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  • Sweden - Lund

    fjugin - - Player Search


    Don't know really. Sweden is a fairly elongated country, which leads to T9A community being a bit split up into geographical regions (north, mid, south). I am from mid region, so sadly don't have great insight in gaming community in the particular city of Lund. But there sure are gamers in southern Sweden at least. I know the club "T4 Spel" is from somewhere near Lund. You should check their facebook page. They should be able to help you

  • Quote from DanT: “Anyone fancy doing the same analysis of path usage for us? ” For paths we could really use breakdown of army by army as well.

  • Phase 202v of Path of Magic Feedback Beta

    fjugin - - Archive


    Quote from kisanis: “Quote from fjugin: “Quote from kisanis: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from duxbuse: “So you are saying that adepts and masters dont get channel by default, but on a book by book basis? ” yes. Much clearer than how I worded it. ” @fjuginThoughts? ” Sorry, have not followed this thread. What problem are we trying to solve here? ” The idea was to remove Channel as a BRB rule that applies to ALL adepts/Masters and instead make it a rule that gets applied in the Army books, to g…

  • An updated version of the errata was just uploaded.…451b688d222bb6abf8d1e3aad

  • For easy reference: (Hidden Content) A unit with light troop can make advance and march moves as stated under light troops rules. Then follows a set of restrictions. It's not clear if these are supposed to 1. replace the rules associated with normal advance/march moves, or 2. if they are additional rules on top of them, or 3. perhaps even only parts of the normal advance/march rules are supposed to be replaced. We are aware that the rules can be read/interpreted in several ways, but we believe w…

  • Quote from kisanis: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from duxbuse: “So you are saying that adepts and masters dont get channel by default, but on a book by book basis? ” yes. Much clearer than how I worded it. ” @fjugin Thoughts? ” Sorry, have not followed this thread. What problem are we trying to solve here?

  • It was asked how ETC refs will rule this, and here is the answers from ETC refs: First, failing a march test. Under 10.D.b March Move: "- If the test is failed, the unit must make a March Move, however, it can only move up to its Advance Rate." We will interpret "only move up to its Advance Rate" as if it is referring to the distance a model can be displaced, from starting position to ending position. This will prevent very large wheels to propel the back of a unit further than their advance rat…

  • Quote from eggsPR: “For ETC, can I still do this (move wraiths outside general leadership via wheeling) without having a ref rule against me? Thanks ” ETC refs are discussing this at the moment

  • Quote from kisanis: “I wasnt sure if it would fit into the scope. ” To be clear, I'm not saying it does. Only that we can look at it.

  • Quote from kisanis: “Quote from pedrobedo: “Quote from Wesser: “Yea.. by now both the new GW Wyvern, the Mantic Wyvern and several alternatives ill only fit a bigger base. I'm totally for us not adapting models to what GW happens to spew out, but with the Wyvern we're running out of good alternatives... How about a Band-Aid like with the VC Revenant? An optional upgrade with a bigger phase and some small upgrade like Stomp(D3), Thunderous Charge or something? ” just got the Mantic Wyvern looks g…

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “My card Set arrived yesterday. Everything is fine and complete. The whole order took around 3-4 weeks until arriving to germany, which is absoutly ok. Thanks for the great work. @fjugin I bought the card set mainly because of the flux cards. Will there be any changes to the magic flux? ” Not promising anything, but probably not.

  • The official errata for version 0.204.2 is out. See link below, or you can find it under the beta rules tab.…451b688d222bb6abf8d1e3aad

  • Quote from Iluvatar (sabbatical): “ Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “are the paths going to change in the Fall update? I need to know before purchasing because I have a tournament coming up. Thanks! ” @fjugin, do you have any idea about this yet?(I guess no...) ” Big risk there will be some changes. Mainly in casting values.

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “PS. @fjugin, @Giladis The people are speaking. The majority favor this course. THE GODS HAVE BLESSED US! Now sacrifice a heifer with gilded horns, two rams, and 7 chickens to the gods, then pour a libation of energy drinks for their favor. ” I, God of nerds, bringer of rules, wielder of the nerfbat hear your prayer puny mortal. On a more serious note, you will be pleased to know that moving special equipment to army books is being seriously talked about internally. Would …

  • Version 204.2 was just uploaded to the beta rules page. This version is identical to 204.1 with the exception that we have turned all colour coded text black and removed all strike through text. This is the last update* that will be done for some time now. At least until after the summer. You can safely print this version; it will be in use for a many months. *Exceptions being layout. We might also release an FAQ if unsolvable rules-issues are discovered. This will give us some time to work towa…

  • .204 Discussion

    fjugin - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from hasker: “Quote from lasitus: “How is possible that they put the rule Harnessed to the Vermin Guard Litter? then the Tyrant can´t have parry ” @fjugin ? ” It's the same for all similar mounts. War dias, shield bearers, Pestilent Palanquin, and Skink Palanquin. A rider of a vermin guard litter is clearly "mounted" (which is defined as a model with at least one model part with harnessed). Parry isn't supposed to be usable by mounted models.


  • v204 Release is here!

    fjugin - - General Discussion


    I think you are missing two points here 1, immersion. No penetrating is unimmersive. Cannon balls are hard to stop! 2, Lack of counterplay. It's boring to play against cannons because the options are so limited. Hide outside LoS or hope for bad rolls. New cover mechanic on cannons gives me as opponent to cannon more options for how to tackle them. Meaning more skills involved.

  • Why I stopped playing T9A

    fjugin - - General Discussion


    Quote from kisanis: “Quote from Warboss_R'ok: “Look, here's another example. How many attacking parts do Forsworn with spiked shields have? Three. - the regular attacks - the stomps - the autohits from the 4+ on the spiked shield All of these have to be separately resolved. And they all have slightly different rule interactions. Which of these does the flaming standard affect? Time to go do some rules lawyering, yay! This is a timewaster for new and experienced players. You could easily just hav…

  • We recently released updated versions of a number of our books during our public beta phase, with the Warriors of the Dark Gods book as the biggest change. See news announcement here:…e-for-a-mini-beta-update/