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  • Do you varnish as the last step, or before you do the last touches on the bases?

  • Acrylic (clear) bases are a nice idea, and recently I looked into putting an army on those. But the main drawbacks where these: - they reflect light - dust is more visible on them - the edges look off, and it looks like the minis float - if a mini comes with some sort of terrain to balance them on the base it can look off (like a tuft of grass on the hoof on a horse, or a rock/skull under the foot of a hero) - glue can spill onto the base and make it look foggy - magnets cant be hidden under the…

  • Quote from Dan: “I’ll try a war machine tonight, and will scrounge around to see if I have a horse I can test it out on. The general rule I’ve found is to keep the dry brushing light on larger flat surfaces like barding and banners because you’re only going to have an extreme highlight on the edge somewhere. ” Looking forward to seeing your results!

  • Love it, I am going to try this on my models once I get some time to paint them. Thanks for sharing!

  • Beastmen would be sweet!

  • Can't wait for that tutorial! They look amazing!

  • What does "Nightmares of the Wild" mean?

  • The game Frostgrave says this about their Thaumaturge wizards: Thaumaturges draw their magical powers from positive energy. Most, though not all, believe this energy comes from some form of deity. These wizards are healers and protectors, who often spend as much time on good works as they do on the study of magic. Thamaturges rarely openly carry any weapon other than a staff and some find even that a bit aggressive. This is not to say that Thaumaturges are pacifists, they just prefer to not rely…

  • 8th Edition 40K

    Kallstrom - - Other Games


    Are the Daemons a very random army in 40k 8th edition? I played Daemons in 8th edition of Fantasy, and I loved all the randomness and quirky rules and random tables. Are they similar now in 40k?

  • Quote from infamousme: “Couple mierce models that I'm using in my Askland berserkers unit. 48947ad10b1030c5d68ad8c5dd747e79.jpg69541aee6af174c4af914bf6111e4d0c.jpgfde1310ddd565919ed1305cdedc617fa.jpgdb6c78bf04c91619d007411e6591f6b7.jpg6727c028221abe836cf8688905b8a8be.jpg0befb5b15e94cbc74516c472044b3ed5.jpgfe4056f3d61ae8fecced2ddb13663c8e.jpgceb7f73ca537acfdce0dd7b2706a08b4.jpg Sent from my N9560 using Tapatalk ” Awesome war paint! Did you get your inspiration from anywhere? I especially love the…

  • I can't wait till I get mine. Hopefully I can squeeze them onto square bases and use them in 9th Age, too.

  • Personally I enjoyed the article, and thought it was a good read. The article did not come off as toxic nor hateful in my opinion. But then again I might not be as invested in this game as some of you are, so maybe I am blind to the parts that register as toxic or hateful to you. I think it is interesting to hear other's point of view, and one does not have to agree with everything in there to enjoy reading about it. Like what is done with the quotes in the article, just cherry-pick the parts th…

  • They have just said "later this year", but I want to buy those minos, too!

  • Will the Crusaders get some sort of buff in the future or what is the current thoughtprocess behind their future design btw? I am looking over the KoE roster as a potentially new KoE player as well, and I have cetain miniatures in mind that I would like to fit into the list, but at the moment I can't find a place for them even though the stereotypes that the miniatures are based on would fit nicely in a KoE army. Miniatures that looks more like filthy peasants than noble knights that I can't fin…

  • Idoneth Deepkin release!

    Kallstrom - - General Discussion


    I can see the models being used for a sea-themed daemons army. If I were not already drowning in projects I would probably try to create a daemon army with these models, and some models from other companies as well (Mierce Miniatures, Mantic etc)

  • That is some super nice painting, I really like it! I like the red of the base, and yes it might draw one's eyes to it but the miniatures themselves are so beautiful too so the eyes end up going back and forth. Which goes to show that a bystander want to look at your painted models in detail even though something else wants all of the attention (the red base). The red base makes the whole impression of the model a bit more interesting in my taste. I have not seen something similar done before, a…

  • Why I stopped playing T9A

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    There were other hobby projects (but not of this scale, iirc) that tried/tries to fill the vacuum that GW left when they blew up the Old World, and what most projects had in common was to try to let us keep playing miniature wargaming - but hopefully with more balanced rules. What is balanced or not can be somewhat subjective, but all of these hobby projects also had in common that they were not driven by sales of miniatures, hence we would not be going through the old "GW cycle" of having the n…

  • This thread would be more interesting to follow if the parties on both sides of the coin could keep their tone more polite. It is hard, at least for me, to try to read some of these posts and take them seriously when the language used does not live up to a healthy debate-climate. No need for insults, folks.

  • Quote from Barax: “ Our lore. Do you agree or not? Im super OK with it. ” That is very nice, I like the flavor of the fluff. I wish our gods were our own, though. Dark, feral, bloodthirsty, cunning, savage - and that we could have like three different kinds of gods/demons, like: - Racontear, the lord of the wild hunt. Whether the herd is out to hunt, or raid and ravage across the land they perform sacrifices to this god to grant them favors and fort…

  • There we go! As you can see he is a huge beast, but he can fit on a 40mm! The rest of the unit has to fit around him too, though. So some planning is in order when positioning him! Good luck! xdZK4EL.jpg tMA1zLS.jpg daJpLuf.jpg