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  • Glonojad's Bretonnians and Co.

    Bobson - - User Blogs


    thanks for playng mate it was a pleasure!

  • Thanks for the competition, guys. Somehow I managed to score 76 pts but I played only one game against top draw team that ended up on the 2nd place. I played Beast Herds.

  • Witamy w polskiej sekcji forum

    Bobson - - Poland


    Quote from VodkaBoy666: “Hej! Witam wszystkich. Z perspektywy trwania całego systemu jestem absolutnym niemowlakiem-świeżakiem. Zaledwie rok gry, zacząłem Skavenami od 8 edycji i tak z nimi doturlałem się aż na to forum i do 9tki Gram w Warszawie. Teraz rozbudowuję VC bo VS jakiś taki ograniczony się wydaje Tak czy inaczej jeszcze raz witam! ” Siema. Zapraszam do grupy na FB. Regularnie się spotykamy i gramy. Dodatkowo organizuję ligę w Warszaw…

  • The list did not won. It was the player who won. T6 or more? How about poison attacks? Chariots? Seriously? Do you play the same game as I do or this just a theoryhammer? And answering to ur question about the matchups, Elvis played KoE, and WoDG twice

  • Quote from saint_barbara: “ @Bobson went 2nd - please share if you don't mind? ” Here it is 1 Lord: Lord of Chaos of Change @ 345.0 Pts General; Mark of Dark Gods (Change); Disc of Change; Soul Feeder Talisman of Supreme Shielding [50.0] Enchanted Shield [5.0] Ogre Blade [40.0] 1 Lord: Sorcerer Lord of Lust @ 320.0 Pts Mark of Dark Gods (Lust); Magic Level 4; Path of Lust; Steed of Lust Dispel Scroll [35.0] Lucky Shield [5.0] Dragonfire Gem [5.0] 1 Hero: Harbringer of Chaos of Wrath @ 205.0 Pts …

  • It's ok, but I think secondary objectives are worth a little bit too much. You can win a game at 1000 points margin an it still can be a draw because you could not overcome a big deathstar unit in the middle holding the centre point for example. Or you can play against beast herds and few scoring units ambush behind your lines to complete a breakthrough scenario. On the other hand, it prevents ultra defensive playstyles. Problem is some armies are not flexible enough to advance and defend simult…

  • Here's the promised winning VC list. Sorry for some 8th ed names but I'm not into VC that much. 42 ghouls - fcg, flaming standard 25 zombies- musician and standard bearer 3 x 5 dire wolves 8 crypt horrors corpse cart - bellfire (-1 to cast in 24 inches) mortis with an upgrade (+2 to cast for the lore of necromacy only) 2 black coaches necro - 2lvl vampiric, dispel scroll necro - 2 lvl vampiric, dance macabre book. wight king - bsb, hol icon, hardened shield ghoul king, tullius teeth, fencers bla…

  • Just to clarify, the scoring increased per every 300 points difference, so the scoring pattern we've used was more like the below. This is only because we did not play any objectives nor scenarios (what wasn't the best idea in my opinion) and did not want to stay with max 8-2. 0-300 5-5 301-600 6-4 601-900 7-3 901-1200 8-2 1201-1500 9-1 1500 and more 10-0 I will try to get the winning roster and post it later on. In my WDG list, I tried to use some models which I have never used in 8th (especial…