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  • great stuff @bluu but shorter and descriptive rather than story tone as far as I'm aware. Are we able to condense to key ideas and emphasis on identity?

  • gents, please head over to [Request] Crowdsourcing Flavour Text for Highborn Elves and share any and all ideas you have for describing our unit entries. @WhammeWhamme has very kindly (read masochistically) decided to champion the cause of getting some descriptive nuance into the slim ABs. A lot of the higher ups where back burnering this idea but it seems to have gained traction and I feel it could be a fantastic way for the community to bring into the fore thier feeling of the faction emphatica…

  • @Vespacian mind pinning this thread so it stays at the top of the subforum?

  • to all that reply to this thread, if you dont have the fluff associated with a particular entry, tag @Vespacian, @PapaG or myself and we will be happy to try and fill in the gaps where appropriate/available this thread is a capture point, throw it all out there gents

  • @Aegon @ferny @PapaG @Vespacian @Aenarion43 @Adam @AlexCat Gents, please lend your skills/tag those that have them to this initiative. Could be a key factor in ensuring direction doesn't go haywire with a rework if we can pin down what is emphatically HBE

  • @WhammeWhamme I just hope there has been some movement on the "must be told by a human narrator all the time, without exception" movement that BGT had previously. It makes the non human factions fall rather flat. SE full book was definately a victim of this, just felt really flat and lifeless with not something tangible to base your world on, just an unreliable captured human who speaks with his inherent bias positively dripping through the prose. Had quite a few (read many) arguements about thi…

  • if the weapon has the words "strength as user" in the description of how powerful it is then magical buffing of the user will increase the strength of the shots. Elu's heartwood doesn't have the above caveat from memory as it just had it at S5 ap2 shots 3 from memory

  • as a thought @Giladis. If you dont see our characters as fight options able to compete, and the BGT direction is to not have them as synergy characters in any way shape or form. What is left for these characters? Honest question. A mediocre, non synergistic, highly priced character is not exactly appealing and it limits further HBE counter play to hard characters like those of WotDG etc. What is your view on this?

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “And FAB should be something to be excited about. Proper redesigns rather than patch jobs have amazing potential and the team is loosening up some after paranoia over WDG. ” To be seen. Cant say that the WotDG book inspires massive amounts of confidence for a FAB rework for me and treatment of the HBE book has been relatively substandard over previous iterations, so if the attitudes that formed the issues throughout 2.0 rejig are pervasive, life will not be that great. I…

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “Could make the MOCT 10-20 points more and include a great wepon in the honour. ” Dislike ” welcome to the choices that will probably be forced on it. Tall poppy syndrome all over again

  • Quote from espn: “Quote from Masamune88: “I stand corrected. Cosmo does have healing, I hardly use the lore as its underwhelming so never occurred to me ” + to hit for QG block, increase your zoning threat/decrease opponents charge threat, 2d6 damage missile, +1 strength/-1 strength spell. I think cosmo is absolutely ace together with MoCT. ” must be a meta thing, its heavily underwhelmed me every time I've used it. Alch, pyro, div and MOCT are just so much better for me against my opponents

  • I stand corrected. Cosmo does have healing, I hardly use the lore as its underwhelming so never occurred to me

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from Adam: “On top of that MoCT is HBE only access to healing ” MoCT is the best access to healing not the only one. ” Favour is not healing. It prevents damage not recuperates it. Moct is our only access to healing. Period.

  • Quote from arwaker: “Such statement we can read in each forum, and it is normal to read it. It's always the alternatives sucking, never the thing itself being too good. People can't always be right. How to prove? However, in this case I'm not yet convinced. If only the alternatives were unattractive, we would more often see hbe characters without any honour. I think it's a combination of both, alternatives being unattractive and moct being too attractive. When looking at the moct package, I thin…

  • Quote from There Is No Spoon: “Quote from ForsetisMuse: “We have been over this, I am NOT dressing up as a goblin! ” Pfff, I'm sure you could dress up as a Steam Tank, and the players would still drool... ” gotta love a woman in steel, especially if she is that steel

  • biggest issue with SG is lack of Qtf, if they had that they would fine, problem is that the only way to get that is a QC, which makes it feel like an extra tax to make them work. Inherently this means that the design is not working as it requires a crutch to be successful. Also as we are not supposed to be synergy elves but independent, needing to have QC baby sitting is against the idea

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “I think HbE are mostly hurt by a legacy of being a powerful army. Which then naturally results in a relative loss of strength back to how they were compared to the fairly even playing field now. The majority of complaints arent from newbies. In fact, one of the newcomers to t9a i came across earlier this year at an event @PTG-Lucky-Sixes was playing HbE and seemed to be enjoying himself. On the contrary, its the old guard who've played the army for longer than T9A (so 4+ year…

  • Quote from Giladis: “So we are once again coming to the conclusion as we did in the SE sub-forum that words used by designers are not used with the same meaning by posters on the public forums. @CariadocThorne can bare witness to that. ” so we have an opportunity for clarity and reunification rather than derision. Please explain what you mean in context so we can understand. If we understand we can discuss in a constructive way.

  • Quote from Giladis: “Quote from matrim: “I personally don't see a way other than a major design work. ” One of the options is to reduce the HE elite infantry to two choices, but I doubt there is much incentive to do that. ” Not much incentive is an understatement. It would be the core of a terrible idea considering legacy and the fact that a lot of people hold all 3 types as well as supporting companies creating the 3 types as distinct units. The idea that everything is equivalent and only base …

  • @DanT @Giladis What I seem to be seeing here is objectivity vs emotive base. Higher up objectivity looking at an army which functions relatively well and can be utilized in competitive environments to allow a player the freedom to engage how they will with a toolbox that allows for multiple different applications. Whereas, on the lower end of the scale, we have people that are not feeling the love in the book, not feeling inspired, feeling as though those above couldn't care less. Unfortunately …