you haven't selected anything you should have a '0' in the white box. Could you post screenshots so I can understand better what is happening? ” Just gave it another go, still no luck. Working on Android Box with Chrome …

  • Tried to use your app for UD Army. When selecting Nomarch Artifacts there appears to be a problem. The binding scroll appears in a white box and it is impossible to pick 2 other artifacts as 1 is auto deleted by default to the binding scroll option. Could you have a look Many thanks

  • Afraid not. Well of Souls can only be activated at the start of your own magic phase.

  • I must be one of the very few who still uses Sword and Board. To explain, Pharaoh, Halberd, Hvy Arm, Ghostly Guard, Crown of the Pharaohs, Harbinger, Scrouge of Kings, Hvy Arm, Shield, Suns Embrace 22 Necro Guards, Sword, Lgt Arm, Shield, FCG, Rending Banner. I have the option of lending out UW to another unit which can catch opponent off guard, whilst still retaining Parry Lethal Strike, Magical Attacks, Poison attacks, Battle Focus on NG. Unusual I know but works for me.

  • I voted for reduced initial cost, 8ppm Special Rule I would reduce initial cost by 20 8ppm per extra model But add cost of 1pt for spears. Therefore for a block of 50 figs Sword, Shield would be reduced by 80pts Spear, Shield by 30pts. I just sometimes feel that Sword and Board are overlooked so some extra encouragement, by bigger price drop, should be considered.

  • Quote from Palmu: “I'd suggest making either the non-Hierophant Nomarch the General, ” Good call, consider it done. Many thanks.

  • Quote from Folomo: “While I initially used HW for ambushing units, I found that the extra rank and +1 AP easily compensated the +1 to hit when hitting a flank, since typically only 3-4 attacks can hit the skeletons, which is less than a wound on average. And when I use them as chaff, spears can make a ton of difference. 15 hits at AP2 and Agi 4 can do quite some damage, specially against cav. I have even killed a wounded monster before it mauled the skelly chaff unit :). So I have found spears t…

  • Quote from Folomo: “Spears for ambushing and "big blocks" of skeletons. HW for bunkers. ” INTERESTING. I go Spears for big blocks - enough said HW for ambushing - aim is to hit flanks and preserve CC Res through Ranks Bows for Bunkers - Some long range support to help clear chaff.

  • Quote from Ipower: “Couple of points, none of you could know this but we did ask for a grinding thyroscutus (proposal was 3d3 plus the 3-4a at S4 if I recall) but were given a firm no with a "think of the poor elves!!". Second point is why solve one problem when we could solve 2. My proposal is give the thyroscutus an attack that fits the concept of a giant heavily armoured dinosaur. "The earth shakes..." If the Thyroscutus has not made a march move in the preceding movement phase then if - The …

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Your Army: OnG Opponents Army: WDG Score 10 10 MVP OnG Unit: Gnasher Herd LVP OnG Unit: Wizards ” Quote from Just_Flo: “Gentleman, could you please do us Tournament Support, Data Analysis, your ACS and everybody whom wants data from us) a favor and use the following format to report your games? This will help to see what works and what doesn't. For the sake of clear communication and data collection keep discussion to other threads and all posts in this thread to the follow…