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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • I bought a lot of my terrain from World Smith Industries, it is resin comes unpainted but that gave me the freedom and fun to paint it how I wanted it.

  • Umbranar, we have a new one!! Slvan Elves versus Dread Elves! It came out today, so hopefully that will be fresh enough for you. As always I love feedback so if you have any for me, throw it my way.

  • So we have Saurian Ancients against Warriors Of The Dark Gods this time instead. Simon's Saurian Ancients fight Matt's Warriors of the Dark Gods in this 4500 point game. We have a Skink Priest.

  • Never thought of that... good learning point and ill keep it in mind for future thank-you

  • Quote from Memnite: “Yes. Quote from Captain of the ring: “I have a question about the Banner of Gar Daecos from the DE special objects. Does it work on the unit who bears it? For example if I give it to a unit of tower guards, will they get Death trance? The rule says "all friendly units engaged in the same combat as the bearer ain Death trance" but I am not sure how to interpret this statement. ” ” Yes they would as they are a friendly unit engaged in the same combat it doesn't say "other unit…

  • Quote from umbranar: “Yeah, keep it up. Just switched from Empire to Warriors so would love to see more of them ” Hopefully we will have some more coming up. As we have an army now sat in the studio Quote from KiRaHyuU: “Why not over-run the Kraken into Warriors behind? ” I thought i over ran all of the Krakens that would make it into other units?

  • My latest 4500 point game of 9th age. In which Vermin go up against Dread elves. Has anyone got any advice for how it could have been played differently?

  • Quote from umbranar: “Don't impact hits of a chariot character, when challenged, go into the champion only? Great Battle reports yes they do we did mess that one up. Glad you are all liking the battle reports ”

  • Quote from Genjuro_77: “Greetings from Germany, What a bloody matchup. Triple Krakens is pretty tough, especially if you take the Lash and a Beastmaster with you. Good batrep, enjoyed it very much. ” Hello, yes it was indeed a bloody match up. some big swings in the game. Triple Krakens are quite a threat. Glad you enjoyed it

  • Kracken, kracken kracken!! Any feedback welcome.

  • Quote from Sander: “Great report! Thanks. I think your combat reform with spears was illegal as the taurosaur was not outside of 1” of the boundary rectangle of your spearblock. ” You are 100% right. Its my bad i just presumed that since they ignored it when they charge they could do so with a reform. i could still have reformed but i would have to have gone wider with the front. Overall i don't think it would have made that much difference... Thanks for watching and i'm glad you enjoyed it Quot…

  • I Played this with the new rules i had just missed that change. sorry i will keep an eye out in future.

  • Check out the latest video, dice gods why did you favour some and not others?

  • Hi guys, I've done a few 2500 point games on my channel, if these are useful for any newer players to get a feel for the game. Orcs and Goblins versus Ogre Khans Some Sylvan Elves versus Highborn Elves Love to hear your feedback/ requests for future videos.

  • Thanks Will. It was a really enjoyable tournament.

  • Hi All, Just an update. I took the opportunity to film a beginners game to help show a running of the game/ game mechanics. In the video we cover how we create the board layout, build the army lists, then we battle and at the end we cover the scoring system! Like I said, its just a small game designed to help beginners understand. So Orcs versus Dread Elves in a 1,500 point battle. I hope someone finds it useful.

  • Hello, What army list are you running so we can take a look at it? maybe give you some tips to improve or change? As said before in the comments VC is a tough starter army as it can be quite intense. However VC is also a very competitive list if built correctly. Vampire characters can still be built very aggressively and if placed in a strong unit can use that to protect them from other peoples methods of dealing with characters. Moving up quickly is important as its a mostly close combat race a…

  • Quote from naggety: “Reading the rulebook, there are optional rules for hidden lists. They only say that special equipment may stay hidden in the "public list". So, regarding the mad gits, if we agree to keep them hidden, this would be a homebrew rule added to this official optional rules for hidden list. Right? ” My understanding is that would be correct as it is not special equipment it is not hidden. However I think this is a really good addition to homebrew rules as long as your opponent is …

  • Hey, I should have entered i think i paid yesterday

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    Hi All, So this week we had some Warriors of the Dark Gods challenge the mighty Ogre's. Do let me know what armies you'd like to see next in the battle reports.