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  • @Aeon Thank you for taking th time to post. Sorry for the inconvenience. Only a couple of months to wait and you will be able to print out the new rules. About the new magic, sure, it is less powerful than what you may recall... but that was when you were able to roll the appropriate spells. Players are near unanimous to like better the new magic, where there is less exceptional effect but also no more game ruined turn 1 or 2 (for either the player who did miscast, or his opponent on the receivi…

  • Gold edition

    Calisson - - General Discussion


    Ask and you shall get a reply! When: Gold rules were announced before end of year, that schedule holds. Cross fingers! Before that, a pre-release named .205 will be made, that one is imminent. Both exact dates being discussed as we type and will be announced very soon. As they are not yet decided, the kobold is a liar. Content. .205 is for most .204, which you can download, except some sentences are made easier to read. AB will only see balance updates. Exact content is progressively shown to te…

  • Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “ -The fact that anyone can edit the Miniatures Library should be advertised more. I certainly didn't know just by looking at it. ” @Bugman Do you want me to take care of this?

  • Quote from jirga: “It's so good to see companies finding customers on the fantasy market. Everybody wins. ” My wife begs do disagree.

  • Quote from MicWobits: “When he said he wanted to get a set printed I told him to hold off for a couple months until gold hits. ” You would have had to tell him the very same if he had downloaded Beta .204. Nobody is playing the definitive 2.0 yet, because 2.0 Gold has not been released. At least, when Gold will hit, he will download a largely different set of rules. It would have been much more frustrating to have downloaded and printed what he would have believed to be the new edition, only to …

  • But we don't. Probably because T9A is not a company.

  • Unit background

    Calisson - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Here is my take: (Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)(Hidden Content)

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Calisson - - WWW Topics


    Guys, we happen to live in the 21st century, with its specific culture and accepted norms. Not every norm, which was acceptable in Roman or Medieval times, may claim to be still appropriate nowadays. Please do not push the boundary too far. This said, could we go back to the main goal of this thread?

  • In T9A there is no "Good vs. Evil" scheme as WH players were used to get. - factions are not monolithic. Local politics prevail. - all factions have "good" and "bad" aspects, expecially from the point of view of any other faction. - old enmities have little value compared to current interests, but they may still serve as a pretext. If you still wish to find a block vs block, look for inspiration in The Great Scheme of The 9th Age. If you want to play that Great Scheme of the land power of EoS ra…

  • Quote from Calisson: “Well, the project did push advertise for everyone willing to play the beta and please report. Feedback was needed. ” better? Seriously, we did expect a majority of T9A addicts to be naturally more attracted by the new toy than to stick to the old. This is why we decided that we could afford not to force the beta onto the less enthusiasts.

  • 9th Bowl Team Manager

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Well, easy, contrary to WH, T9A is not about wars between whole factions, but wars between Kingdoms or tribes within factions. Not hard to imagine that while one KoE Duke fights one UD city somewhere, another Duke plays bowl with another UD dynasty.

  • Well, the project did push everyone willing to play the beta Feedback was needed. 1.3 remained for those, hoped few, who could not cope with the rythm of changes. And 1.3 remained official because we did not want to remain without any official, finished game to offer for a long time.

  • VS Background

    Calisson - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Please note the "I would expect...", "I would assume...", indicating that I speak for myself, not on behalf of any official team.

  • Quote from Phaeoron: “Do vermin gesticulate with their tails as well as hands when they speak i wonder ” I would expect Vermins to use heavily their tails for communication. Look at the middle of their icon: Also, with an acute smell, whiskers, tail, and side vision, they should be exceptionally aware of their immediate surroundings, leading to a lesser need for oral communication. This said, when they ruled Vetia, they had to use a language undestandable by all races. I would assess that among …

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Primary inspiration would be the Byzantine Empire (Vermin once were Rome). So Latin or Greek. ” Not necessarily. Cultural inspiration and linguistic inspiration may or may not match. Example: DE speak an Irish-like tongue while inspired from a blend of Rome Republic, Sparta and 13 Colonies.

  • T9A: Grand Companies

    Calisson - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Quote from MrPieChee: “adding every race into one book is a lot of work and may prove unwieldy to play as well. ” We're doing that for Taphrian Homebrews. I confirm, it is a lot of work and it is unwieldy. We could end up with 21 different AB... That could be a spirit taken by this Homebrew: to insert one or two units from each AB, so as to encourage players who have a couple of armies to start Mercenaries with some units they already have. Depends how unwieldy you're prepare to tolerate... incl…

  • Feral Orcs (Homebrew)

    Calisson - - New army books


    For the sake of the non-educated public, could you please elaborate what is the difference between this Homebrew and using the O&G official AB deprived of anything not Feral Orc?

  • Quote from Villon: “I don't know for example, if you have a tool to see wich units the people use in tournaments and unofficial games, with wich items, etc, etc to be able to know where the problems could be. ” We do. There is Tournament Analysis team, who examines what tournament organizers provide them from all over the world.

  • Quote from Villon: “The different thing here, is that we don't sell miniatures, we have "partners" that do this business, and we need to give them good material to work with good tournament systems, good rules, good balance between armies, etc, etc. And in the future, i supose we will add more options, units, monsters or even armies ” Yep! That's precisely my job with Arturius to facilitate the link. Unfortunately we cannot give them more than what we have. In particular, they need for a healthy…

  • Quote from JimMorr: “I would love to include in the book the Background Compendium... but I have no idea when it will be available or how big it is going to be. It seems making the publishing plans I need a better astrologer than the one I married to. Or rather I need to form my questions in a more precise way... ” If you get the information, please pass it to us guys with a red tag. We have no astrologer among us...