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  • Arcane Compendium 0.205 changes:

  • Quote from jirga: “that guy with great axe looks a direct port from the first Conan movie. ” I had the same association

  • I meant custom notes field that you can add to the roster.

  • Do you think you could add a field with custom notes?

  • First of all, they must change the name to Wasteland Knights. Warrior Knight is awful. And then bring point cost down

  • Next weekend I will be playing 1-2 games with following list: Exalted Herald Sorcerer Adept on Black Steed, Evocation, Hero's Heart on paired weapons, Basalt Infusion, Binding Scroll 8 Barbarian Horsemen, light lance, shield, musician, banner of discipline 18 warriors of lust, fcg, paired weapon, relentless banner 5 chosen of wrath, gw, champion 5 chosen of wrath, gw, champion 5 chosen of wrath, gw, champion Warrior Chariot Warrior Chariot Warrior Chariot Hell Maw with 2 portals My opponents wil…

  • Quote from umbranar: “Think some designers missed the memo as well as the DE Kraken still has Strider (Water) while the terrain feature does not effect gigantic models at all. ” Gigantic model can have steadfast, and if more than half of its base is in water, he will lose it. If you have strider (water), you will still be steadfast in such situation. Edit: it also protects against Break the Spirit spell when crossing the water feature.

  • Maybe this one: It has patches of snow, but the ground is not grey like yours - I don't think you will find exact match, unless you can get custom made one.

  • I too believe that comet should be toned down, to st4 ap2 for example. I'm well aware of its possibilities and influence, but its damage potential is too great.

  • Whole units gains hatred, if BSB hits at least once (with hatred), whole units gains Battle Focus. Locket allows to neutralise/kill most powerfull enemy models. Cost about 1400 pts

  • I would also like to see Chosen Lord on foot much cheaper (like 240 pts), and move some of the cost to mounts (about 30-40). However some the mounts are heavily overpriced too, while being much worse than comparable class mounts in other armies. So this could mean that if chosen lord would cost 240 base, mounts could stay more or less at current prices (decrease for being overprices vs increase for trannsfering cost from FOOT chosen lord)

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “So the rationale for today is that we cant have things because other forum users wont be happy? ” No, because there are 16 armies in this game. WDG already has best Core Infantry and best Special Infantry. Why more and why are other armies not entitled to be good or best at something?This self centric entitlement for power (as "buff my army", or "why do they have that and not us?") usually comes from players that play only one army. There is no us…

  • What bugs me is that WDG - Close Combat only army - have no typical Close Combat rules on any units... One could expect that Close Combat centered special rules will be omnipresent in Close Combat only army, but no. Where is Battle Focus? Hatred? Lightning Reflexes? Rerolls of some kind (even rerolls of 1s)? Also I would really love to see the rules for WDG that have no caveats/downsides. Envy - fine* Gluttony - +1S after the first combat in the game (no more conditions) Greed - fine Lust - fine…

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Laurfelt: “I know....but maybe that's exactly why the pure combat characters don't work for WDG. Or can you give me a good reason for fielding a CL over taking another unit of CK, for example? ” Same reason this models provided no synergy in previous editions yet we saw hero hammer levels of 75% army from Character section on ETC tournaments.Short story: price. ” Almost-pure stat models in CC only army with no synergies should be deliberately (slightly) underpriced …

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Quote from jirga: “EH is just too good with scarification. I wouldn't want to face something like that in my games. ” I know a much cheaper unit that even more un-killable in melee while being cheaper. It's name is BH shaman. So it is not herald's fault, but the fault of lore overall. ” Exactly, why not fix scarification instead?

  • Hello In Daemonic Legions point going towards Minions restrictions are doubled. Normal points are fine. For example Igniters costing 225 pts count as 450 towards Minions of Change restriction.

  • Statline Design change

    DeBelial - - Suggestions


    Just a side note, those who use Army Builder 2.2c or 3.4 are accustomed to single line profiles all the time Saves a lot of space on printouts too

  • Quote from krzechu: “Hi, Can anyone who's got AoW Wasteland Warriors share a photo showing their size (next to a measuring tape or even better, next to a GW chaos warrior)? I wanted to use them as chosen, but I haven't seen the AoW models live - since I'm using GW warriors as wasteland warriors, I need to have my chosen at least that big. The only info I found was @kisanis saying (some 6 months ago and ca 20 pages back in this topic) that they're a little small compared to last GW versions. That…

  • Some fixes + Homebrew Vanhu Kingdom added:

  • Quote from lasitus: “Vampire Covenant Blood Powers Forbidden Path, How i can mark in the army builder the two paths of magic that the vampire can use with these blood power? Thanks ” For now you can use Ctrl+D to add notes to the unit by hand. I didn't found any reasonable way to select 2 paths.